Posted by: lovediaries | October 31, 2008

081030 SHINee on M!Countdown

K, I’m going to edit in the other performance ^^!

Onew & Jonghyun “Like A Man” – Ahhhh OnHyun ♥_____♥ They sounded so good, I couldn’t even bring myself to laugh at Onew’s hair (which now that I think about was REALLY FUNNY XDD). I was covered in goosebumps after watching it. And Onew’s voice didn’t even crack! At one point he was breathing really hard and you could tell how much emotion they were both putting in into the song <333 And all those high notes were absolutely amazing. MY HEART HURTS!!!

Omg I need the audio rip of this performance like NOW.

::EDIT:: Ringy has let a link in the comment section so tell her you love her!!! I actually tried uploading what I found from SHINee forums last night but mediafire is not working for me >:( I attempted to upload it again and it’s still not working for me ;______; Cause I had another song I wanted to upload for you guys … :(

Love like Oxygen & AMIGO – NO CHAIRS DDD: They’re like each on their own little stand (with fans underneath, gazing up at them ;_____;) and the spotlight goes on whoever’s singing. I bet it must’ve been hard to perform without the dancing. I would’ve twitched like mad XD.

Then it’s AMIGO and I REALLY LIKE THIS SONG! It has such a powerful beat and they all sound so good. I guess they didn’t dance for LLO so they could preserve all their energy for this one? Since they haven’t performed it that many times? The rap is still my favourite part ^^ And how good did Taemin sound singing his lines straight after it!?!?!?! Actually, Taemin sounded great throughout the whole song!!! I WANT HIS BOWLCUT BACK lol He’s looking too sexy and it makes me wat to cry XDD


  1. OMG Thank god you mentioned the change in Taemin. Minus the bowlhead he just seems older and sexier and I am dying. LMAO The other day I saved a picture of him because he was hot! T-T I usually was just like Aw cutie when a saved a picture! This is a big moral conflict. I just wish that… I was not so old and creepy. =(

    I am starting to feel Amigo. It is still not one of my most played. Love’s Way has successfully made it to the top of my winamp chart lately! I am not even joking, I love that song so much I would make it my wedding song. Which is super weird because I am not Korean, none of my family is, and most likely I will not have a wedding. LMAO

    I am happy you are back!!!! <3333 I hope you did well! I am also done but I have three essays due next week (which is why I am allowed to comment here because it is practicing my typing skills).

    p.s: If you didn’t get the audio rip yet, you can here:

  2. OMG ringy, thank you for the link! Lol, she didn’t even post it for me and I’m thanking her – but seriously I was just coming to comment and say that if you found the audio rip to put up the link.

    I really loved that performance of ‘Like a Man’. It was stunning – I was seriously blown away. It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting from them.

  3. ringy
    XD I know what you mean. I keep thinking of Taemin as hot these days and I really don’t like that XD. I still haven’t heard their whole album yet because of the depreciating dollar making me not yet wanting to buy their cd online ;_____; I’m so depressed lol XDD.

    And thank you, it feels good to be blogging again :) Haha lol practice away then. Have fun doing essays :)

    OnHyun make a terrific duo. I hope they do more covers soon (and hopefully the others will get their chance to *SHINe* more). I’m so lame XD

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