Posted by: lovediaries | October 31, 2008

Ft Island – Heaven MV

::EDIT:: BECKERY FOUND THE NAME OF THE ACTRESS. She’s Kang Jung Hwa and I know why I’ve seen her before but a lot of people don’t find her familiar…she was in Dae Jang Geum !!!!!!!!! Except that should mean a lot of people should know her…but anyway, it doesn’t matter because now I can sleep tonight :DD

I just youtubed her (lol I get so obsessed over little things) and she’s also been on Love Letter!!! That’s why I was certain I knew her. Wow. That like, killed many many brain cells. It’s all good now. I feel like I have achieved something ^^!! /edit

Thanks to ktinsj/gomdorii for subbin. I cried. And my heart aches.

I love You Part 1 – It starts off with the 5 of them playing basketball. Jonghun’s smile *___* and lmao at when Jaejin put the basketball up his shirt. Then there is partying and Hongki gets his face smashed into the cake and mushes up against Jonghun XD. Sounds like fun, eh? I sense a love triangle between Hongki, the girl (anyone know who she is?) and Jonghun. Ah, I was right. Hongki gets home and who comes along but Jonghun and the girl. Jonghun kisses the girl on the cheek while Hongki looks on pissed and ready to kill LOL. Hongki chucks a fit and his dad comes along and they talk about basketball. WONBIN LOOKS LIKE A GIRL D: LOL His hair is long and layered ahahhaha.

Then omg Jonghun’s gf got hit by a car while riding her bike O_O I am covered in goosebumps. I hate it where there are car accidents ;____; And I just realised why the song is called Heaven. I read the lyrics yesterday and I didn’t pick it up until I saw the line “Be happy even from heaven”. I think I’m going to start crying…

Anyway, in order to raise enough money for Jonghun’s gf’s operation, they need to win a bball battle. Lots of pretty boys getting hot and sweaty footage :Q___ Hongki goes to visit the girl at the hospital but seeing Jonghun already there, he gives his bouquet of flowers to a nurse walking by XD. Then it’s the battle and boy does it look epic. There are flames on the side of the court, lol! FT Island are playing really well during the first round so then the other team are told to play it tough. HOW DARE THEY HURT MY BABIES >:( Unexpectedly, FT Island lost.

Love is… Part 2 – This one has nothing to do with Part 1 and stars only Jaejin. WHY DOES THAT GIRL/WOMAN LOOK SO FAMILIAR??? Where have I seen her from? I’m going to kill so many brain cells trying to remember…ok no seriously lol can someone please tell me? I tried looking for the answers in the comments and just got the whole thing ruined for me ahahaha.

She looks a lot older than Jaejin but he was so cute the way he smiled to himself. It made me all warm and fuzzy. Oh he called her noona lol that’s okay then. AND SHE GOT TO PINCH HIS CHEEKS DD: IM UBER JEALOUS. Then there is all this sweet stuff where they play bball together and there is just general flirting xP

I really want a younger boyfriend now LOLOL. IDK, Jaejin is just extra cute in this and the way he stares at her so longingly makes me all :DDD.

The two get into a taxi which stops working half way and Jaejin has to get out and push it. BUT THEN THE CAR SPED OFF. OMG THIS IS SO … OMG I FORGOT MY VOCAB. INTENSE? So the noona is kidnapped by some pervert…

I AM SO SCARED. WHY DIDNT SOMEONE TELL ME THIS WAS RATED?? I bet Minhwan was scared watching this too O____O Okay, this really wasn’t what I expected. I’m going to have nightmares tonight. CHRESTOS YOU DIDN’T WARN ME DDD: OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD.

Woah. That was … even though I knew it was going to happen, it still took me by surprise.

And right now, it’s like 30 degrees but I am feeling cold



  1. i loved the mv too even though it was all kinds of sad and depressing and heartbreaking.
    i was on MSN talking to my friend while watching part 2, and then towards the end i suddenly said “JAEJINNNN!” and my friend went “huh…?”

    oh and pardon me for pointing out but…
    “Then there is partying and Hongki gets his face smashed into the cake and mushes up against Jonghyun XD.”

    minor typo, but believe me, i’d die of excitement if my two favourites from FT Island (actually Hongki ties with Jaejin) and SHINee mushed up against each other… :p

  2. ^LOL Thank you for pointing it out to me <33
    You have nooo idea how many times I typed “Jonghyun” and then had to go back and delete the ‘y’. ITS SO HARD XDD. It’s like, these days I always type epic with a k and then I’m like ‘no hang on … how do I spell epic?’ XDD.

    I’m totally brain dead atm cause i had to read your comment 5 times before I realised what my mistake was. I thought “Oh was it Jaejin and not Jonghun?” XDD. I fail so hard!!

  3. O_O LOL I’M SO SORRY. I wanted to tell you jaejin’s gonna die in the mv but I decided not to spoil it for you. HAHA i spoil things for you at the wrong time x) like telling you taemin got picked the other time. Heh :x


  4. If you watched Jaejoong and Yoochun on 8vs1, that girl is the one that sang the sad frog song, and thought her mom had gotten into a fight with one of the other guests mom >_<
    But totally cool videos from FT boys. They are sooooooooo cute ^-^
    During the second one I almost screamed out JAAAAAAAAAEE! But I was at work, so I had to contain myself -_-;;

  5. I’m still really upset and depressed about the part 2 because part 1, I’m like “Alright this is a drama.” But part 2 is…just so real. Being kidnapped like that…I can totally imagine that happening to some girl.

    Why are ft island mvs so depressing?

  6. chrestos
    Lol it wouldn’t have mattered whether you told me about his death or not since ktinsj had it written on the side XD. Just the pedo really creeped me out … O.o


    Lol I just realised I never did end up watching JaeChun on 8 vs 1 :( But thanks for letting me know! You watched it at work? I could never do that because keeping it inside would kill me. Or else I’d bash the keyboard furiously. Either way, I’d get weird looks XD

    I know omg his dying message for the noona made me cry so bad ;___;
    And yes, why are little boys filming such depressing things?

  7. the second part of heaven made me cry >.< haha but no-one noticed ^_^ *cough* so this would be my second comment lol, *silent reader here* ^_^ or should i say stalker…lol heh heh..

  8. ^Hello!! Lol comment more and you won’t be a silent reader no more :D Dw, part 2 made me cry too ;___; my precious little Jaejin xDD

  9. FT ISLAND !! T_T so sad the mv is but iono i smiled so much? Probably cos of Jaejin. >.< Now i’m gonna start calling Jaejin ‘Jae’ and confuse my friends cos Jaejoong is Jae lol and they BOTH have the initial JJ !! Gawd, how i just love Minhwan :3 need to see more of him.

  10. ^Haha yeah it’s just like when people say “Kyu” I always assume it’s Kyuhyun but they’re actually talking about Kyujong from SS501 XD.

  11. i love this vid <
    i would like to hav a boyfriend like him :p
    and if i that girl…i cried a lot!!! =(

  12. ^Haha like Jaejin do you mean? ^^

  13. i love FT Island..they can sing so well and they can play instruments too.!so cool!! btw, can someone tell me the name of that girl in heaven part 2?

    • I’ve forgotten her name already but she used to be on Love Letter a lot!

  14. I really liked them,their music,and this mv(heaven)……….

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