Posted by: lovediaries | October 31, 2008

HAPPY 1000th POST!!!!

This is pure spam.

Oh but you know how you guys have been helping us fill out a survey? Well believe it or not, but we have actually read every single response. Thank you to everyone who left us nice and long comments (they were all really sweet and made my day multiple times :DD) and to those who didn’t, thank you for taking your time to do the survey!!!

When my head stops pounding (I have been on youtube all day LOLOL) I’ll go be a tool and prt sc the pie charts of the results. Because I hate doing things and not knowing the results so I’m sure you guys are curious as to what all the other readers picked too, yes?

And I’ll be fixing up the categories soon so over the next few days/weeks/mth (hopefully it’ll be done soon though XD) the existing categories might be changed and everything may become messy (for a while) but in the end, it’ll only be more convenient for everyone, right?

One quick question though, did you guys also want a directory like the one spazzes have or a list like the one on 1000 Awesome things? My idea is to organise the categories as “what” and the tags as “who” and then if you would also like, I can try have them as either Artist/Category or Artist/Mth.


Oh and one more thing. A few of you who filled out the survey mentioned this and we’d just like to clarify that we opened comments mths ago so now you don’t actually need an account to leave comments. You only need a username and email (which won’t be published) and that’s it. If it’s your first time commenting, however, we’ll need to first approve it so if it disappears after you refresh the page, don’t worry! We’ve already been notified of it :)

So yes, just letting you all know!!


  1. Since your spamming, so will I. XD

    JaeMinSu’s version of Forgotten Season on a radio program. Hmm I dont know which version I like more, Jae’s solo or this version…but it was pretty amazing *_*

  2. happy 1000th post laec =)
    i love visiting the blog. keep up the good work!

  3. HAPPY 1000TH POST!
    congrats ((:
    LAEC <3333333

  4. hello!! happy 1000th post!!
    i’m finally here to leave a comment. haha. =]

    thanx for supplying me with my daily dose of news!
    really love LAEC! =]

    keep it up!

  5. w0000000t!! CONGRATS YOU GUYS!!!! 1000th POST wow that’s seriously awesome!

    You’ve been doing a fantastic job at spazzing so keep it up! <333

  6. Whoa.. 1000 posts already?! Congratz for u girls! :D
    nah, I’ve been stalking ur site for weeks now and its WAUW! haha.
    Keep up the good work, cause Kpop are hard to keep up. ;)

  7. SecretsPromise
    Thank you for that! There are so many DBSK videos I still need to watch ;____;

    Thank you <333

    HII! You’re commenting again ^^

    Thanks for always reading!! Hope to hear from you more ~!

    Ahaha thank you~

    I know, so soon already XD Haha. And you’re starting to comment already so thank you <33

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