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SHINee Reality Show – Behind the Scenes 1-27

::EDIT:: added BTS 20-27

~ American Noona ~

Part 1 – Key gives Onew and Jonghyun (and later Minho joins in) a lecture on I have no idea what. He scribbles though and his writing is messy XD.

Part 2 – Korean students graffiti all over their tables O.o Isn’t it risky since they all have assigned seats? Well at least they only write SHINee and things like “Bling Bling Jonghyun” and “Taemin” XD

Part 3 – They go to this massive room but have to split into teams before that. It’s so cute. They play something similar to “black and white” (what we call it here in … Sydney) where you flip your hand and depending on which side is up, you’re either “in” or “out” and in this case, that’s how they split their teams. Jonghyun seemed ecstatic to be on Key’s team lol the way he grabbed his hand. Onew and Taemin looked so awkward standing there XD Then Noona stands with Onew and Taemin and Jonghyun is like “Hmm, split your team like this *separates noona from the other two*” XD.

So their game is … er … they shoot balls at each other =.=” Key got shot ROFL and so did Minho. Jonghyun and Key run onto the other side and Jonghyun kidnaps the noona!!! :O :O :O Poor Onew tries to follow only to have dozens of balls thrown at him. Then Taemin skips along all smiley ^___^ So they all run around like 5 yr olds and Key grabs the fire extinguisher XD.

The best part is at the end. Minho chucks a ball at the camera. AHAHAHA OMG I LOVE THAT BOY.

~ Dancing Noona ~

Part 4 – Singing Replay at Karaoke.

Part 5 – Full part of them singing Replay. I love how Jonghyun and Key both start jogging on the spot at the same time. And Minho gets up!!! To join in with the others for the chorus :D ROFL at Onew’s “알아”. It was like in School of Rock when he went “Yah!” in that really low voice XD. Jonghyun gets so freaking excited doing Taemin’s solo. I’m surprised he didn’t bash the camera in the process :P

Part 6 – They sing “Girls Generation”. I really don’t like this song lol except they’re all so adorable singing and dancing to it. I swear Key hit his head when he jumped up which is exactly what happened to me once at karaoke :D I swear I already wrote about this but Onew takes Minho’s hand and everyone was like “Oh he got up” and Minho smiles :D and DANCES LOL SO CUTE. Then everyone starts ROFLing XD The last few seconds are epic XD

Part 7 – Singing Hug! I’ve watched this clip so many times I don’t know if I’ve written about it before or not XD

Part 8 – So Hot! This has got to be my favourite one. I especially love Key rapping Yoobin’s part because … he’s a guy and he raps “All the boys be lovin’ me. Girls be hatin’ me.” And that is just hilarious. The “They will never stop. Cause they know I’m so hot hot hot” = SO TRUE :D

Part 9 – Lol this was pretty much in the show but omg I wanna pat Onew on the head – he is soooo adorable. Key tries to catch a fish with a rope =.=” … then Taemin copies =.=””””

Part 10 – OMG THIS CUT WAS HILARIOUS. While Taemin is on the boat with the Noona, Key and Jonghyun discuss how he should act. Key brings along the sketchbook from last time and says “This is the picture Taemin drew of the Noona” then Jonghyun is like “Isn’t that what the Noona drew of Taemin?” ROFLMAO XDD

Jonghyun looks so handsome here. He calls himself a monster and Key is all “perfect jawline…sharp nose…big eyes. He is perfect. He is my type.” POOR ONEW is being ignored again. I really want to give him a hug!!!

Jonghyun decides to be Key’s “noona” and tells him to say something funny or he won’t get picked XD. Anyway they make a bet that Taemin will get picked and they ask Minho how much he is willing to bet. Minho is so ~*charismatic*~. He just stares out and says “I don’t want to” in that deep voice of his.

Oh and I have come to another conclusion. Key is the Donghae of the group in that he is the most touchy feely boy. He grabs Jonghyun’s hand like 10 times in this and there are so many gifs up on soompi with him grabbing Jonghyun XD. Maybe it’s just a Jongkey thing?

Then they talk about the massive age gap between Taemin and the Noona and how she was learning while he was watching Pikachu XD. Oh and Key doesn’t know his timetables =.=”” … Actually they all suck at maths =.=””””

Part 11 – Jongkey talk about Minho here. And man, the two of them never stop talking when they’re around each other. Actually, Key never stops talking when he’s alone, let alone when there is someone there to converse with XD

[Omg, guys I just realised that the mini essay I wrote for Part 11 never saved ;____; I was wondering why it was so short because I laughed so much throughout (and yes, it was probably my favourite too). Ah, well, you guys have seen it anyway so it’s cool :DD]

Part 12 – Awww Taemin is so cute. I like it when it’s one on one because then the person before the camera gets to talk more :D Taemin is asked whether he likes the Noona or the ride more and he says both. Gosh, if I were his parents I would be so proud because he is such a sweet kid! And he’s really pretty *___* Seriously, he looks like such a girl but in a good way LOL. Maybe cause he is so innocent and clean and pure XDD MY EYE SMILE RADAR IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE LOL. At first Taemin was saying how Onew would probably get picked but then he starts listing what Key is good at and then he can’t decide XDD SEE, KEY IS TOO AWESOME *O*

~ Bitchy Model Noona ~

Part 13 – YOU GUYS!!! You know Key’s mic? GUESS WHO MADE IT?? No wonder Key never lets go of it XD Way to waste foil though, Taemin. “Didn’t I tell you not to touch my things without permission.” AH KEY’S VOICE *O* AND OMG Key fed Taemin CANDYchu. My heart is dying. OMG this is SO CUTE ALSKJASLKJDASLKDJLAS Key was so loving and kind, unwrapping the foil for his son.

~ Gymnastics Noona ~

Part 14 – We get a nice shot of Key’s non existent butt. If only Onew had crawled into that thing xD. AHAHAHA So Jonghyun closes the little door on Key and when Key comes out he grabs his sword and stabs him XDDD. They play around a bit more and get told off by some “Lady” :PP

Part 15 – I was wondering why Jonghyun didn’t get a go at being director and it turns out his part was cut XD. Well he’s not the official director here but…sort of is. And you guys, Onew didn’t fail SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! They had to chuck arrows into the thingy and it just went in O_O “Now this is my type of game” XD. I loved Jonghyun’s description for Taemin except I hope the not eating part is not real =.=” Minho was the only other person to get an arrow in.

Onew and Minho verse each other in the Chicken game and the noona bets that Minho will win. AND AHAHA I love the way Onew lost. He lost balance and practically threw himself backwards onto the mat. He can be so cool at times and then complete fail the very next second. Taemin is so cute cause he goes to cover the Noona with a blanket (even though it looked sooo hot) and he says cause often Directors are covered in blankets ROFL. In the second and third round of the Chicken game Minho lost to Onew … just so he could be an actor :P

Part 16 – Jonghyun films this little section and it’s really cute. Minho blocks the camera with his megaphone though =.=” Key at 0.32 was totally hot!! I had no idea what he was doing but it made me squeal in my seat XD. He has such a little face and such prominent cheek bones. Omg he’s so pretty lol but without looking too feminine. Key alskjfalskjfklasljfs♥♥

AND ROFLMAO @ JONGHYUN GETTING STABBED. What the hell were the noises he was making!?!?! Oh gosh, why so dorky XD. Then Key goes all creepy on Taemin (he stroked his face) but that’s okay because I would too if I could LOLOL.

Part 17 – They have to do some stretches here and the noona says that Taemin was the best. Maybe cause he’s still young and nimble? XD Not that the others are old or anything :P But when the camera was panning, you could see that Onew’s knees were furthest from the ground XD. The noona then make them go down and she has to practically force Onew. Then Taemin slides over to Key – it’s SOOO cute !!!

Part 18 – Jonghyun says stuff like “We can’t play soccer, we have no ball” and “We can’t play soccer in these clothes” and then all these things keep “dropping” from the sky XD LAME lol. Then MC Key gets his microphone. I loved his “What’s the point in winning, you can’t get the noona” XDD.

Part 19 – The “losers” of this ep play scissors, paper, rock up the stairs just like Minho did with the noona. Taemin totally sucks and is left down the bottom so the others make him do his little shoulder roll thingy. I love how he tried to run away?

~ Double Noonas ~

Part 20 – This is sooo cute. They all try to slide down the hill on those plastic bobsleighs ? And they pretty much suck. Then all of a sudden Minho comes running down with a dog XDD.

~ Jisun Noona ~

Part 21 – LMAO Minho is so cool. The others try to make him talk and he’s just like :) *lalala* I don’t really get what’s so funny about what hey say but it might be a twist of words? IDK Aha! parthenopesings explained this in a comment:

Haha, if you look in an earlier comment, it was translated wrong. “여물” actually means feed here, like horse feed. Onew was making a pun, because Key said “Give Minho words (말).” “말” also means horse, so Onew said, “Give Minho feed, give Minho some carrots!” … And that’s why Key laughed and slapped Onew on the leg, because Onew was being lame. XD

Anyway it turns out Minho doesn’t want to answer them because he already said what they wanted to know earlier. SERIOUSLY, IS HE NOT COOL?

Part 22 – Playing crazy games in the van XD

Part 23 – LOL This was so funny. They start off doing some stretches and Key picks up Taemin bridal style and does squats. Then afterwards they’re jogging and Key was like “you’re jogging at the pace I’m walking at!!” and Taemin is all “we’re going this slow because of you” and Key starts attacking Taemin … ITS SO FUNNY! Then Minho is all nice and puts his arm around Key and says “Let’s go” ^^

Part 24 – This is like the longest clip in the history of BTS clips XD. They play badminton with Onew vs. Taemin & Jonghyun. And Onew was right about how “real” badminton people serve. Hehehe ^^. Key and Taemin fight again OMG THEYRE SO FUNNY and Taemin unzips his jacket to reveal his shirt which was the one his noona bought for him when they went shopping. Not the couple one but the one with the three heads that looked like Taemin XD. Key calls Onew old. I wonder if Teuk would get upset if he heard that XD. Lol so Taemin moves over to Onew and Jonghyun plays by himself with his left handedness :) Jonghyun complains and says that him and Taemin are the ones with the matching rackets … so then Taemin takes Jonghyun’s racket and gives it to Onew!!! HES SO CUTE.And Jonghyun is so stupid (I say that in the nicest way possible). He’s like “This is the 2nd time playing tennis since I was born” and Onew is like “It’s badminton” LOLOL. Then Minho replaces Jonghyun and Onew starts acting all cool. He does look cool but then his hair was all in front of his face and he was cool no more XD. And of course, as we know, Minho wins \O/

Part 25 – They board the mini plane which is like the size of a bus with just 25 passengers. I wonder if all those people in front were staff or just “ordinary people”. What I would give to be in a packed little plane with SHINee *_____*

Part 26 – Video is no longer available ;_____;

Part 27 – JongKey on the plane. The two of them are soo cute and Jonghyun’s expressions never get old. WHY SO SQUISHABLE?? Key thinks its absolutely hilarious that there’s a flight attendant on their little plane =.=” Key “We go to Fiji to eat sometimes” and “I rode this plane when I went to France to meet my friend” LOLOLL And then lmao I don’t know if there is actually turbulence or if it was all an act but suddenly the plane starts shaking violently AHAHAHAA. They’re such dorks. Taemin chucked something at Key and then pretends he didn’t do it and then he hit his head on the window lmao.

Then Key shares an experience he once had when he was on the plane. He said he didn’t know that they were only given bread once so he started acting “bad”. JongKey reenact the scene but Onew laughs/interrupts and they cut and do it again XD.



    I really want to watch part 10 now because it’s the only one I haven’t. But I’m in the library (studying… :x) and somehow my headphones won’t fit into the laptop & I doubt other people are going to appreciate SHINee :( :(

    Anyway Key is sooooooo awesome in all these :D :D Haha esp when dancing to all those girlband songs x) He reminds me of Heechul~! :D

    I’ve gotta go study..

    *sings ARA in a low voice* they have to include Onew (& his condition lolololol) or I’ll go over to Korea & scold those two, tsktsk.

  2. I was expecting Shinee to be crazier than they were at debut, but this is pure crack. I hope Jonghyun and Key aren’t like that every day b/c I might get a headache and kick them out the dorm.
    Lol I thought “Onew condition” was just every once in a while, but clip 10 showed that he really is like that all the time (and they’ve learned to ignore it/him completely.^^) He’s still my MVP. <3 <notapedo3 <3

  3. chrestos

    omg Yes! I thought he was a bit like Heechul too, with the whole knowing-girlband-dances.

    I’m loving it :D I think if they’re from SM, they’re bound to be a bit weird in the head ROFL. Or maybe they’ve been around SuJu too much? XD

    AHAHA I know eh! I thought “Onew condition” was a bit of an overstatement but I’m starting to see why the others complain lol.

  4. The BTS clips are love. Especially the last one. JONGKEY<33 :]
    Sorry for shipping, but seriously. Last clip explains ALL. xD

  5. ^Yeah, I’m waiting for more to come up so that I can continue posting them cause I don’t want to spam XD

  6. gosh i just fell more in love with Onew TOFU after watching the reality show and the mnet countdown ranking thingy because he’s just such a sweetie. (“the butterfly went to heaven and became a butterfly necktie” was just classic. i’ll never stop laughing at him for that.) and he looked so innocent singing all the songs by Wondergirls and SNSD. did you see Key snatching the microphone from him?! but they made up after that. oh they’re so cute. *hyperventilates* oh and minho, i definitely did not expect him to dance! they totally showed us what crazy fanboys do when they go to karaoke!

  7. Es la verdad! Episode 7 has taught me that Key really never stops talking and with Jonghyun around, going along with all of his madness and usually egging him on…hmm, they’re really something else, those two.
    Btw, BTS 11 is totally my favourite so far!

  8. keke – i likey key when he sneezes :D

  9. mel
    Have you seen their latest ep? You will fall for him even more because he was so charismatic as a director. IT WAS RLY HOT LOL.

    Key never stops talking EVER. He would be a good MC :)

    LOL I KNOW. That was the best part XDD

  10. candychu, you are so cute. ilusm! :DDDDDDD
    and i also love how you’re constantly posting shinee stuff lollllll

  11. ^Lol why am I cute? XD Awww, ILUSM2♥
    Haha well atm, they’re the only fandom with constant updates so I can’t help but post like every second on them hahaha

  12. ^ You just are in general~ all your spazzing and forgetfulness, rofl. XDD

    I forgot to mention something:
    We get a nice shot of Key’s non existent butt. If only Onew had crawled into that thing xD
    I’M SORRY. D8 Maybe it’s just me, but those two sentences sound really awkward next to each other.

  13. ^Forgetful? Really? That’s usually only in RL cause my brain uses up power for pointless fandom stuff xPP

    AHAHAHAHA LOL omg you got me cracking up so bad, my mum thought something was wrong with me. I didn’t even realise how wrong that sounded. Y DID U POINT IT OUT? XDDDD Ah well. No one else will think that :PP

  14. Well, in this particular post, you were kind of forgetful? XD You kept saying that you can’t remember if you mentioned something already or not.

    Lol, again, I’m sorry XDD Blame it on my perviness. I always notice stuff like that in the most random places and at the most random times. -_- Haha, no one else will think that.. unless they read my comment 8D

  15. ^Ahaha lol okay fair enough. It’s cause I’m worry I sound like a broken record XD

    Lol nah, dw, I can be pretty pervy too. I mean, if I hadn’t had thought of staring at Onew’s butt I never would have said what I said. So really, tis my fault ._____.

  16. Lol, candychu, your commentary on the BTS’ just kills me – they’re so funny! I’ve never seen the chicken game before but I’m so glad I got to watch Onew and MinHo fight it out on one leg! It was so funny!
    Oh, and Taemin bringing the noona a blanket was very sweet. He’s such a cute kid!
    Didn’t Ondubu sound awfully authoritative delegating the parts at the end of BTS 15? I was pleasantly surprised.

  17. ^Lol I’m glad you like my commentary XDD SHINee crack me up so much lol. Very good form of exercise, watching their videos ;)

    Really? You’ve never seen the chicken game? YOU’RE MISSING OUT LOL. They played that a lot on Xman and just in general lol. The most epic one I’ve seen was probably the Changmin vs. Yoochun one on their AADBSK2 dvd. They played for so long they called it a draw XDD

  18. Jonghyun has such funny dying noises roflllllllll XD And I just kept staring at key, gahhh *____________*

  19. ^AHAHAH I know!!! OH Jonghyun XDDD. Key is so handsome and pretty and cute and GAH ♥♥

  20. I love how Key just grabbed the mic from Jinki when they were singing Girls’ Generation. XD And OH, MINHO! When he stood up, they all gave him the mics and he smiled so gorgeously~~~♥ Key is totally a diva. That boy is going to grow up like Heechul HAHA. Minho was just enjoying in his seat, watching his hyungs make fools out of themselves XD That boy is so precious♥

  21. ^Hello there :) You’re commenting here ^^ Yeah I think Key’s crazy personality resembles Heechul slightly .. except he’s less wild? XD Aha I know! Minho’s zen nature just makes everyone more weird lol

  22. hy hokey .teawen,hyon
    nice 2 c u in kbs … missssssssssss uuuuuuuuuuuu all luv yangkey

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