Posted by: lovediaries | November 1, 2008

081013 ETN E Special – SHINee World

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

This starts off with SHINee preparing/rehearsing for the Asia Song Festival (or Eve Concert?). I didn’t know their ments were scripted O_O Well, it’d make sense if they practiced what they were saying and wrote it down but other people have written it for them. When Taemin goes to say the next song is “Romantic” in a sing song voice, Jonghyun tells him to not do that. Poor Taemin :( His face just kinda dropped and then Jonghyun started fiddling with his hair, pissing him off. Sometimes, Jonghyun just says things XD. Backstage, they talk a little about being able to perform at this years Asia Song Festival. Then they showed their “SHINee World” performance. Ah, its nice to see Minho’s rap again. I’m still in love with the choreography there XDD.

Then back in time to when they filmed the MV for “Replay”. Aww, it does not seem that long ago. Two members have already had their birthdays since their debut and they’ve all grown up so much lol I feel like a mother XD. Then it cuts back to their performance of Replay Boom Track at the ASF.

Backstage again, they talk about how they thought this japanese group Berryz kobo’s song was cute so they tried dancing to it XD. Then you see SHINee receiving their award and it goes back again to SHINee dancing to Berryz kobo. Lol wow that cut totally confused me. Then they’re up on stage performing “Romantic” but they didn’t show the whole performance :( (lol yes I’m sad even though I’ve seen it before. Shush.).

And, aw this next part is so cute. You see SHINee performing under (I assume it’s under) the stage out back in this very very small, crampy space. AND I HEARD FAHRENHEIT’S SONG! So they must’ve been on stage while SHINee were under. When SHINee are practicing on stage, they speak to all the other people and Onew talked about his voice crack AHAHAHAHAHA except it might’ve been cause of the mic. Anyway, they all look really friendly when requesting to fix their problems and Onew’s smile just melted my heart.

Next is them shooting for CLR!de. Ooh which reminds me. Watch THIS VIDEO of Key freestyling during a CLR!de photoshoot. They must’ve just been having a break or something and then he just starts dancing and omg *DIES*. He’s so sexy *____*. After showing them filming for their Uniform CF, it’s back to their “Graze” performance at the ASF.

Anyway, there’s a bit more left but I have to run now. Everything’s pretty much been seen before so if you don’t watch it, you’re not missing out that much!


  1. Haha, you’re such a mother! Jonghyun’s just…… JongHyun! xDD

  2. ^Lol omg my mother-ness is even starting to show up on here *hides face*

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