Posted by: lovediaries | November 1, 2008

SHINee M!Countdown Ranking

081009 – Ahahaha I remember laughing heaps at this one. They’re dressed in traditional clothing and Onew is the “teacher”. While they’re studying, Taemin (who I thought was supposed to be a girl XD) appears behind a tree and blows kisses to Minho … it is very suggestive XDD. Taemin gets caught and he and Minho have to be punished. I LOVE KEY’S FACE XDD. 2Min are all corny so Jongkey try to be cool too. They remind me of Power Rangers lmao. Then Onew looks like he’s reading porn or something except without the pervertedness. I don’t think Onew can ever look perverted. He’s too pure (:o The acting was pretty bad in this one though XD.

081023 – Is the Idol Museum real or not? I…can’t tell but the pictures on the wall looks a bit tacky? XDD. Anyone else think that Minho looks awkward when he dances? Ahahaha it looks like he was made to do it and told to look “happy”. Taemin reads the idol regulations and theres one that says “dating prohibited”, then Onew comes along and it’s AWKWARD ONTAE XDD. I love when Jonghyun breaks OnTae apart and Key takes Taemin LOL ITS SO FUNNY and dramatic and GHEI. Key talked about Crown J’s “Fly Boy”. I listened to Crown J’s mini album and I really liked it. In fact, I love his song with SIY lol.

081030 – This week is a news report with Minho and Jonghyun being the two anchors. Jonghyun starts off with news of SHINee’s “Amigo”. Then Minho bites his lip *DIES* as he sings cold heart baby. Almighty Key is the reporter with a mic (why am I not surprised) who is out interviewing people in their 20’s about their favourite star and lmao he goes to OnTae. Taemin as a 20 yo?? I can’t wait His hair *___* lmao. So Jonghyun is like “Can’t you tell they’re teens?” XD Taemin looks 18 and Onew looks 12 AHAHAHHAHAHAHA. How is this possible?? I wonder how Onew’s hair got so flat O_O. Anyway OnTae start messing around since they know they’re on TV so Jonghyun goes to the ads. TAEMIN STOP BEING SEXY, SERIOUSLY. SO INAPPROPRIATE. Fall Into SHINee LOL. Back to Key, he’s being attacked by OnTae who find their way into the studio. AND IS KEY IN A DRESS? O_O


  1. What’s with all the pairings? Lol And why is the most likely couple *ahemJongKeycough* never used? Fanservice must be awkward for the boys, though I can’t imagine them doing some of the stuff Suju does.^^;;

  2. Oh! You noticed the major awkwardness during the ‘Ontae’ moment too? I thought I was the only one. Everyone else was like “Aww, how cute” and I was there like “they look really awkward…and kind of embarrassed. why am I the only one seeing this?”

    That said, I love Key’s Crown J/Fly Boy impersonation thing – tres funny. And Key mistaking Onew and Taemin (Taemin’s hair really does look lovely these days) for 20 year olds…LOL at Jonghyun calling him on it. But Key in a dress? When?

    I thought the first one was really funny too – Key’s expressions just made that for me. I think the Idol Museum’s fake, by the way. Hmm, I hope SHINee does M!Countdown Rankings forever.

  3. laflor501
    Lol I guess they’re trying to promote all the other couples? Lol but I don’t think anyone is as good as fanservice as SUJU

    Of course I noticed the awkwardness XDDD It was so obvious lol. They were cute in an extremely awkward way lol.

    Omg the money throwing lmao and when they suddenly got up and started dancing to LLO. They’re so funny XDD. I know! I’ve never even watched M!Coutndown Rankings til SHINee started doing them.

  4. haha.. they never fail to crack me up lol.
    Key with his never-ending-babbling, Jonghyun with the-second-best-facial-expression-after siwon, Taemin with all of the cuteness-that-no one-have, Minho with his my-eyes-talking-by itself thing, and of course our faily!Leader Onew with his all-time-pride-Onew Condition! XDDD ahaha..
    I think I’m gonna re-watch all of their MCountdown ranking now, before school starts again tomorrow.. :D

  5. ^Lol yeah their skits get better and better don’t they XD Lol I love faily!Leader. Jonghyun was right in saying that his onew condition is his charm ^^

  6. Haha, these were SO funny! I swear that JJ and TM could be girls if they tried!

  7. ^JJ? Do you mean Jonghyun? LOL Well we have all seen them being girls on School of Rock haha

  8. LOL you’re not kidding when you say that Onew looks 12 XD I was thinking “you’ve got to be kidding me” and then when I saw him….. idk, I started LOLing so hard.
    Actually, these get so awkward lol. The first ones were fine, and now it’s just so much fail….

  9. ^Of course I wasn’t kidding XDDD. I think they’re pushing them to do too much fanservice with all the pairings and stuff. It all started with that fateful one where they had to vote for a new class president…

  10. Oh yes… I remember that one…. >< That’s true, I think that it would be more exciting if the boys did their own fanservice on their own terms and it wasn’t forced as much. They’re growing up too fast D:

  11. ^Yeah, have you seen the one where SHINee were trying to sell those shirts for charity and they were standing on this moving van with the other artists and Key comes up to Onew and starts wiping his sweat? Now no one forced Key there :P

  12. ♥♥ YES. We should form a group or something, like…. FANGIRLS FOR FREEDOM XDDDDD lol have I told you that you passed your Key love on to me? I’m so biased towards him now, I love him so much.

  13. ^Yes you have mentioned it to me before – I’m glad it’s stuck to you ~!!!

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