Posted by: lovediaries | November 1, 2008

Taeyeon – Can You Hear Me

I loved Taeyeon’s “If” and so I decided to try out her solo “Can You Hear Me” from the Beethoven Virus OST…and I do not regret doing so at all!!! XD. I absolutely love this song (maybe even more than If?). The first time I heard it, I thought “Hmm, nah this isn’t as sad as If, *skip*” and so I stopped before the whole song finished. And then when I wasn’t paying attention, I was like “omg what is this song, it’s so heartbreaking – I love it??” and turns out it was this song. Okay, sorry for the life story. Moving on.

It’s a ballad (duh) and I feel Taeyeon’s vocals have improved since If. Her voice comes off stronger in this song and she sings the high notes with a lot more ease than in If. I don’t follow SNSD so I’m glad Taeyeon gets to sing solo’s every now and then because I actually really like her voice. It’s probably also my favourite voice of the 9 girls because it’s relatively strong and not high and weak sounding XD. This is all imo so feel free to disagree. Just don’t bash. Her voice is also very suited to singing these ballads (it’s quite mature, I think) a lot more than bubblegum poppy music that gives me a headache. I still cringe everytime SHINee sing “Girls Generation” T__T and they have the ability to make me like everything XDD.

Anyway if you loved If, you’ll definitely love this song. Even if you’re not an SNSD lover, I suggest you go find it because Taeyeon sings this song as herself and not part of some girlband …so TRY IT!! I wanted to upload it but as mentioned in the other post, mediafire is not working atm and that’s my favourite uploading site LOL so if that’s not working then everything else will fail XDD.

Performances & Lyrics under the cut for those still interested :)

081009 Performance on M!Countdown – I never watched any live performances of If because I was told she wasn’t that good so I watched a live of this one to decide for myself – and I was impressed! Like heaps impressed. She wasn’t offtune at all (not that I expected her to be XD) and I loved all those high notes. I know I’m really sensitive because I get goosebumps after watching like everything, lmao, but this also almost made me cry ;___; And after this, you really can’t deny that Taeyeon has talent!

The video is subbed too, but I’ve included lyrics anyway ^^ Taeyeon sits on a chair while singing and there’s like a screen behind her. I’m not sure if it’s playing scenes from BV or not but her song makes me want to watch it!

And if any of you are familiar with HK stars, don’t you reckon in some shots she looks like Stephy Tang? I’ve discussed this with beckery before and she sort of agrees with me XD.

081030 Performance feat. Seohyun – Seohyun plays the piano for this performance. I think I liked the one by herself more because she was more effective in expressing the lyrics when she was all alone. Here, I feel as if she has to share the limelight with Seohyun and she also seemed distracted XD. And it might be the mic, but I think her voice came out a lot smoother in the other one, too. It was still a good performance though :)

{Translations: boxclub @}

Even though it hurts but a little, tears form
My heart screams out
If I pass in front of you, beside you
You were my whole world
I want only you
But I can’t breathe when I’m in front of you

As if you weren’t my destiny
As if this was just a fleeting moment
Next to you, who just let me go so easily
I go closer to you step by step
Although I cannot move at all

You make me restless, you make me cry
Like a fool, like a child
I want to just laugh it off instead

The closer I get to you
Although I get more scared
I guess I cannot stop this love

Why is it just my love that is late
Why is it just my love that is hard
Although I’m right in front of you, although I’m right beside you
You were my whole world
I see only you
But when when I’m in front of you, I always look away

As if you were my very last
As if it were my very last moment
Next to you, who just let me go so easily
I go closer to you again step by step
Although I cannot move at all

You make me restless, you make me cry
Like a fool, like a child
I want to just laugh it off instead
The closer I get to you
Although I get more scared
I guess I cannot stop this love

If even from a long distance
I could look upon you
That’s what you call love

If perhaps this yearning, this longing
When it sounds, when it touches
Please just act like you didn’t know
Although the closer I get to you, the more scared I get
I guess I cannot stop this love


  1. omg yess can you hear me is such a beautiful song, I adore it.
    Taenguu’s voice is mature and it just has this soothing effect that makes the song even better =]

  2. You are crazy XD I ♥♥♥♥♥ Taeyeon so much. Actually, i was listening to my Ipod with my friend in the car earlier and she just heard this and started screaming -___- Not very good for the ears, but that’s how awesome the song is ^^ She has so so so so much talent… I wish she got more solos and/or solo performances.

  3. lr
    How come you call Taeyeon Taenguu? XDD. Yeah, I almost fell asleep listening to the song on repeat. I would listen while studying to remind myself of how sad I was LOL

    WHY AM I ALWAYS THE CRAZY ONE? XDDD. Lol ahahha well I don’t scream (so clearly your friend is the crazy one) but i does make me weep. Yeah, I don’t understand why people complain about Taeyeon getting all the attention/extra solo stuff when there’s every reason for her to XD.

  4. Well, I actually like Seo Hyun so I’m happy she got to be in the spotlight for a while and got herself out there! I hope Seo Hyun aces her college exams!

  5. ^I don’t particularly like the other members (as in, I’m pretty neutral towards the others – except I like Hyoyeon too :D) lol so I didn’t really comment much ^^””

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