Posted by: lovediaries | November 2, 2008

081025 SJ-M ‘ME’ Performance – Anji China Beautiful Annual Cultural Festival

Sorry for the super long title XD.

It’s only a fancam, but watch HERE. I MISS THEM. lol. I miss Donghae and Kyuhyun and little Henry :(. When are SJ going to be together again? I haven’t watched very many “ME” performances because the choreography is … well like the SJH performances, too cute for me to handle XD. But since they’re in their new white/blue clothes, I thought I’d watch it :) Also, I LOVE DONGHAE’S NEW (or not so new anymore) HAIRCUT. Most boys do look better with short hair lol.

Oh and omg the other week or maybe half a month ago I dreamt of Kyuhyun!! It was pretty sad, actually. Kyuhyun was my friend and we were going to meet up with some other friends. I liked him but I knew that Kyuhyun liked someone else and so when we were along I quickly kissed him and said “since you didn’t reject me, it must mean you like me.” Lol so I took his hand and walked happily with him. But suddenly, he flung my hand away because the girl that he liked was coming round the corner and omg my heart broke. T’was very painful.

Anyway, apart from “At least I still have you”, has SJM ever performed a song live? :S The performance was good but I really want to hear them live :(


  1. Awwe, ALL the boys have to get together soon! Only 15 for me!

    PS: Why does ELF want Only 13? I want only 15, no one taken out, 2 people in!

  2. Shhh I’ll tell you a lil secret…THE GIRL WAS TOTALLY ME…*hugs Kyu who’s sitting beside me watching me study* HAHA

  3. Ohh wait, all the other suju boys are popping up at my house…Arghh I see Hyukjae..*ditches Kyu for Hyuk* LOOL jokes.

    Aish, I’m going woop woop. MY EXAM IS TMR AND I CANT RMBR ANYTHING :'((((((((((((

  4. This may be a lame question, but how long is SJM supposed to last? Suju is supposedly releasing another album this year which they’ll have to promote in Korea. Since subgroups seem to be a one shot thing (exept for SJT?) does that mean SJM is unofficially over at that time or will they pick up again after the album promotion?

    Eh, ME isn’t my type of song either, and I can tolerate SJHappy.^^ I don’t want to sound mean but your dream made me lol pretty bad. No more K-dramas before bed, kay? ;P

    Lol well everyone’s entitled to their opinions. We authors here support Henry & Zhou Mi though ^^

    Actually, the girl was playmeagain lmao. She came to Australia to have a bday party and …. yeah that happened XD. You dork, go study :P You’d better not be on fb either …

    Well…remember how Hankyung said that they were probably releasing a 2nd album? I think out of all the subgroups, SJM is the most “stable”. I mean, they do have additional members so once SJM stops what happens to Henry and Zhou Mi? We should hope SJM continues for a long time since I haven’t heard much about ZLY lately….but yes, at the same time I want all of SJ back together ;___;. I guess SJM will be on a break when SJ release their 3rd album…?


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