Posted by: lovediaries | November 2, 2008

081030 SHINee @ Style Icon Awards

::EDIT:: shineesubs has subbed the video! It’s HERE.

{credit: randy1997 @ youtube}

I’m watching “The Four” (TVB Series – Raymond laksjflkjfalskflkj) atm and I don’t have enough eyes to watch this too XDDD But it looked like an awesome performance/s and SHINee won the award for “New Icon of 2008”.

I’ll bbl to edit!

Step by Step – LOL Their clothes are very interesting. Especially Minho and Key’s outfits XD. And Minho screwed up the choreography at the start :S UM…ARE THEY WEARING WIGS? AHAHHAHAHA OMG LMAOOOO @ TAEMIN XDD AND KEY’S PANTS OMG AHAHAHAHHA. I can’t stop laughing XDDD No wonder the other people in the audience were laughing; I thought they were just being rude !!

Billie Jean – Taemin is so wow *___* I wish they’d just shown him instead of having it overlap with the scenery, was it?

Replay – I wish they’d gotten rid of the hair XD I can’t take it seriously XDD. Taemin dressed up as MJ dancing to Replay is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. And this is after watching my baby sister trying to put wear her pants on her head ahahahhaa.

I liked Minho’s jacket though. It had music notes all over it ^___^



  1. Lol, I suggest you just listen and not watch because their hair and outfits really hurt my eyes – and they were extremely distracting. That said, it was a great performance – I really liked the New Kids on the Block part. The dance was kind of blah but they sounded really good! And Taemin as MJ – well, you know maknae rocked that!

  2. Is it just me… or did the MC sound really bored =_=

  3. ajflkjslfklsfj I WANT TO WATCH! Ray *_* Dont like Kate though, I wished they’d have Tavia play the role. But I saw the preview and he looks utterly handsome in that white, classy set of clothes and holding a fannnn *swoons*

  4. yumimaki
    Yeah I read about Taemin as MJ! I’m excited lol ok I’ll listen to it first and then watch it XD

    Lol I’ll edit this comment after I’ve seen it ;) Youre talking about the male MC right? Cause yes he did sound really bored XD

    ITS RLY GOOD! Well, I like it so far. Raymond really is charming and he’s always so calm and cool and has absolutely no emotion. But that reflects his name cause he’s like an orphan, yeah? And so his guardian gave him this name which meant “no feeling/emotion” so he never cares about love and caring and all that stuff. HES JUST SO COOL. His wheelchair also has these neat gadgets and when he swishes his hair, needles fly out. I HOPE IT GETS SUBBED SOON!! And I hope it stays this good xDD

  5. Haha.. Wonder who got the idea that makes their hairstyle like that lol.
    Taemin! gosh, is he trying to make us coughnoonacough fangirls dying or what cause seriously, with him being sexy instead his cute act is just.. arghh! XDDD

  6. ^Guess they’re trying to recreate the style from decades ago XD. The clothes were enough so really the hair was a bit OTT XDD.


    i finally found a fan that i can spazz with :DDD


  8. ^YES SPAZZ WITH ME LKJASLKJDALSKJD Lol. I’ve only seen 5 eps though but yay it’s on tonight again :DD/

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