Posted by: lovediaries | November 2, 2008

081101 Music Core Yunho & Changmin MC Cuts

Again, I’m watching a TVB Series (“Whatever it Takes”) so I’ll be back later to edit. I have no idea why I carry my laptop around even when I’m watching TV lol.

{credit: jaynerox91 @ youtube}

SOLBI IS SO CUTE ^___^ And she looks teeny standing in between the HoMin two. I love when Changmin complains about not getting enough to say and Yunho and Solbi are like “we don’t have time” XD. And Yunho makes a mistake because he said ‘program’ instead of ‘performing’? I think? JaeChunSu walk in and lmao at Jae being a camwhore.

Wow the performances seemed really awesome, I think I should watch more Music Core performances in the future lol; but for now, I’ve only seen Mirotic. When Junsu sung “na breaking my rules~ again” differently, I thought his voice cracked LOL. And I know this is probably weird but does anyone else think Junsu has nice legs? Lol out of everyone, I always find myself looking at his and I have no idea why. They’re probably the shortest legs lol but I like them…I’m drawn to them XDDD.

Oh and another thing, people have recently been “complaining” about Changmin screaming into the mic but … I don’t find anything wrong with the way he’s singing his “woahhhhhhhhhh”. Am I just not watching the performances where he is screaming, or what?


  1. Haha, Junsu has youu~ under his legs! LOL, that sounds dirty! ;)
    I’m not complaining about Changmin, because I don’t hear his scream either and he hits the note EVERY time.

  2. ^LOL OMG THAT IS DIRTY *covers eyes* But it’s funny ahahahaha. Agree! Changmin gets it right so what are people on about XD

  3. Hahas, under his legs sounds strange&dirty, agree with candychu that it’s funny. :D I think it sounds better when Junsu changed th way he sang th ‘breaking rules’ part, lol. That’s my opinion.

  4. Hey, I won’t lie. Junsu’s legs are awesome despite his probably being the shortest of the 5. They’re hella better than mine. -.- Granted, they’re probably not as sexy as Yunho’s or Changmin’s, but they’re probably rock hard because of his love for soccer. XD

    And God, I love his variation on “Nan breaking my rules again”. It sounds so nice now ahhhh~ And the people complaining about Changmin are mental. I’ve watched every possible performance of this song (all to learn the dance–almost done too haha) and he hasn’t screwed up once. If anything, the volume just increases crazily at that point, but hey. It’s the screaming part for a reason.

  5. Nuragerl
    Lol I’m not sure which version I like better but if it’s Junsu, I’ll like xP

    I hate it when guys have better legs than me xDD But that happens. A lot. And woot, you agree with me~! lol
    I always give up half way when it comes to learning dances. I do what I know and the rest I just improvise XD

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