Posted by: lovediaries | November 2, 2008

26.10.08 Epik High – 1 Minute 1 Second

Watch HERE.

I’m still in love with “Lovescream” and especially “1 Minute 1 Second”. Every time I listen to the song, I always replay Tablo’s verse a couple of times before hearing the rest of the song XD. I just like the way he seems to be whispering into my ear ahaha.

I really like the choreography for this dance except I don’t like what the dancers are wearing. It’s nothing against their outfits, rather, I expected softer colours and more flowy costumes. Even if they only had a pair of dancers, off to the side, flittering in and about, it would still be better. I don’t really know why two dancers have to come up to Mithra during his rap though. No one danced up to Tablo (not that that would be necessary) XD.

And you guys have all heard about Tablo’s book “Your pieces”, right? It was written in English first and then translated into Korean so…an english version should be released, right? *Hopefully*, cause I really want to read his short stories ;____;

I’m aware I’ve only really been posting videos lately but I still haven’t plucked up the courage to venture into soompi grounds again and I’m being pretty lazy, letting Youtube supply me with everything LOL. Just give me a few more days XDD.


  1. I really like this song but sadly, I’ve never ever watch any the performance yet until now.. T-T what kind of fan am I *sigh*
    now it’s true that Kpop fandoms are really hard to keep up with XP
    but cause my fangirl self cant live without it, i’m gonna spazz anyway XD haha.

  2. ^Haha that’s okay. Too much stuff happens in kpop too quickly; it really is extremely hard to keep up with everyone O.o

  3. Hm, I completely forgot about this song.-.- That’s too bad b/c I like it a lot. Not as “heavy” as my fav. songs by them, but just as catchy. I can also really tell how Tablo wants to break into singing as well as rapping b/c he’s been doing it more and more in their recent songs. He aslo said it in an interview…somewhere…

  4. ^Lol it’s sort of hard for me to forget it since it’s my ringtone. But I know what you mean about it being not as “heavy” so that’s probably why I’ve listened to this song a lot more than the others (except maybe Umbrella) even though this is still relatively new.

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