Posted by: lovediaries | November 2, 2008

Categorising our Categories

I keep adding and making changes; but if you’d like you can just come back and read when everything’s done and set :).

I’ve started fixing up categories! I decided to do a list instead because many posts will probably come under multiple categories and so I thought to sort out by artist&mth would be easier :)

As mentioned before, the categories are “what” while the tags are “who” and occasionally the name of variety shows e.g We Got Married. They basically come out to the same thing, but I just feel that makes everything neater ^^. And I should probably just explain what comes under what categories just incase you don’t know where to find what you’re looking for, because most of these are pretty general.

Advertisements – includes pictures and videos of any CFs, endorsements, ads, campaigns

Concerts – includes pictures and videos of press conferences, promotional clips, merchandise and concerts; also major music festivals

Downloads – mp3s

Entertainment – general videos, short clips

Events – includes pictures and videos of fan meets, award shows, fashion shows, charities etc

Merchandise – includes information on preorders, DVDs, calendars etc. NB: these will not be categorised under “Music” or “Concerts”

Miscellaneous – spam posts, not exactly news-worthy posts, games

Mod Posts – non related to kpop, message from us authors

Music – includes audio links, discographies, album reviews

Music Videos – includes pictures and videos of teasers, making of/filming and music videos

News/Interviews – general news & info, fan accounts, articles, videos of interviews and all translations

Performances – includes pictures and videos of performances, appearances on music shows

Pimp Posts – intro posts of artists, bday posts, or just general spamming of artists

Radio Shows – includes pictures and videos of appearances on radio shows

Scans – scans of albums, calendars, magazines etc.

Variety Shows – includes pictures and videos of appearances on variety shows

Other Notes:

  1. If posts cover multiple artists (e.g several performances on the same Music Show from the same night or MV featuring different artists), they’re listed under “Multiple Artists“. But if the one post relates to more than one (fairly big) artist (e.g Epik High’s “Umbrella” feat. Younha), they’re listed under both artists. Hope this makes sense!
  2. If we’ve covered less than 5 posts on a particular artist, they come under “Other Artists“.
  3. The main difference between listing a post under “Miscellaneous” or “Multiple Artists” is that the Miscellaneous posts are not “news-worthy”.
  4. Album and magazine scans will be categorised as “Scans” but scans for fashion labels that did not come from magazines (e.g SHINee’s CLR!de pictures) will go under “Advertisements“.


  1. ok props to you guys for organizing the site! *high fives you!* this will especially come in handy when us readers suddenly have the urge to look for that random whatchamacallit of sujus last year (you get the picture). yeah that. this requires a lot of effort, so thanks in advance ♥


    OMG SPAMMING, sorry, I just saw this awesome link with Epik high Nylon Magazine Interview. Its in Korean but the pics are made of win. My Mithra-bias, I has it,LOLZ at his red and purple pajamas, Tablo with a black feather BoA (nudge, nudge) and Tukutz in black and a colorful like hat O.o

  2. THANK YOU! Haha, now you start!

  3. querubin
    Yes its requiring a lot of effort AND NO ONE IS HELPING ME. Lol nah, it’s cause they have exams coming up and only I have OCD XD. Majority of readers didn’t even want the categories re-organised but I went ahead anyway XDD.

    AND LMAO @ THOSE PICTURES AHAHAHAHA. Epik High never fail to crack me up (when it’s intended). Thank you for that!’s.left
    Haha yes I start now XD.

  4. You = time and effort x 1000000
    (I tried tagging all the posts at AI and I’m still only halfway through)

  5. ^Lol well you know me. Maybe.

    How many posts do you have on AI? 1000+ ?

  6. NO way!! 200-300 I think (you guys have many though 0_0)

  7. ^Lmao and you guys have had the blog for like twice as long but we have 5 times as many posts. We’re sad sad people ;___;

  8. Hey, hey, our posts are longer (that’s my excuse for laziness) LOL
    So how many posts do you guys have?

  9. ^I recently announced we had 1000 posts but since it’s off the sidebar we now have 1012+ posts …

  10. I love the new login name! Keybum :D.

    Anyway, it’s great to see you posting so much again <3333. How were your exams? :D

  11. ^Lol I changed it to avoid my sister stalking me :PP

    Exams weren’t so good ;_____; IDK, I don’t feel entirely relieved (even though I should be out partying!!!!) now that I’m finished. I think I’ll be nervous up until results are out which is in about 5 weeks time :S

    But ah well, I should enjoy my 3 mth holiday :DDD

    Oh and I might be going to Korea with friends of mine (depending on what marks I get lol) so I might email you some time to ask you a few things ^____^

  12. Awww, I’m sure you did better than you think you did! But yes, you should enjoy your holidays!! :DDD

    And you might be going to Korea, omg <3. Sure, e-mail me whenever; I’d be happy to help ^___^

  13. ^Yeah I talked to my teachers today and I basically lied to them saying I think I did well … just so they wouldn’t go all ALKDALSKDJLASJD @ me XDD.
    And thank you~!!! I’ll email you soon then ^^

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