Posted by: pinkandsparkly | November 2, 2008

DBSK “Say No” Campaign Song

Video: Redberry94 @ Youtube

Awww this is so cute! JJ plays piano ^____^

I’m actually in the middle of writing a script, so I’ll let one of the other authors come edit 8D

*stares at Candychu*

candychu: LOL. I think this was the funniest video in that DBSK weren’t actually trying to be funny but it came out as funny XD. Like when they were dancing in their SM training room (you know the one with the clouds?) and putting in their Mirotic hand on chin move and them singing in the recording studio. I was *___*-ing at Junsu’s voice and then he gave the camera a “sexy” look and that just cracked me up. And omg Changmin with the “NO!” sticker and poking his cheeks was HILARIOUS.


  1. I have to agree.. this was sooo funny even tho I doubt they were trying to be.
    Can you imagine kids in korea saying no tho their friends by doing the hand on chin move XD

    Or kids here XD

  2. Did Yoochun even have a NO! sticker?! I think Yunho stole’d them all at the end!!

    I think more children would stop smoking if they knew their friends would crowd around them with their hands on their chins…that’s so embarassing to be “NO!”‘d at…

  3. lol well I hope jae quit smoking by now.

    But aww this is pretty cute lol. I like it when they do the mirotic chin move, the ‘no’ part flows well with thatxD

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