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DBSK on Come to Play

Of all fandoms, this is the one I have failed in keeping up with ;____; *shame*. I’ll let you guys in on a little secret…I still haven’t heard all the songs from “Mirotic” AHAHAHAHA. Why that is funny, I don’t know XD. So I thought I’d start by watching some of their videos on youtube :) First up is Come to Play! Thanks to ginaya for translating, subbing & uploading!! This post is the longest I have written to date – 2500+ words LOL.

Part 1

While DBSK introduce themselves one by one (for the older viewers who mightn’t know who they are lol) they have HUG playing in the background. I have no listened to that song for so long XD. They’re asked to talk in either Chinese or Japanese and Jae leaves a loooooong message in Jap and Wonhee says “arigato gozaimasu” because she too studied Japanese ^^. AHAHAHAHA When Yunho goes to introduce in Chinese (his accent is so strong) they make fun of him saying it sounds like a stop or something. Next Station will be DBSK Station Please exit to your left lmao AHAHAHAHA. What Yunho actually said was “Hello everyone we are DBSK. Are you all healthy? We are good too. I love you.” Then Junsu speaks in Kenyan (I don’t get what that is? Is that another dialect? But they made Junsu look like a tribal person ^^”).

Noh Hongchul asks if they were ever hit on by any celebrities and Yoochun tells them that they’re good friends with Koda Kumi. Everyone is :O but it turns out that both Shinyoung and NHC had no idea who she was XDD. DBSK continue to name other stars they’re friends with but no one else knows them XDD.

MC Yoo then comment son how Jae’s been talking a lot lately, leading many conversations on variety shows and he explains it’s because he no longer has the same concept as when they first debuted. Then they’re asked what they missed most after being away from Korea. Yunho says sausage soup and Changmin said his friends :( Some have already gone into the army (he either has old-ish friends or his friends have gone to do military service early) or have moved in that 1 yr 7 mths since they were gone and so he feels all alone xD. When they talk about Jae keeping in touch with his friends MC Yoo asks “Did their numbers change” and Jae replies “My number changed” XDD. But Jae only changed it cause he got too many prank calls :/ They ask who’s Jae’s closest friend and he says Hyunjoong <3 JaeChun were even on a holiday with Hyunjoong (Thanksgiving); ain’t that cute? Yoochun says he missed the Korean staff the most and everyone finds him cool with that answer. So it’s down to Junsu to say something cool too…and he says “Come to Play” LOLLL.

Part 2

They perform some a bit of Mirotic starting from the hand on chin part :) Then they talk about the other altervatives for their group name before DBSK was decided. Hi I’m small intestine Yoochun, Hi I’m Pancreas Changmin, Bumper Yunho, Wiper Junsu LOLOL Jae’s suited him so they’re not as funny xP. Then they talk about “The Way U Are”. Jae made a Buddhist version of the song and at first he acts dumb but then he sings it and ITS SO FUNNY.

Then it’s “Do as you wish” (or is this segment called “Personal Rankings” ? XD) where they reveal things about themselves. When the ranks are revealed the 5th will go down and the 1st will go up; the chairs of whoever, I mean. For “Which member is the most jealous”, Junsu ranked Changmin as 5th (so then he’s not the protective boyfriend sort? .___.) because he doesn’t think LOL. What kind of reasoning is that? Junsu ranks himself as 4th and says he doesn’t have much thought but then says he’s a thoughtful person. LOL OH Su <3 They don’t say who 3rd is but from the teeny tiny characters, they look more like “Youngwoong Jaejoong” than “Micky Yoochun”. And 1st is Yunho!!! When Junsu explains why he picked Yunho as first, Shinyoung becomes incredibly happy from picturing it ahahaha. LOL She is so funny. Yoochun then reveals that when they go shopping, instead of choosing matching accessories, Junsu just buys whatever the mannequin is wearing LMAOOO. I can so see him walking in, pointing to a mannequin, and saying “I’ll take that” XD.

The next one is done by Yoochun and is “Which member can boast that he has the most star friends”. 5th place is Changmin again. Aw, this one made me sad XD. To me, it’s like he has no friends AT ALL XDDD. Changmin says it’s cause he likes drinking alone and Jae says he drinks in the neighbourhood playground LMAOO CHANGMIN!!! JaeChun went out with Tablo (why is it always them two together??) and I think it was Tablo who said “Next to Seo Taiji, Changmin is the hardest person to see.” LOLOLOL. 4th place is Junsu because he usually hangs out with his twin brother. JUNHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO <333 I am the ultimate Junho lover XD. And aw, so cute; while they’re in Japan, Junsu would call up Junho to see which “room” he is in for playing internet games.

Part 3

I think Yoochun voted himself as 3rd since it said “Na” ? And 1st goes to … Jae!!! Wow, Hongchul is really good! He’s guessed the 1st place for both times correctly!! Wonhee comments that Shinyoung seems to know a lot of guys since they talk about other friends that Yunho laughs and she just chuckles to herself AHAHAHA. She makes me laugh.

MC Yoo suggests they select a person they haven’t talked to in a while to leave a text message asking “What do I mean to you”. Yunho chooses Yeon Jung Hoon (sorry, no idea who he is), Changmin chooses Na Yeul of Brown Eyed Soul who is currently in the army, Jaejoong messages BoA (awww), Yoochun chooses Son Ji Chang an actor and Junsu chooses Lim Dae Ho who played their manager in all their Banjun dramas!! Woahh, lol.

Jae’s ranking is “Which member is natural Casanova”. 5th is Junsu who got a rather big fright when the chair went down XDD. From what I can see, Yunho is 4th, Jae ranked himself 3rd so Yoochun is 2nd and Changmin is first!!! Just as Hongchul had guessed xPP So they call him Dr. Noh (Know) LOLLL. Jae goes to explain that Changmin is 1 because their van windows are heavily tinted but when women walk past, Changmin will look at all 100 of them XDDD. Yunho adds that Changmin always denies everything first but when it comes to checking women out, he remembers her every detail. Yoochun is 2nd because in Jae’s words “It’s instinctual for him too” LOLOL. They pretend to act out a scene in a club with Wonhee; and Jae, as Yoochun just stares at her intensely.

Then they check to see if they got replies from their messages. Yunho’s was really nice while Changmin’s made no sense to me :S Jae’s from BoA was cute and Chun’s was funny xD. You can tell they’re all close with their friends ^^. Poor Junsu didn’t get a reply though LOLOL. So they suggest he call his brother and he immediately brightens up. AWWWWWW. Brotherly love <333 Junsu says Junho would run over if he asked him to. DOUBLE AWWWWW. Junho immediately replies and even calls Junsu. OMG I WANT TO MARRY HIM, HES SUCH A SWEET BROTHER. Junsu asks “What do I mean to you” and Junho asks “Truthfully or joking around?” AHAHAHHHA. And he said “my alter ego” AWWWWW. Jokingly, is crazy bastard LMAOOOOO. I love the way Junsu gets out of his seat and just kinda waddles around … IDEK XDDD.

Changmin’s part got cut ;_________________; Let’s have a minutes silence for the part he filmed which got cut out.

~*1 minute later*~

WHY??????????????????????? I boycotted Line Up after they cut out Changmin’s part XDD do I have to boycott Come to Play too? POOR CHANGMIN :((( I guess the Junho part sort of makes up for it .______.

Yunho ranked “Which member has sudden attacks of strange behaviours”.

Part 4

5th place is Junsu. NOOO Hongchul guessed incorrectly this time. Yunho explains “Junsu is unique, but we all know about it” XDD. That’s true lol. So I guess his actions don’t come out as too much of a surprise for the others. Yunho ranked himself as 4th and he says cause he has a tendency to lose things (like a phone) only to find it in his pocket xP. Jae reveals that he and Yunho once had the same phone but in different colours. When he couldn’t find it, he told Yoochun to give it a ring and it turns out it was in Yunho’s pocket LMAO. Changmin is 3rd because he likes to explode once in a while e.g washing his face in anger, unrolling the toilet paper in anger (AHAHAHA trying to picture him doing that – wait no need, he shows us LOLLLL. Why does he still look so hot unrolling tissue paper??? XDDD), brushing his teeth in anger etc. LOL THEN THEY REPLAY IT “I’m going to destroy it all” LMAOOO OMG ILUSM CHANGMIN XDDD.

And 1st place goes to … Jae … BECAUSE HE TAKES PHOTOS OF THE OTHERS AFTER A SHOWER O__________O THAT IS SERIOUSLY WEIRD. I’m so jealous. Even when they’re sitting on the toilet, he’ll sneak up on them and take photos. “When he loses his phone, it’s an emergency situation for us”. I IMAGINE IT WOULD BE. Jae tries to explain himself but it all comes out as rather dodgy XD.

Then it’s “Close Quarters Intimate Talk”. Aw this was where I saw pictures of Changmin peeling a pear for Yunho ^^. Yoochun plays on the piano and sings “Wind, where is it blowing from” and, argh, it’s so beautiful *______*.

Part 5

They talk a bit with the other stars who have arrived (sorry, not too familiar with them T_T). The first discussion is “I know a strange habit of one of the people present here”. Yunho says that Junsu eats ice cream differently to other people. Yunho and Yoochun demonstrate how he eats icecream/candy and drinks from a straw AND ITS SO SUGGESTIVE. But it’s true. Remember when all 5 of them were on Happy Together and he was eating ice cream? Lol he seriously opens his mouth wide open, sucks at it, and licks at it with his tongue XDDDD. They ask Junsu to demonstrate and he does it “normally” but it’s obvious it’s not natural. So then he does what’s normal for himself and SEE THE TONGUE!?!?!?!? As if that’s not already funny enough, Yunho adds, “Sometimes his tongue trembles” OMG LMAOO THIS IS TOO MUCH XDDDD. Junsu says it’s because he eats really fast (hey me too) and when he drinks coffee, he does it in one shot. Jae says he has no passion for life XDD.

Junsu then talks about Changmin’s habit of talking in his sleep. Yunho says that he has conversations with Changmin but he’ll forget about them the next day. Junsu, like the child that he is, says it’s fun to play around with Changmin when he’s in that sort of state and tells of the conversation he once had with Changmin. (I’m so smart, I knew he meant chopsticks ^^). Changmin gets all embarrassed and shakes his hand furiously lol SO CUTE.

So Changmin talks of Jae’s sleeping habit where he likes to make faces. Kissing, puckering up of lips faces; but the best one has to be Junsu’s imitation AHAHAHAHAHA. Yoochun talks about Yunho’s habit of sleeping with his mouth and eyes open. Mouth open is okay but eyes is freaky. I saw it on TV once and I thought “What poor acting, she should have her eyes closed” but my mum told me some people sleep with their eyes open XD.

Part 6

Jae complains that it’s always embarrassing for them on a plane because when Yunho falls asleep, everything starts opening up XD. Jae says he always puts down his seat and a blanket over his face LOL. (Btw, I love the little drawings down the bottom; they’re really cute ^^). Junsu said that once a fan sat next to Yunho (HOMG NO WAY) so he was conscious of it but in the end he had his mouth wide open. So Yunho becomes King of sleep habits. Woot~

The second discussion topic is “A gesture that can capture my immediate attention”. Hongchul says he likes it when (whoever) eats cream spaghetti and gets the sauce stuck on their lips…O.o Er, okay *pretends to not be weirded out*. It can’t be ja jang myun though, only white sauce XD. Junsu says she likes it when a woman reaches for something or greets someone and rests their hand across their chest. Aw, that’s cute <3. The other female (who is she? Shes really pretty) says she likes it when guys drive with one hand and show off their muscles and MC Yoo goes “And their underarm hair blowing in the wind?” LOL THAT IS SO GROSSSS. Changmin says he likes it when it’s winter and she’s all bundled up and walks in from the snow. Aww. It doesn’t snow here T_T. Then the men say they would like it if she wiped sweat for them because even though it’s dirty, she’ll treat it as nothing. Then I think Wonhee suggested wiping eye gunk LMAOOO.

Then it’s memories of first kiss. Uh oh. Is my heart going to break? XD. Jae’s was in 6th grade but after the kiss he ignored the girl because he was forced into it. Yunho’s was in 2nd yr of high school and they were about to break up but Yunho grabbed her and kissed her. THAT IS SO INTENSE and just like in a drama *___*; how romantic.

Part 7

Finally, last part, lol. Junsu said his first kiss was when he was 20. So that’s after debut. They mostly talked on the phone and after 100 days, they’d only been on 2/3 dates O_O. They kissed in the basement to celebrate their 100th day and afterwards, Junsu cried ;____; Yoochun’s first true love kiss was at a ski resort and after debut judging by his face when asked lol. Then it’s Changmin’s turn. *TAKES DEEP BREATH IN*. K, so he went on vacation with a few friends and after dinner she was washing the dishes while Changmin was cutting up fruit. Yoochun quickly adds he’s really good at it lol. PERFECT because I can’t cut fruit. I still ask my mum to peel apples and pears for me XDD. And it was his gf that made the first move. That makes me feel better :DD. So Changmin cuts a peach and I think it was MC Yoo who says “That position is calling for a kiss” LMAO.

The last discusion is “I replied to a message about myself on the internet”. Junsu is really sweet; he says when he sees articles which expose an artists’ privacy, he’ll write “Shouldn’t we protect and respect their privacy too.” And omg Yunho talks about that incident with the anti-fan and he got messages saying he planned it so he didn’t have to go to the army DDD:. They ended on a good (though rather sad) note, I think, saying that just because people are “anonymous” they can say what they want; but they should be more considerate towards the people they’re hurting :|

If you read this entire post, you no longer need to watch the videos for yourself XDD. And I started this post at 11am this morning; it is now 5.30 pm T_T. Of course, I didn’t type for 6.5 hrs lol but I’m babysitting my little sister so I’ve been distracted XDD.


  1. No matter what they do, DBSK is always hilarious on TV Shows.

  2. ^Lol I think this is the funniest show I’ve watched with them on it ^__^

  3. I just had to watch it anyway, and they were AWESOME.
    But you missed out on the part where they complain about Jaejoong pointing after they greet, and how he edits himself when it feels awkward

    BTW, to some of your questions, Changmin doesn’t have really old friends. Typically guys go to the army in their early 20’s just to get it over with and move on. But celebrities usually wait until they’re in their 30’s to go because the early 20’s are like a prime time to start a career and they don’t want to disappear right when they’re primed for making it big in the business.
    And the girl on Come and Play you thought is pretty is named Jung Siah. I think she’s a new talent or something, and she’s on the show Moohan Girls w/ Hwangbo. The bald guy who ate Changmin’s fruit is Gil from a group called LeeSsang. And the other guy wearing that outrageous afro is Lee Ha Neul from the group DJ DOC.

  4. Lmao just reading your summary was good enough!! It had me laughing outloud. *is embarrassed* cough* lmao now I really want to see it but I’m on my phone >.< ugh…I’ll bbak latez to comment on what I saw lmao

  5. Haha, when Junsu speaks “Kenyan”, he means from the AFRICAN COUNTRY Kenya. XDDD In other words, he BSed it by saying gibberish. 8D

    Junho=amazing. I was cracking up so bad at his “joking” response; it’s so spot on it scared me.

    Jaejoong must have been dying during their starter years if he couldn’t talk. I can’t imagine that boy–err, sorry, MAN–not babbling or laughing. Almost like Junsu, but in a less corny way. Oh how I love DBSK, always so funny.

  6. I already watch the show before reading yout entry.
    but i have to say, reading was so much fun!
    LOL..especially the part about Changmin’s kiss and you *TAKES A DEEP BREATH IN*…..muahahahaha..
    i was smiling so much while reading the whole post, i think my boss thinks i’m going nuts XD

    keep it up!

  7. I watched the whole episode. I loved it =] mostly cause Jae’s a dork and Junsu’s a even more of a dorkxD

    Which reminds me…when Jae went on chin chin (okay chin chin is a VERY suggestive word in Japanese, my dad was mocking me like crazy when he read chin chin lmao) he was asked to speak Japanese but he didn’t…but on come to play, he did…interesting.

    and but the junsu texting part was funny. He was so happy when he got to send one and talk to his brother.
    Jae’s staring was funny cause he was just at one spot and he just kept on staringgggxDDD

    But for yunho’s sleeping habit, I do that too lmao. Guys in my class were like laughing and saying how my mouth was wide open when I slept on the busXDD I was like, “…WHAT!?” and then I noticedxD

    But yeah I agreed with the end comment about the anonymous part on the internet. Even though you may not be known, it does not give the right for the person to write harmful things in any language or anywhere.

  8. Devi
    Haha yeah I try not to write down every single thing … but I usually end up do anyway xD. Ah, yeah that would make sense hehe. Ooh I’ve never heard of her but I will look out for her. Thanks for letting me know!

    ^^” I tend to get carried away with my posts … but I’m glad you enjoyed :)

    OHH Right lol. I’m so stupid xD. And yes, Junho is somewhere on my list of boys I want to marry LOL

    LOL Well I am rather sensitive when it comes to the issue of Changmin and girls…especially if they’re girls he’s kissed XD. Lol I hope your boss doesn’t think you’re weird xP.
    Thank you <3

    They’re all so adorable <33 I’ve missed laughing at them LOL. Junsu was adorable talking to his brother; you can tell they’re really close ^^.

  9. the show was hilarious but there is so much injustice lmao no ranking for changmin??? aish…….was it that bad to have it cut??? that deserves more than 5mins of silence. lets have an eternity of silence for him -_- (sarcasm is greatly needed on this situation) waaahhhhh it’s not fair!!! lol haha but junsu is making me like him more hahaha he said changmin doesn’t think i think it’s the other way around lmao hahaha. he and junho remind me of me and my sister (except their relationship seems more cuter >.<). jaejoong reminds me of me (with a touch of changmin). he’s too weird and it’s nice!! weird people rcokx my scokx!!! yea!! lol haha o(O_=)o and the part with the whole ‘yunho incident’ thing, that had me boiling. people should just stop. seriously. it’s pathetically sad and unnecessary. but dbsk is love <3.

    wow. what am i writing? lmao

  10. I love how they are imitating each other, Junsu to Yunho, Yunho to Junsu, Jaejung to Yucheon, Yucheon to Jaejung, and on and on.. XDDD

    so far this is the best talk show about them I’ve ever watched, full of surprises and revelations!! O_O and of course full of cracks too ^^

    and the Mcs, Mc Yoo and kim wonhee they’re perfect couple, arguing and mocking at each other everytime haha and the other guest are funny too especially Gil when he started to sang “Ice cream Love” and and Wonhee singing along and Mc Yoo suddenly got a headache from hearing that song and NaYeul said he only knew Mc Mong’s “ice cream” song not oldies like that.. haha XDDD

  11. shycapri8
    I know! I thought after all this time, they would stop cutting Changmin so much 7.7 Guess some things never change :(
    But awww, cute how you have a relationship with your sister like Junsu and Junho ^___^

    Haha yeah! They each spill another’s secret ^^. Agree! I think this is one of the best too! MC Yoo is awesome and Wonhee is really pretty :)

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