Posted by: lovediaries | November 3, 2008

SHINee – Amigo MV

::EDIT:: shineesubs have subbed the MV HERE.

{credit: misterkrabspatties @ youtube}



Okay, watching for the nth time, and my heart is still racing laskflaksjdf.
I liked how they had a bit of a “plot” in this MV like in Replay. Hey, boy running after random girl who molested him in the middle of a station is considered a plot, ok?

I like how the beginning starts off slow and you wait for it, wait for it then BAM the music starts. The matching grey jumpers are a bit lame though (I LOL @ what Key is wearing there) but all the other outfits I really like :); especially during their solo train station shots. Like when Jonghyun is in the yellow shirt, walking along and singing “sexy~” and Key again sings “sexy~” while running his finger down in an S line… *froths at mouth*. Taemin is so ____ and ____ and I get all ____ Aldskfalskjflaskf. I’m sure you can all fill in the blanks lol.

The “A-Mi-Go” shots are also really hot with the flashing lights and close ups and *drools some more*; but then all of a sudden DUBU LMAO. I seriously cracked up when he came on the screen XDD. Aww, I love him so much. But in the words of my friend (and I wholeheartedly agree – so do many of you, I’m sure) onew can never be cool or sexy hes just too dorky. And that is perfectly A-OKAY, isn’t it? He’s just so adorable, I love him loads, really, I do ^_____^.

Key on the other hand, can’t stop being sexy, can he? All the face touching, head shaking and snarling is too much for me to handle XD. IM BITING MY NAILS LMAO and I never bite my nails. Taemin should also stop with the chest thumping and thrusting or whatever bodily movements he is doing when the camera is on his face because all that induces bad thoughts I should not associate with 15 year olds. O.o And I hate the way Jonghyun smiles like he knows it’s sexy. Hang on…I’m younger than Jonghyun. That’s okay then :) Continue teasing, Jonghyun~

By the end, when the girl suddenly started emitting light, I thought she was going to transform into a guy LOL IDK just as a joke or something XDD. Oh and I came up with a theory as to why Minho is the lead. It’s because he has the longest legs and can probably run the fastest so filming all those running scenes would be easier if they used Minho and only him. Clever, huh?


  1. lol you’re welcome! i didnt need to be cuddled to death, the mv already killed me enough.

    “face touching, head shaking and snarling”
    i dont know why this line cracks me up so badly.

    my attempt at filling in the blanks: hot, sexy, pedo? teehee~

    when SHINee first debuted i told myself i’d never fangirl anyone younger than me. but i surrender to the almighty Taemin. that boy is the hottest fifteen-year-old boy i have ever seen.

    PS did you notice it’s Minho’s turn with the hat? the hat went from Onew –> Taemin –> Minho. XD

  2. ^LOL What’s so funny about that line? XDDD. Haha actually I didn’t even think what words would go in those blanks but … yours sound about right xP

    *HI5* I said that but a week later I was drooling over Key so I went “Key is the only younger person I’ll ever pedo” but, well, it went from there.

    Ahaha lol funny you point that out because it does seem to be a trend ;) I bet Key is next…OR Jonghyun. Oldest –> youngest –> second youngest –> second oldest lmao

  3. if they keep singing this kind of songs tht its ok. NO LOVE LIKE OXYGEN and SHINEE WORLD *cringes* the clothes were lame and too colourful bu since their SHINee …wtv -___-. maybe this song will help me love them back. their 1st album ttly fail to impress. back to the MV, i LOVE LOVE LOVE the plot.

  4. darn, i didnt finish yet. stupid no-edit-button-wordpress.
    continue.. yeah i love the sexual harassment lol:P damn minho is like really hot and his tall. reminds me of changminnie *________* *drroollsss* i love the dance moves. SOO SHINEE. jonghyun looks hot but LOOOOL onew is too cute. he has an awkward vibe. very attractive.

  5. I totally agree with everything you said. Especially dubu’s part. It took long enough for his closeup to finally screen. Then?! He’s in RED and smiling/smirking, why so cute?! Oh my tummy, laughed so hard. He did look serious (a lil) at some part but totally turned dorky again. (oh fail~ =X) LOL! But I love him too much~

    Jonghyun’s face when he did he’s “sexy” line, how teasing. The last set of closeups, he’s touching his hair? Haha.. Key is too sexy and he’s in pink again. His finger is wagging nonstop, smirking all the way, too sexy. I actually think Taemin’s expressions in here are very very good, if not the best, fierce+strong+confident. And all the pumping-whatever-you-call those moves, O.O. He’s great and he’s still young. <3

    Minho as lead. Best choice, imo. The long legs theory is quite true. But his acting totally pwns. His stares~ I love the intro+black&white effect, then realising what happened, *ching* Back to reality, run baby run! The girl is really pretty and tall. LOL! Minho’s turn with the hat. Hat’s really going around.

    The full choreo is awesome. I particularly like the street shots, them walking at towards the cam shots than the still ones. But all of them are mighty fine. I think this is the best one yet. GO SHINee!!

    p/s: Mucho gracias, I really enjoy reading what you write, and had multiple tummy bursts along the way. Thanks!! <3

  6. oooohhhhhh…….i fail when it comes to commenting on a video lmao maybe if i see it a few more (thousand) times, i’ll have more to say lmao. i like it, even though i didn’t get the plot really (im slow >.<) lol. but i really love this song and minho…and taemin….*cough* waaaahhhhhh!!!! is this comment too incoherent?? lmao so sorry!! haha

  7. I agree. I was, like, “LOLDORK” at Dubu. I love him and all but he’s just not sexy with that hair. D: He was cool in Replay, sexy in LLO but just when he’s SUPPOSED to be sexy, he goes all dork mode. XD

  8. Gahh! I’m so jealous of you guys right now! :/
    I read this on my phone and there’s no internet HERE! T-T *sobs
    This is gonna be the first thing in the morning that I’ll do, WATCH AND DL THE MV!! XD
    ah and judging by your comments the concept seems to be matured(?) with all those attractive-appealing-seducing-smirking-dancing-thing that they do haha.. XP

    and Key, boy why should you be younger yet so sexy and tempting at the same time? XDD

  9. Lmao candychu! You changed ur name straight after watching this mv y? lol.
    yes yes, I know. Dorky Key = <33
    Sexy Key = <3333
    ahaha XDD

  10. i agree with what you said. haha. you notice such small details. x] that’s okay, we’re the same! hahahah!

    also, i noticed, are they like gonna pass the hat every music video? coz at replay, the hat was with Onew. at love like oxygen, it was with taemin. and now, it’s with minho. hahaha. x] who’s gonna use it next? xDDD

  11. I like Key’s pink shirt haha. And that finger waggling. Oh my…
    Taemin looks so hot with that hair T_T.
    And LOL @ your Onew comment. I thought the same thing. While everyone manages to look bad and sexy, he’s just…SO CUTE!!! I just want to hug him ^_^.

  12. I love your comments on the MV, it cracks me up xDD And I agree, lol.

    And wahhh, you changed your name D:

  13. About the gray jumpers…I agree but compared to the rest of the MV is easily forgiven :D (Beside the awsome dance distracted much!)

    I really like Minho as the lead actor, I found Jonghyun very badass and cool like throughout the MV (That’s never really happened before…) and am now totally convinced that Taemin will be the eventual ruin of noonas everywhere >_<;
    (The Noonas need to keep their salvation and there butts outta jail ‘kay sweetie XD)

  14. lmao yes wondubuful onew (lmao wondubuful) just looks dorky but just balances out the group. Like SHINee wouldn’t be so balanced if it weren’t for onew’s dorkiness and minho’s flaming quiet charisma on the icebox XD

    I like it when Key says “Hajiman Sexy~” with his s-line finger moves. I just adore the sound T_T

    Taemin looked scary right before the rap part with Minho and Key around at the end…probably cause it was dark lighting? idk lol.

  15. sabrinaa
    Aw, I loved Love like Oxygen. Oh well, we all have different tastes ^^ I always thought Minho reminded me of Changmin. It’s the tallness and quietness and thoughtfulness and maturity haha.

    Woot~ *hi5* Onew can’t look serious because he won’t stop smiling xD Which is why his little acting scene from YunHaNam totally surprised me! Key is always in pink but he pulls it off so that’s okay :) I loved the solo street shots too! Very badass.

    Haha thank you ^^ I write everything that’s on my mind lol. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Haha nah dw, there wasn’t that much to a plot. It looked like the girl stole Minho’s heart :P And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with incoherent comments if the posts are incoherent :P

    Ah everyone was awesome in LLO but yeah Onew’s haircut is TOO CUTE ^___^

    Wow you even read LAEC off your mobile! Haha. YOU NEED TO WATCH IT ASAP. And lol no I changed my name in case I get stalked since my username is too similar to my real name :P I’ll change it back soon though~

    Yes, that’s my job to notice the small details haha *hi5*. I think they are going to pass the hat every MV lol. Hope it’s consistent~

    I like it too :) Key looks awesome in pink. Taemin and Onew really should switch roles xP

    Alex Ryom
    LOL Thank you? Haha. Yes yes I did, for a bit of fun :P

    Jonghyun was extremely badass! He knows he’s hot LOL so he plays it well ;)

    ROFLL Your comments had me in fits omg you’re hilarious XD wondubuful AHAHAHAHA.

  16. I DID I DID I DID!!!!! I WATCHED ITTTT!!!! XDDDDD *goes to heaven* haha i know, LAME XP

    omg I’m SSOOO excited!!!

    Key, he really pulled off that pink shirt haha, again he always the one that wearing pink in SHINee.. and and why should he keep doing that finger swaggling thingy in like everytime his parts showing XDD its okay, I’m enjoying it though.. XP and his dance-rap solo part is truly amazing!! yess yess GIVE HIM MOREEE these kind of things!! Key<3333

    Taemin, waaww his eyes looked so.. idk, fierce? haha. he’s truly became a man here, with all the magic-foot-solo-dance and of course, again, that eyes.. I was kinda shocked at first actually, not expecting this to happen ahaha.

    Jonghyun, yesss YOU KNOW YOU ARE ONE SEXYbeast HUH?? XDDD
    his part is always look so manly and cool.. I like it =)

    Minho, our lead-actor here, I was cracked up at the beginning of this mv, the way he looked at the girl is a bit… awkward? idk, its just me maybe :)
    and now he gets the honour to use the hat.. wahh.. *flaming charisma Minho~*

    and at last our truly faily!Leader-sshi,, Onew!!! *claps* haha, you guys are right, he’s just TOO CUTE TOO BE MANLY AND SEXY!!! XDDD ahaha..
    he cannot be compared to another member, he has that unique-sense of attitude that no one have..
    when everyone have successfully transformed into men here, he is left with that cuteness of him.. haha. His attempts to become sexy and serious are complete failure at some points haha.

    and for overall, the mv is quite enjoyable I think, despite of all the seem-to-be-exhausting running scene :/
    the flash of the light and their clothes and the dances are GREAAATTT!!! and the actress is pretty too ^_^

    wahh.. such a long commennt! okay I’m gonna stop here XP
    *back to re-watch the mv again*

  17. Wow, I didn’t know there will be a video for this song, I was shocked! (: Happy for SHINee, I agree that they made Minho th main lead becos he has long legs, I was thinking about it when I watch th MV, th part where he runs. Or was it Minho has less role leads? That’s why they gave him this opportunity to do this. Anyways, SHINee hwaiting!

  18. Lol keybum? Is that you, candice? o_o OR KEY. HI KEY *waves madly*

    Anyway I’m going to stay away from the MV as of now ._.


  19. LOL, I thought Amigo would be some mexican trot sounding thing, but it’s just so… SEXY!

    adskfiaot avmdruaewiocr miqewuriqoewcur ! No words for how hot they are except for Onew: Epik fail. Sorry, he’s just too dorky for words!

    Jonghyun is melting me. He’s a sexpot! ( Am I allowed to say that?)
    Haha, I’m younger than everyone (yup, even TaeMin!) so I’m allowed ogle ever single person! Thank Gawsh, because I lost my breath there for a minute~

  20. kandie
    LONG COMMENTS FTW <3333 Lol ^^. Ah I love Key when he’s singing and rapping and dancing and looking sexy … LET ALONE WHEN HE’S DOING ALL OF IT TOGETHER ASLKFASLFJ. And yes Taemin looks even fiercer than he did in LLO and I didn’t think that was possible xP Ahaa as a person who hates exercise, I found watching the MV rather exhausting too XD

    Oh really? I remember reading about filming and seeing pictures so I knew about it ^____^. Hmm well they never really had a lead for any of their MVs ^^” Hopefully they’ll take turns~

    ASLKFAJLS YOU. STILL HERE!?!?!? And wow you ended up going to see them? You’ll have to tell me all about it when you get back (not that you’ve disappeared properly :P)’s.left

  21. OMG ! i have been so busy with the korean pop night and i didnt know that the mv was released.

    came online and BAM ! the mv is out.

    pure hotness ! i just got to put it on replay. xD

    and i totally agree with you about all the closeups and suddenly DUBU ! LOL.. it made me xD immediately. not that it is anything bad. he is just pure cuteness. hahah… (:

  22. ^That’s definitely Onew’s charm~ His ability to stand out in his own cute way. Ahaha when you said put it on replay, I immediately thought of “Replay” :PP Lalala~

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