Posted by: lovediaries | November 4, 2008

081031 UFO Radio & Mnet Wide News – SHINee

UFO Radio: Minho talks about Taemin – Aw, you guys, I was close to tears after watching this video. It was so sweet, as if it was a story and Minho was the narrator. He basically talks about how he used to be the youngest and Super Junior adored him and took care of him and all of a sudden came Taemin who stole his spot as the magnae. Since he had been the youngest before, he knew exactly how Taemin felt and would try his best to care for him.

AH *dies from the cuteness*.

Seriously, why can’t real life boys be like this?

Mnet Wide News: SHINee Cut – They talk about “Amigo” and explain it’s the shorter version for “If you love a beauty you will suffer”. The host asks was it Minho that had a hard time? XD. AND OMG FUNNIEST THING. They’re asked to sing it and Jonghyun suggests the rap so Key starts rapping and Jonghyun starts bopping and started his part but I think he came in too early so then Key stopped and Jonghyun quickly apologised. LOL IDEK WHAT HAPPENED. BUT ITS FUNNY.

Then the Mnet people give SHINee some hot buns (hobbang) and they have to do like an acrostic poem type thing. Key’s was, of course, the best. :)


  1. I SEE 2MIN.

  2. Taemin, Minho adorableness makes me want to cry – they’re so cute I can’t stand it!

    Seriously, why can’t real life boys be like this?

    I often wonder the exact same thing.

  3. LOL, at the announcer: “5 guys who are turning manlier everyday!” or day by day… ~Haru Haru something something something EH EH EH EH! XDD

  4. Minho’s message was too sweet for words. The boys don’t talk about their feelings much and Minho never talks at all so this was really special. I knew they must hang out, but they seem so close.<333 On a random note, my right eye has been twitching today, and it had stopped for a few hours, but after spazzing hardcore over the message it started up again. Shinee will be the end of me. lol

    I love how awkward their interviews still are. Not awkward like I don’t know what to say/do, awkward like…Onew Condition maybe. Wierd but funny. “It’s bread!”

  5. Oh, and I think the moment with JH and Key was funny because of Key’s expression. He looked so wronged, like “how could you butt into my rap? I am offended”. LOL! His expressions kill me! I also love his reaction after he did his poem thing – ha, he was ooh-ing and aahing at his own poem!

  6. haha Key’s expression was so adorable there XDD he’s like o_0 “eh? why u ruined my part? you’re not suppose to do that!” then he get o bit upset haha XP and the Mc’s going “are you guys fight?” XDD
    and they pretend that the ppang is really hot, Key almost drop his XP
    the poem thing was creative though,, Onew’s “it’s BREAD” and Taemin’s “a tiger~” yes of course Key’s the best he even applauded himself haha.

  7. paperteuk
    ME TOO :D

    I know ;_____; And lol Key always applauds himself XD! He’s Almighty, that’s why :P’s.left
    LOLL Are you a massive BB fan? XD

    Yeah! It’s not often you hear them getting sentimental towards each other. So sweet <33 ROFL So was your right eye twitching because of SHINee?
    And yes, blame everything on Onew Condition :P

    AHaha yeah! Then he chucks a fit like “I’m not doing it anymore *pouts*” SO CUTE ^____^. Lol I know! Such bad acting xP

  8. ^Idk it was just happening at random that morning, then it started up again after the message like my nervous system can’t handle the cute XD

  9. ^Or maybe SHINee distracts you so much that you continued living through the pain without really experiencing it … the power of underaged sexy boys ;)

  10. i wonder the same thing like you

    Seriously, why can’t real life boys be like this?

  11. ^Because real life boys aren’t SHINee ;___;

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