Posted by: beckery | November 4, 2008

Dongwan’s Promise Album + MV

The album/single were released online today. I’ve spent the whole morning doing nothing but sitting here listening to the songs and bawling my eyes out. I should feel satisfied that he released something before he left, but I’m not. I should be happy cuz the two songs are beautiful, but I’m not. I want more and more and more :'(

2 years, 730 days, 17520 hours, 1051200 minutes…..I’ll wait…..

Ok songs:

Intro – I love this guy’s voice so hard. Whether its talking or singing..Such a poetic and beautiful goodbye message ♥

(Sounds of airplanes)
Female voice: 1st message
DW: It’s me. I’m about to leave right now.
Now if you call me I won’t be able to pick up.
When the first snow comes, just in case you send me a text because I’m not there, don’t wait for a reply.
On Christmas day, if you’re lonely, don’t drink and cry.
On the first day of 2009, the first day of 2010, I’m sorry I can’t be with you.
Go on like it’s nothing.
Just think that I’m gone, like it’s nothing.
You had asked me, “Are you okay?”
Yup, I’m okay.
With the exception of how much I miss you right now.

Credits to G (alwaysforever) at shinhwabiz

Promise (ft Younha) I DEMAND YOU TO LISTEN TO IT NOW! Such a sad, heartbreaking ballad. I really want the lyrics, it sounds really sad..The song grows on you so much. At first, I really liked the song but after listening to it the whole morning, I’m so in love with it. The melody, the instrumental and the beat is so simple that it makes you focus on the singer’s voice and Wannie and Younha did not fail to impress..A bit more harmonisation between the two wouldnt’ hurt, but never-the-less, they must must must MUST do a live performance of this! I checked out DW’s schedule and he does have a few music program performances so fingers cross. A MV too, please? I’m so greedy XD
LOL DW listened to me and released an MV haha XDD *HERE* It just includes scenes of him and Younha in the studio recording the song and scenes from his other MVs like Handkerchief etc. Alls is good, as long as I get to see him more ♥_♥.

Can’t Forget I think the reason why I’m so depressed is cuz both of the songs on the single are sad ballads! Good one bb, lets just make all your fans bawl their eyes out :'( His voice is so much love ♥. Once again, the instrumental and melody is kept very simple..His voice sounds so beautiful and emotional *drowns*. I’m thinking that he’s probably going to play the piano while singing this song for one of his performances…Well I hope so anyways.


    okay, i’ve got promise on repeat now.
    as usual, i love his ballads. his voice is so gorgeous *_____*
    14 more days ;_______;

  2. The intro made me reallyyyy sad, especially with the translation T__T.

    dsldfjhgk I LOVE HIS VOICE *____*. Both of the songs are really good ballads.

  3. roz
    Its he’s enlisting today, lets cry together. And yes, I love his ballads. Actually I love everything he does haha

    The intro was really bittersweet and poetic and gahh…Yea both ballads were so beautiful

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