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We Got Married Ep31

Thanks to muish and MarriedSubs for subbing & uploading! I’ve only recapped 3 parts this time cause I started exercising half way through (inspired by Marco LOL) and I have extremely bad short term memory which is why I fail at watching and then writing ^^”.

Part 1

Hwangbo & Hyunjoong go to an amusement park wearing very interesting wigs (or in HB’s case – headgear XD). Many fans begin to surround them but HJ is in denial, saying “Then don’t know I’m Kim Hyunjoong yet” XD. HJ says he likes to go on the scariest rides first and suggest they have a go and see who can remain expression-less. They go to see “golden monkeys” (em are they orang-utans? or however you spell it lol) and HJ is so cute lmao. After looking at more animals they go on the rollercoaster. They decide to do their bet and HB comments that HJ has an advantage since he lives his life with no expression LOL SO TRUE. The loser has to go to a crowd, strike an embarrassing pose and take pictures. The safety control person tells them it’s the height of a 20 storey building and will go down at 77 degrees O.o My heart is racing just thinking about it. HJ is sweet, checking HB’s safety bar is locked; if only they held hands too :). Just when it starts getting scary…they cut to Marco and Son Dambi.

Dambi suggest they re-write their declarations since they know each other a bit better now.

Part 2

Despite Marco being leniant towards his wife, he enjoys clubbing too much and won’t let Dambi do the same >:(. WHAT IS THIS? He’s like a child. He doesn’t want her nagging and just touches her when he doesn’t want to hear it XD. I can’t stand people like that!!! And then he goes and asks for 5 hugs a day XD. So basically he demands this and that but will only give a little :/. Marco eats a banana and tells Dambi you get a lot of energy from it LOLL WHAT SORT OF ENERGY??? XDD. So he suggests they go exercise and even though Dambi looks like she’s about to drop dead, she agrees to go.

Shinae is at a charity autography session and Alex goes and visits. He called up Shinae first and she tells him she’s really busy so he sneaks in and after seeing all the men in line, gets jealous. Alex lines up from the very end (such a gentleman!) and when he finally reaches her everyone AWWWWs ^^. Alex takes Shinae away on a “Don’t ask tour” and switches off her phone.

Then back to the Lettuce Couple on the rollercoaster AND OMG THEY’RE SO FREAKING HILARIOUS AHAHAHA.

Part 3

HJ starts to gain some control of his facial expressions AND IT ONLY GETS FUNNIER. Even if you don’t watch the whole ep, watch the start of this clip XDDD. I don’t understand how they both manage to look so good during the ride and at the end. AND THEN a dragonfly appears and HJ is all scared again LOL. So he could withstand a rollecoaster like the one he just rode on but he’s still scared of a dragonfly XDDD. They go to look at the photo taken on the ride and it just so happened at that moment, HB had a straight face and HJ was smiling. Since HJ lost, he has to do a body roll by a tree with a sleazy expression XD. After doing it, HJ immediately runs off.

Marco takes Dambi kick boxing but it’s a lot fiercer than last time. I feel really sorry for Dambi because she looks really worried and the exercising looks torturous O.o

Alex and Shinae are on their little road trip and sing and dance in the car; very cute :).

K, I’ll stop here now lol. But here are the rest of the links!

Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10


::EDIT:: Thought I’d add in some highlights from the later parts. HB and HJ piggy back each other ^^ and she tells him to bring the other members to their house later so she can cook for them.

Marco and Dambi have a little fight in public. I’m totally on Dambi’s side because what Marco is doing is really pissing me (and her and basically everyone else) off.

Crown J and SIY move into a bigger house but the condition (unbeknownst to SIY) is that Hyungdon (he was one of the earlier couples, in case you guys didn’t watch from the start like me ^^. My friend told me all about him and he was the worse husband ever.) moves in too. And I’m sorry but his habits are really dirty and gross XD. He came out of the toilet without washing his hands or doing up his belt and he put a can of drink back into the fridge after taking a sip. I feel so so sorry for SIY :(.

Hwayobi decorates Hwanhee’s place with their one and only couple picture XD. Then they go out to buy a new sofa :).

Oh and I have a question. If Hwayobi’s full name is “Park Hwayobi” then why do people call her “Yobi” ? I’m confused cause at first I assumed “Hwa” was her last name XD so calling “Yobi” would be okay but I was looking up photos of her (she used to be so skinny O____O) and I read her last name is Park…I thought it worked the same way as Chinese names and there are occassionaly last names with two characters but Park isn’t one of them … hope this made sense xP


  1. This episode was hilarious, but I’m looking forward to watching subbed of the next episode, because the SS501 maknae have blind dates. And yes, Hwayobi’s full name is Park Hwayobi, but she changed her official stage name to just Hwayobi (’cause Koreans find it weird to have 4 character names, like DBSK), and Yobi is just a shortened nickname ^-^

  2. I still can’t believe Crown J agreed to letting HyunDon move in with them….

    I’m pretty sure SIY would rather live in a cardboard box than share a house with Hyungdon. & really, what the hell was Crown J thinking?! They’re going to argue like crazy now and Hyungdon tries really hard to get them to fight. Sigh. Lets see how long this lasts before SIY kills someone. lol

  3. Devi
    I didn’t enjoy this episode as much though :S I think I got frustrated too much XDD. But yeah! I’m excited for next week’s ep with the blind date :D And poor Dambi cried :( Ooh thanks for letting me know!

    I KNOW! I feel so so sorry for SIY. As an old couple, they should be able to live their life leisurely in a big house … this method of trying to increase ratings isn’t working very well … lol I think I’ll kill myself before SIY kills someone XDD

  4. WGM, I haven’t been up to date since episode 25 (From ep 1to ep 20 I was super obsessed with the show). When HyungDon was part of a couple he was the worst husband but he was really entertaining with Saori and she was hella’ annoying too.

    In the holidays I’m going to have to catch up big time but reading this – ALSHIN! WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SO ROMANTIC!? Oh, I hate that AlShin are leaving and that Lettuce couple will have to leave soon for HJ doing HYD. I hope the ant couple never leave though, when they do I’ll seriously stop watching since along with the other two old couples they’re my tied favourite.

  5. ^I don’t really have a favourite old couple but if not one is left, I don’t think I’ll watch it either. As much as I find Hwayobi adorable, Hwanhee attractive, Marco weird and Dambi gorgeous, I can’t watch them for like 2 hrs a week. IDK the chemistry just isn’t the same and it doesn’t seem as real …

    I saw the preview for AlShin and omg they are so romantic *_____*

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