Posted by: lovediaries | November 5, 2008

081103 SJ-M @ 2008 Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards

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I immediately went on soompi to look for pictures because HELLO, THEY’RE IN SUITS; but they’re having their daily maintenance atm ;________;

Zhou Mi looks like a son of a wealthy business man, Kyuhyun looks soooo good my hands are shaking, Donghae is sexy as always (open collar *______*), Henry is freaking cute I want to buy him, Siwon looked really hot of course and Ryeowook looked adorable in his bowtie BUT I COULDN’T SEE HANGENG Hangeng didn’t attend :'(((((((

First thing tomorrow is to go on soompi to look for pics!!

p.s I know I’m biased but Donghae and Kyuhyun both looked really really good, I’m kinda dying a little.

Few more pictures under the cut!

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  1. I saw some photos at Soompi before. ZLY was there as well, looking so so cute haha. And didnt Henry wear a bowtie as well? But zomg, they were looking smokin <3

  2. ^Yes he did :) I’ll upload them tmr when more are up … I want like solo shots xPP or you could always do the honour

  3. ^ Your suppose to NOT BE ENCOURAGING ME TO POST!!!! aka I’m just being lazy heeeeeeeee XD

  4. BREATHE! BREATHE! OMFGSH, they look like sexy hotness! djhfjadshfadr ewjrfsdshfjasd.fdsjdsfdskfsfs! Donghae looks so handsome and hot and sexy and amazing….. there’s not enoguh adjectives to explain how HOT he is! HenMochi…. OMFGSH, he looks so good! Everyone just looks so…. OMFGSH – ish! Haha, I swear that if KiBum was there, I would faint! xDD

  5. bec
    You posted that BB MV ….’s.left
    Have I ever told you I find your username really bittersweet? (I love it though ^^). I love drooling over them because I don’t do it with a guilty conscience !!!!

  6. waaaahh~~ so cute~~
    And ryeowookie looks so stiff. XD Oh well. and at the end and the shortest.. >.< not a good combination..
    But they’re all SO HOT in this!
    (c) wonder girls XD
    Henry!!!!! Ahhh! He looks like a waiter! maybe KyuHyun called him! :))
    Kidding. He’s gorgeous!!! but Iiked his bangs.. TT.TT
    oh well. his forehead’s hot too. XD
    note: Kyuhyun’s suit looks a bit like a trenchcoat. lol
    but still cute. <3

  7. ^Yay, you’re here <#3333
    Haha but I think Ryeowook always looks stiff xD It might be the hunchback hehehe :P

    And LOL @ your comment about Kyu calling Henry XDDD. I actually thought Zhou Mi’s coat looked like a trenchcoat ^^”

  8. ^ wow.. I just noticed that now. :))
    I thought KyuHyun’s was the longest…
    apparently I was blinded by the Lau in the butterfly bow tie.. XD
    *insert ondubu here*

  9. ^LOL Your comments make me laugh so hard XDDD. Henry’s tie is actually really pretty! It’s like silver and black :)

  10. I know, somehow I sound so emo in my screennames! xDD

    OMFGSH, HenMochi’s STILL making me die! Haha, he’s just looking in the other direction, not paying attention! T.O love!

  11. ^Lol you’re a funny one :PP

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