Posted by: beckery | November 5, 2008

Big Bang – Sunset Glow/The Red Sunset MV

Credits to the7REAL @ youtube

I just watched it but no time to write (exam tmr eeeeekkk :S). So I’ll let the other authors (aka the only one that doesnt have exams haha) edit this.

But zomg, no wonder I felt the song sounded familiar. Shinhwa (actually, it was only Dongwan, Junjin and Andy) did a cover of this for one of their Winter Story albums. Its such a happy chappy song XDDD

::EDIT:: Subbed version HERE thanks to wondersmurf

candychu: AWWWW THIS WAS SO CUTE. I don’t really have a favourite in Big Bang (I can’t really choose between Daesung or Seungri … though it’s probably Daesung) but they all look really really cute here~. I loved the start where Daesung comes in all ^_______^ and pushes TOP to the end mic. Daesung smiles so much throughout, it makes me happy just seeing him lol. They then run around, gathering people to go west. Seungri with that little girl was super cute ^^.

Not as “dark” (both meanings lol) as their other MVs, but enjoyable to watch all the same! It’s refreshing to see them in bright-ish colours for a change ;). I like the happiness in this MV that doesn’t reach the extent of craziness in “Oh My Friend”.


  1. yess Shinhwa had sung this song before, I wonder if Bigbang version is different from the original? cause I watched this in uni’s lab with no sound at all.. *no jack and speaker* T-T

    well the mv is great they look so happy and enjoying this.. and those girls are so lucky!!!! they got to get in the same bus as them, even go to the beach with Bigbang!!! agghh.. I want too~ T_T

    and as usual, they put behind the scene at the end of the mv, showing them in seafood market(?) haha they are soo cute!!! XDDD

  2. this is the cuteset MV ever. <33
    i’m so freaking giddy after watching this.

    DAE’s is just sooo adorable here. esp. the opening with TOP (OMG!) and the bloopers/ending. his facial expressions are priceless.
    and bigbang boys + seafoods!! *DIES from cuteness*

    this one’s cute but has a strong message, Kudos to the boys!
    they always manage to release a great song. and no matter what genre, they do it amazingly.

    just listened to the album, and must i say. EPIC. <333
    highly recommended esp to BB fans. (like me? lol)

    (bigbang should win something big this year in MKMF or Golden disk. they greatly deserve a recognition. BB is on fire this year!)
    *goes crazy* gaah~~~~

  3. I somehow never expect cutesy things from BB but they always do it so well! Dirty Cash is my fav. MV from them(possibly replaced by this one.) Why do they make such good songs? They’re going to bankrupt me ;_;

    TOP and Daesung are especially adorable here idek.^^

  4. ahhh i looove this! Dae Sungie is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE.
    I died yesterday with cuteness overloadxD

    KWON JI YONG’S BACK T___T I’m so happy for some reason. I like my fly Korean boy being a teddy bear<3

  5. Aww, I love how they can be so cute while spreading an important message. ^^

  6. awww. this mv is so cute. they looked like they had so much fun in the ending too.

  7. Awwe, it’s so cute! Saranghaeyo Big *BANG*!

  8. kandie
    I actually liked BB’s version more, which is huge WOW cuz I love Shinhwa so much.But BB really put their own spark into the song. Very BB like haha.

    The MV was made of all sorts of cuteness gah. I really liked this. Not their usual dark themed MV. Very happy chappy XD

    Agreed! The MV as soo cute and I was soo hyped up after watching it haha. I just finished listening to their album the other day. Didnt have time to for the past few weeks cuz of exams and I really like it. Despte what people say about having all those remixes, I found the new songs very good. All very impressive <3

    Haha, I know what you mean. All their MVs have been pretty dark themed, but this is very refreshing. I highly enjoyed it XD I thought Daesung was sooooo cute XD

    I KNOW!! Daesung was absolutely adorable!!! \

    Alex Ryom
    Yea, they’re awesome <333

    Agreed they were having heaps of fun XD’s.left
    Hahah XDDD

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