Posted by: lovediaries | November 5, 2008

Preorder Big Bang Vol. 2 “Remember”


This is the cover I found which is different to the one on the YA :/. Some people are starting to dislike how BB’s album covers are getting unoriginal but I actually don’t mind if they keep having those designs. If you want pictures of BB, there’s always the photobooklet lol. Having said that though, adding a bit of colour is a good change :) Interesting how they’re in black and white and splattered in paint. Actually this concept reminds me of Joey Yung’s newest album “Motion”. Have you guys seen it? She gets really messy in paint in that album XDD.

Image Hosted by

TOP looks REALLY cute even though I think he’s going for the badass look xDD. I’m glad GD is wearing normal clothes here lol. Though Taeyang with the bubblegum looks a bit weird … maybe cause he doesn’t look happy blowing? Blowing the bubble, is what I meant XDDD.


  1. waahhh.. cant wait to hear the full album!! XDD
    I think the cover is goodd.. more colorful than before *reminiscing past album concepts* I prefer to be this way, colorful and happy… although the badass concept kinda hot and cool too XP

  2. ^I’m listening to the album right now … haven’t listened to it properly though but if I can be bothered I’ll write up a review :)

  3. lol if their album is good in quality, thats more important than how the cover looks.

    I’m def. buying it when it comes out =] lol and maybe like a week or two after, get SS501’s 2009 calender<3

  4. Seungri’s solo song is sexy.

    ‘Nough said. xD

  5. lr
    Agree! Have you heard it yet? I really need to give it a thorough listen ;____;

    Alex Ryom
    YES! I think I’ve listened to his song the most; it is extremely sexy ;PP

  6. I thought taeyang was TOP for a while and I was like.. O.o
    Then I realized that TOP was behind him and… Why is GD back there?
    Isn’t he the leader?

    Anyways.. I’ll wait til it comes out~~ or at least a MV. <3
    I hope it’s as parody-able as cracktastic Haru Haru. :p

  7. ^Lol well leaders don’t necessarily have to be up the front/in the middle. Yunho and Onew and Leeteuk are always off to the side lol.

    An MV has already come out! I’ve also written a review on the album here :)

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