Posted by: lovediaries | November 6, 2008

FT Island Arirang Monologues

Remember all the SuJu ones? Well I just found the FT Island ones so I thought I’d post & share :)

Wonbin | Hongki | JonghunJaejin | Minhwan

I’ll leave the links for now and come edit this post tmr~


  1. I didn’t really know where to put this…
    But, even if not that many people like FTI here. *apparently. lol*

  2. yeah sad isn’t it, but I hope to see more Wonbin in the future, and the new member of f.t get love from prima

  3. Kara
    DDD: That’s not true!!!! It’s true we don’t post a lot on FTI but there are a lot of groups we like and don’t manage to post a lot for either. But yeah it’s really sad that Wonbin has quit. At least the new guy looks promising?

    Yeah most people on LJ seemed supportive of the new member. We’ll be looking out for him too!

  4. I haven’t seen the new guy yet…. WONBIN. TT_TT

  5. The new guy is called Song Seung Hyun. He’s cute!

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