Posted by: lovediaries | November 6, 2008

Making of Amigo MV

{credit: shineesubs @ youtuobe}

Be back to edit!

Watching this, I realised that both Onew and Key are wearing half sleeved tops (I have no other way of describing it XD). Except because Onew has a dull green shirt on underneath, it doesn’t contrast as much with the grey. Also, Taemin’s grey top has slits on the front. Very sexy. Except he did look extremely nervous and pale :(. Poor Taemin didn’t think it came out as good as he had practiced and when he goes to ask Key, he just nods (I doubt he was even listening since he was too busy checking himself out XD).

I love when Onew and Key re-enact it except they switched roles half way lmao XD. Key strokes Onew’s chest (who smiles happily) but then chases after Onew … you can see Taemin in the back looking worried. Aw, he’s so hard working. It makes me feel even more pathetic because at a time where I should be determined to lose some excess weight (formal in like two weeks time omg), I’m still eating as if for two. I suck :/

Then they film their walking (or in Minho’s case – running) scenes. I find it weird how this “drastic” (from cuties to hotties) change occurred so early in their career. I mean, it hasn’t even been a year and they’ve already been through so many different concepts … not that that’s a problem but … okay, never mind; I don’t really have a point.

Then it’s their solo shoots in the dark with flashing lights. Onew compliments that Jonghyun (who was having sex with the camera) looked very good and I don’t know why but the way Key said “He’s different, as usual” reminded me so much of SIY O_O Like maybe because she’s always complaining about Crown J changing? IDEK XDD. Onew must’ve been very happy while filming since he was by Key’s side practically the whole time :P I guess Jonghyun should stop cheating on Key with the camera ;)


  1. Taemin looks tired when they were wiping his sweat. He looks kinda pale too. Minho as th main lead~ KEY! WHERE’s UUR MIC?! U wanna go see Kara? Is he a Kara fan or smth? Becos prev when watching their M!Countdown Rankings, they always made him do th ‘Rock U’ dance? I don’t know -.- Anyways, th MV is not that bad (: SHINee hwaiting!

  2. ^He did :( Made me sad. Ahaa even without his mic, Key still pretends he’s holding it ^^. I bet Key is a fan of every girlband of Korea … just because they provide him with cute dances to learn ;)

  3. “Since I am the main lead in this video I like it more.” LMAO Minho! Even the cameraman chuckles!!

    Taemin’s walk is FIERCE! It looked like he was going to attack the cameraman. But like.. it a sexy, I want to be attacked way!!! :DD

    Onew & Key + Camera = pure hilarious. They are so cute. “Woahh” “Wooooo” I wish they would get a radio. That would be sweetnesss.

    Also don’t even worry about weight!!! Booo!! I am a hippo and I still went to my formal. <3 Food is good, it is not our fault! Keybum (lol it is weird using that now) fighting!!!!!

  4. I love when Onew and Key mimic Minho’s pose thingie from the AK fashion show! They act semi-serious and then burst out laughing! I did wonder though how come Jonghyun’s face did not pop up anywhere near the camera in this video. He loves the camera….it was a bit odd, honestly. But IDK, they could have just cut his part out.

    I love how happy MinHo seemed filming his running scenes. “Is it tiring? No, it’s fun!” LOL. the title, ‘SHINee’s athlete’ is perfect for him.

    Ah, I noticed Key’s tone when he said “He’s different as usual” – he looked kind of annoyed, to be honest. IDK why – but I’d love to know. I’m starting to wonder if maybe the dynamic duo aren’t getting along so well these days. I certainly hope not – I already miss their camera-hogging ways. ;_;

  5. Squeeeeee~~ Taemin’s bowl cut, I miss it. . . XD He’s barely older than me but WHY?! He’s magnae.. MAGNAE. he shouldn’t be manly. Why? Because I said so. Who am I to say so? well, I’m Key umma’s favorite band (?) KARA. LOL.

    I’m glad he likes me. <3 hahaha.. (Kara’s my real name, not cause I used the band’s name so yeah)

    YAY! SO much OnKey! appa and umma <3 Minho running everywhere was like.. long legs + flaming charisma = flaming charismatic leg long running. XD And Jonghyun!!! That was some hot s** with the camera!! srsly… and the hood thing.. O.o

  6. ringy
    Lol you can still refer to me as candychu .. or you can call me key’s wife, I don’t mind ;)
    OnKey were actually on a radio show recently. I hope it gets subbed soon :)

    Yeah Minho must really love sport. Lol they do seem to hog the camera less but their latest MCountdown Ranking had them quarreling again so I’m sure nothing is wrong ^___^

    LOL I was about to say you must really be a diehard fan of Kara. But wow, awesome! You first name is the same as a band’s name! That’s like saying imagine if my name was Super Junior AHAHAHA.

  7. Yayy, Key’s going to see Kara! (Creator of the SHINee + Kara thread here!) Haha, Onew’s STILL such a dork! HAHA, Key and Onew recreating the Andre Kim fashion show! Taemin…. well, I actually love Tae Min now! He’s so hot now and that’s awesome. I’m younger than Tae Min so it’s really weird to be saying he’s cute because it isn’t to me!

  8. ^LOL I THINK I SAW THAT THREAD!!!!!!!! And ahaha you sound so shallow liking Taemin cause he’s hot now XD. But damn, you’re another one younger than him 7.7

  9. haha yeah Key sounded like SIY there, with that tone.. XDD

    Taemin is such a hardworking boy, gah.. wish I had that ability to be like him.. I used to be a deadliners.. ^^”

    and it seemed that OnKey takes the spotlight in this video.. with all of those talking and imitating thingy haha..

    and Minho, “no, its fun”.. wow, he really likes sport huh? if its Key, he must’ve been complaining about it.. XP

  10. ^That reminds me, I need to watch the latest ep of WGM to see how SIY is dealing with living with Hyungdon xD

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