Posted by: lovediaries | November 6, 2008

Preorder Mirotic Repackaged C Version


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::EDIT:: Album Cover (Weeeee hats galore. Yes this is beckery going crazy cuz she just kicked her exam’s butt XDDD Btw does anyone else find it quite hilarious how they did a 360 change from their other MIrotic cover? Sexy, skin flashing to conservative, wintery feel hahaha.  )

Tracklist is as follows:

CD 1
01 . Wrong Number
02 . 사랑아 울지마 (Do Not Cry My Lover)
03 . 주문(MIROTIC)
05 . HEY!(Don’t bring me down)
06 . 소원 (Wish)
07 . 넌 나의 노래
08 . 노을..바라보다
09 . 무지개
10 . 사랑 안녕 사랑 (Love Bye Love)
11 . 낙원
12 . 악녀
13 . Flower Lady
14 . Don’t Say Goodbye
15 . 잊혀진 계절
16 . Love in the ice

“Love Bye Love” was composed & written by Yoochun while “Do Not Cry My Lover” was composed & written by Jaejoong. Wow so basically now everyone has contributed by either composing or writing lyrics … everyone but Yunho …?
K, D should be coming soon…


  1. Hahas, yupp I agree with you, D should be coming :D

  2. ^Last time I was in HK, C and D came out … maybe this time I go back, D will be released :D



  5. OMG…I can’t wait, this is so awesome

  6. ^I know! Omg imagine if for D they released Dating on Earth afklaldskfalsdjf

  7. Ahh! I can’t afford anymore. They are totally just making me broke.

  8. oh you’ve got to be kidding me. i mean it’s not a shock bu-bu-but!!! aish…..*goes and cries* i’ve already maxed out the credit card!!!! yah!!! waaaaaahhhhhhh!!! ;(

  9. Yunho’s already written a song…just not on this album. XD

    And this is why I’m EXTREMELY happy I have a job. Yet, I find it ironic that my job makes DBSK’s lives better rather than mine. Just look at how selfless I am. XDD

  10. oOOooooOOOOO, i’m going to wait on buying the C album until they release the D album, then i can buy them together on and get free shipping since they jacked up the minimal limit on shipping.

    @ Ayu,

    HAHHAHAHHHHAHA. i’m in total agreement with you. fortunately, that i too do have a job to make income to purchase DBSK’s merchandise and selflessly support DBSK all the way.

  11. SM sure is good at cashing in on our boys.


    Effective, unfortunately.

    Well, I can pop that on my Christmas list now.


  12. Congrats beckery! Teach that exam a lesson! ;PP

    & um.. SOOOO MADDDDD!

    I am going to shot myself in the foot. What the flipper?!

    Sexy Cover + New Songs = I need two albums?!?!?!!?!??!?!

    LMAO The Canadian dollar is sooooo low. As soon as it is even with US, I am buying everything in the whole world. Everything, I swear.

    BTW I don’t understand Yoochun. I really don’t.

  13. dainty10
    TEEHEE, I have learnt my lesson from a lot of experience with buying SM Artists stuff so that’s why I never buy their CDs til at least a few mths later xP

    LOL AWWW! Well don’t buy it yet anyway because I’m sure another is on its way ;)

    Yah~ He wrote “Spokesman” feat. Donghae ;). And LOL you are selfless indeed! You work to keep others’ busy ^^

    Ah smart thinking! I still have SHINee’s CD to buy lol so I’ll probably still wait for D anyway :)

    These are awesome for Christmas/Bday presents ^^

    Too bad I couldn’t say the same about my exams ;___;
    The AUD is even lower atm, isn’t it? :((( (And I never understand Yoochun either ^^”)

  14. Ahhhh they are making me poor =_=

    I don’t think I will be buying this; maybe a ver. D if there is something AMAZINGLY new =P

  15. ^Lol they’re making a lot of people poor ^^

  16. Haha, Yoo Chun’s turtleneck makes him look so hilarious! xDDD

  17. ^OMG LMAO I didn’t even notice XDDD

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