Posted by: lovediaries | November 6, 2008

SHINee CLR!DE.n Winter Shoot

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Watch the shoot HERE. Minho is secretly Harry Potter; or at least, Asian Harry Potter :P But at least he can pose. He really does know how to use his limbs and facial expressions to make fangirls GAHH over him.

Hate the black thing around Key’s neck (hope it’s not real fur) when he’s looking through the clothes. The shoot itself is nice though. I like that they actually have a set as opposed to just shooting against a white wall ^^”.


  1. I know! I was like “wow, they have a set – furniture and props and all that cool stuff. I’m impressed.” I laughed so hard at Minho’s glasses – they were shaped really oddly, HP-esque for reals. I wonder at that fur thing on Key’s neck – why is it there? It doesn’t fit in with the rest of the clothes at all. Is it supposed to be like a scarf?

    By the by, I really missed your SHINee updates. I’m only now realizing how much. Still glad you’re back. ^^

  2. Oh, hey – did you know that they’re selling Key’s lock and key earrings on Yesasia now? I know Keybum’s your favourite and everything and I remember you posting about them offering JH’s hammer ones so I thought you’d want to know. Link:

  3. ^Awwww thank you; you’re so sweet <33
    And thank you so much for the link!! How did you find it? Cause they didn’t put it under the SHINee category. I really want those earrings! I love odd earrings and a key and a lock are super cute :DD

  4. You’re welcome!
    Ha, I can’t take credit for finding it. Someone posted it on the LJ SHINee comm a few weeks ago. I really like them too – I’m thinking about asking for them for Christmas. And they’ll be even more special because I’ll match Key! ^^ Oh, they’re also selling a different kind of hammer earrings that I can’t quite recall having seen Jonghyun wear. I like this new set better though.

  5. ^Yeah I saw those other Jonghyun ones too. Really? I’ve seen them on Jonghyun before, I’m sure. They’re really cool :) But I don’t know if they’re odd or if they’re actually like the front and back of ONE earring. I really want those and Key’s. Hehe I already match with Key since I have his pill earrings ^^

  6. secret asian harry potter! yeah! XD
    And taemin looks like dan in the first movie, with that scarf. ^^
    Lock and key earrings? Cool. I have a pair of dangling ones. :p
    And I saw this Key necklace in a store and I was like “KEEEEYYYY!!!”
    Poor SHINee, doing hot shoots in NOT winter. >.>

  7. ^LOL!!! I know what you’re talking about! I have two pairs of key & lock earrings and another pair of key earrings but none of them are as cool as Key’s earrings :/
    I still want a Key necklace like the one he gave that noona though …

  8. “asian harry potter” haha XDD yes he really fits that role, especially after the MCountdown HP ver..

    they looked so handsome *as usual* it seemed so hot but they managed to do it well..

  9. ^Haha yeah I had the HP Parody in mind :P

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