Posted by: lovediaries | November 7, 2008

…where candychu likes to trick people ;)

This isn’t a game post like our other ‘Name the Song’ posts; a proper post is on its way but I wanted to see how many of you would be able to guess this song correctly.

I won’t add a poll but comment if you think you know the answer ;)

Hint: It’s not who you think it is.

::EDIT:: Answer revealed in this post.


  1. “Error opening file”

  2. ^It’s fixed :D


  4. i know who you want me to think it is.
    but i know it’s not.
    i just don’t know who it really is.


  5. DAMMIT.
    I can only think of what everyone else thinks it is…
    But it’s not?
    Or is that what you WANT US TO THINK???
    I’m just going to say the obvious thing that pops in everyone’s head: SHINee
    Because I’m stumped otherwise. XD
    And I like listening to this over and over again. XD

  6. pas
    Go fry your brain some more by studying :D

    Aha, very clever ;)

    Lol reverse psychology XD You’ve gotten me confused xPP

  7. hmm. SHINee :/ Maybe a remake of their song? x) Haha.

  8. agrees with chrestos;. but it’s different enuf that it doesn’t have to be. maybe an OST?

    reverse psych. @__@

  9. OOH~~ Can I guess again? B2K!
    I’m being random cause I’m high on an apple and lots of sugar. ^^

  10. chrestos
    Lol how come no one says the name of SHINee’s song? :PP

    Ahaha I’m just confusing everyone, aren’t I? *cackles*

    Um…no? :PP

  11. Best Place? XD
    Cause… it is?
    And now I feel like spamming.
    Because I can. :p

  12. ^TEEHEE. I really like replaying that, don’t you?

  13. Yesh~~~ can you post the whole thing after this is done? if it’s the instrumental then me wanty listen and maybe sing with to destroy SHINee. LOL. *kidding~~*

    Fiiiine~~ I’ll never get it. T.T Because if it’s not who we think it is, then who is it if we don’t think? gah! How can we answer when we don’t think??? N00o0o0o… someone figure this out.. NOW. Or I’m going to keep spamming this and wasting internet space.

  14. HAHA idk x) what song is this?! I’m going to find it. Somehow, LOL :x

  15. i have a feeling i know where you got that clip from too.
    it’s the original of Best Place, only the instrumental.
    you got it from… SHINee forums?

    if i’m correct, CALL ME SMART.

  16. Kara
    I promise it’s not just instrumentals; this is the start of the song :)

    LOL So basically thinking or not thinking still won’t give you the correct answer?

    I’m sure someone will find it … just waiting to see who :PP

    It’s okay if you’re not smart (in this sense). It’s a full song and I’ve cut the intro … and nope, not from SHINee forums. That should narrow it down /sarcasm.

  17. rawrr.

    -gives up and sticks head in the sand-

  18. ^ROFLL XDDDD. Dw, I’ll do the post tmr…night (since I’m going out in the day and not because I find it pleasurable to torture people) :D.

  19. candice you’re evil. give us a clueeeeeee :D

  20. ^I already did! They’re not who you think! But then again, who you’re actually thinking of mightn’t be who I assume you’re thinking of.

    Another clue is that they’re korean :). And they’re boys who sing this song. K, no more. I think it’s obvious by now *giggles*

  21. Yeah its Best Place by SHINee~
    I like it ^^

  22. lol wait there was an instrumental for this song?? =.=

  23. ??not who we think it is…i’m stumped… haha.

  24. tru32urluv
    TEEHEE, that might be what I wanted you to think :PP

    This is an actual song song with words :)

    Hehe, dw, it’ll all be revealed soon ^^

  25. The first thing that came to my mind was SHINee – Best Place. But then, you said it is not who we think it’ll be. Like suhyun, I thought it was the original too. I remembered listening to the song from onewhome’s fantabulously done e-magazine. Is it DJ Okawari – One for You? *shrugs* I’m beat. XD

  26. ^Woah, I just youtubed DJ Okawari (that one is just the instrumental, right?) and it’s like the exact same thing O.o Now I’m curious as to who was the original composer … but I promise someone actually sings the version I cut up there :)

  27. fajark.
    I’m only saying that to advertise. LOL
    If I’m right… YAY.
    But I know I’m not…
    2PM, 2AM, SMASH, Super Junior, DBSK, SJM, SJH, SJT, KiBum, Lee Soo Man, Park Jin young, SNSD *because they’re boys. LOL*, Big Bang, I DON’T KNOW. XD

  28. ^ROFLL You’re not one to give up, are you? Hahaha. But nope, it’s none of them :PP

    K, I’m off to sleep now~ Happy guessing people ;)

  29. SHINee Best Place! =)

  30. none of them?! okay that makes it easier. Lol, is it…… SS501? Shinhwa? Uh. UKISS. Lol ._.

  31. YES! U-KISS! Maybe if we keep answering U-Kiss it’ll actually be the right answer! yay~~~~ XD

    who knows? :p

  32. Shinee, Best Place
    if ii am right,,
    did ii get any prize XD

  33. Best place mixed with another song?

  34. Shinwa? UKiss? Epik High? Ast’1? hmm, what if it’s a mixture of boys in groups?

  35. I know most people will say Best Place by SHINee
    But it was actually sampled from another song.
    “Hope” is what the original song was called but I forgot who the artist was T_T

  36. Urghhhh, so familiar. I am sooo going to smack you for making me spend like an hour searching for this song! LMAO I cannot wait to find out the answer! This reminds me for that stupid tune that DBSK were singing AND I STILL DO NOT KNOW WHAT THAT IS!! T-T If I ever see them I am not even going to say “Hi” I am just going to hum that stupid tune and demand an answer! :PPPP

    BTW, yihui! Wow DJ Okawari is really awesome!

  37. Whatever song Best Place sampled from, haha. Poor SHINee, they never get anything original…

  38. Hmmm… it can’t be Best Place ’cause this clip’s too long for the intro … I think. O__o’

  39. It’s the instrumental track of Best Place meaning the song they sampled it from. I don’t know the name of the actual song.

  40. ok got it. almost 100% sure.
    I.O. (아이오) – Bit

    i downloaded their mini album a while ago and thought it sampled off of Best Place.

  41. lol I could only think of that one song on SHINee’s album. I love singing the “Nomaneeee saranghaeeee” jonghyun partxD

  42. I think it’s SHINee’s Best Place too, just that it’s mixed?


    TT-TT But all I got is “sampling from “hope [a track from sample CD, ‘construction urban flava’]”…

    Am I right? ^^

    savageshrink has the correct answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. yey……..i know!!!! It’s SHINee ‘Best Place’..^^ haha..
    i’m correct, rite??
    haha…nway, where do u get the instrumental version of the song?
    it’s so nice…mind to tell me?

  46. ^Lol no it’s not the instrumental version for Best Place ^^”
    I just did a post on what this song is here.

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