Posted by: lovediaries | November 8, 2008

081106 SHINee Mcountdown – Amigo & Beethoven Virus Parody

{credit: jaeurazn1 @ youtube}

They start the performance at the top of the stairs and by the second verse, they start making their way down but because they have “SHINee” running through the stairs it looks like they’re walking down flat ground – it’s super cool!!!! I LOLed when they sung “AMIGO” and the words AMIGO actually appeared in the middle of the screen with a different font each time XDD. Funny editing.

I love the arm wave they do during “I’m waiting forever~”. And I still go crazy over Key and Minho’s rap; the way Key stomps off when he’s done is so sexy *______*

Then they do a “Beethoven Virus” Parody!!! SUBBED HERE. I still haven’t watched any of it lol but remember Taeyeon’s song “Can You Hear Me” is from the BV OST ^^. I have no idea what’s going on (and I’m waiting oh so patiently for shineesubs to sub it) but it’s funny because they edit in the SHINee scenes with the real scenes ahahahaha. Taemin on the violin (LOL!??), Key as a conductor and Minho just constantly smirking … what is happening ??? Then Jonghyun starts playing the keyboard and Key rushes over and they argue and he faints.

p.s why is SHINee’s Amigo only ranked 20?


  1. I love this song <33333333
    Look at Onew’s smile at 1:10!! :)
    I laughed at all the “Amigos” that appeared. I imagined editors at a computer and thinking, “Hmmm, maybe we should show random flashes of Amigo while we’re at this” and having a lot of fun choosing fonts :D.

  2. ROFL, they had a bad pattern of fonts. xDD

    Haha, and at 5:11, look at Onew with his trumpet… Made me laugh =]
    And I find it funny that Minho plays the flute… Flaming Charisma has a girly instrument O_o’
    Jonghyun+piano=♥ =D

  3. Th Amigo FONTS make th song have an 80’s feeling. I cracked up there too (: Th Beethoven Parody, have to wait till it’s subs to understand. HOW CAN AMIGO BE RANKED 20 ?!

  4. Noooo~~~ I don’t understand any of the Beethoven Virus Parody! I feel so sad. >.< I only understood “Ige Mwoyeyo?” (I forget how to spell that. XD) which is like, what’s that? And Jonghyun’s piano playing acting skills.. FAIL. :)) But we still love you Bling Bling. <3 And Minho looks like HeeChullie constantly smirking like that. :p

    And the fonts!! Oh why~~ They could’ve at least used cooler fonts… :( But oh well. . . random flashing words are a must in good videos. (Yes I am just making that up)

  5. abc123zyx
    I love this song too so I hope the rank improves. They probably ran out since they reused the fonts ^^””

    Alex Ryom
    Ahaha they did XD. Was it a trumpet? I thought it was a trombone … I don’t know my instruments XDD.

    I don’t understand either :/

    Lol I didn’t even bother listening; I just stared at their faces ^^
    And ahah agree, the fonts were kinda ugly xPP

  6. lol i didn’t get the parody much. It was funny that key was trying to be all hardcore and Tae Min also was and he started being all smily and cute after being called ajjumaxD

    I think its the repackaged version so thats why people are not as interested as before maybe?
    Like…I bought the album already so I’m like “I don’t want to get another one…” lol.

  7. ^I thought I heard a few names of songs but then I’m not too sure if htey just sounded like songs or if they were just saying random things XDD. A pile of poop was the best lmao XDD

  8. d*amnit. I’ve got to stop halfway cause the internet is suddenly off here.. *lab sucks* well then the perf. is okay asausual, but yeah, what’s with all the random AMIGO fonts-flash on the screen?? ==”

  9. ^DD: I would hate that! Watch the full thing when you get home :) But yes the fonts were lame XDD

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