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081108 Music Core – Big Bang, SHINee, Wondergirls

Daesung and Seungri were the MCs for this ep ^^

SHINee Amigo – New outfits ^^ TEEHEE. They look like they’re athletes from different countries or something – Minho from UK, Taemin from Japan (or Switzerland), Onew from Ireland, Jonghyun from Greece or maybe Israel and Key from Candychu-land :PPP. No ugly flashing “AMIGO” in big fonts this time.

I love how every time Key comes up to rap he opens his eyes to THIS BIG > > O.O Has anyone else every noticed that? His expressions during his rap are the best :D. And Jonghyun’s adlib near the end was pwoarsome *____*. And my favourite part of the song after the rap is actually from 2.49 onwards when they’re singing really quickly, yes? I love that step they do too.

Wondergirls Nobody – I don’t follow the Wondergirls’ performances of “Nobody” because honestly, I have not yet seen a good one. And I rather like the song so I don’t want my opinion to change just because I can’t stand their lives ^^”. It’s just, I find that they get very stiff as if they’re trying to sing but not wanting to forget their moves, it all turns out awkward and unnatural.

But I see they have improved! Lol and this is why it’s okay to not follow every. single. performance. There is always something wrong with Sohee’s mic though. Or maybe it’s just her singing. It goes soft then loud then you can’t hear a thing =.=””. The choreography is still addictive and I like to dance along while watching hehe :P.

Big Bang Comeback Stage Intro – They’re each standing in their own compartment and Taeyang starts off singing & dancing. When the spotlight hit Seungri, I thought he was going to start pole dancing or something. IDEK why I thought that XDD. When it was Daesung’s turn, he just scrunched up his face and sang ahahahaha. He’s so cute ^^. Then TOP was down on one knee and GD was pounding himself. They’re all in suits, btw and start dancing together. Very sexy ;)

Big Bang Remember – It starts off with Taeyang dancing and then Seungri and Daesung join him. Daesung is in the center a lot :) and the two rappers remain in their compartments. They didn’t perform the whole song though.

Big Bang Sunset Glow – They have their Magic School Bus again :P. Is it just me or does TOP look like a bellboy here? xP. And are those eyeballs hanging off GD’s neck??? Their choreography seriously makes me LOL. Especially when Daesung is singing at 1.51 and the others slowly crouch down around him, get up and then do a spin XD Can you imagine them during rehearsals? I would not be able to take it seriously. But the best bit is at 2.06 AHAHAHAHAHAHA. WHY SO MUCH CRACK??? Daesung at 3.10 is positively squishable ^____^.


  1. “Key from Candychu-land” – LOL, WHAT! gillian-land you mean x) Hahahaha.

    Bigbang’s comeback = awesome :D But why so many comebacks in one year -.- No money no money no money no money :( LOL at the Magic School Bus!

  2. ^Candychu-land cause he was in purple…DUH. Unless your favourite colour is purple? If not, get out of my country ;)

    XD I’m serious! It’s the magic school bus.

    p.s did you check out my I.O post :PP

  3. MAGIC cause it fit through whatever door they stuffed it through. XD
    I LOVE the SHINee Amigo and Big Bang comeback. ^^
    Daesung~~ So funny. XD His expressions are always LOL.
    And if you look carefully, while DS, SR, and TY are singing, TOP and GD are bored up in their jail cells. :p

  4. ahhh I adored big bang’s sunset glow’s perf! I end up lipsynching to it and wanting to dance around cause it makes me sooo happy =]
    My CD order got shipped already so I’m waiting for some Big Banging on my stereo at home lmao.

    lol I adore the wondergirls but nobody tries to show off their vocal skills so probably thats why its awkward. Like so hot and tell me, it was their intention to not…sound good. Well Sohee did improve recently…hope she continues to lol.

    I like their newer perfs better too. I don’t follow every single perf cause…theres TOO many along with DBSK lol. I watch some DBSK and WG and thats about it.

  5. Big Bang’s comeback was HOTTT!!! I really like how their performances are so full of energy, both in the their singing/dancing and fans. I LOLed when I saw that big yellow school bus hahaha.

  6. Ah, you just saved me a lot of trouble – now I don’t have to go looking for the videos of BB’s comeback. It was good – I really liked the intro and considering that I don’t like that actual song, that’s saying a lot.
    But Daesung cut his hair? ;_; Why is everyone cutting their hair nowadays? I liked it better before. Actually when I saw TOP’s outfit in the Sunset Glow performance, I thought he was wearing a school uniform! I liked the performance though – it was bright and upbeat like the video. Oh, and I like the song now too – it only took one or two listens.

    Hmm, something was a bit off during the Amigo performance, I think, I’m not sure what…but they seemed to be dancing slower than normal and also they sounded kind of hoarse at the beginning, even Jonghyun. Ah, they really need a break – this crazy schedule thing’s starting to take a toll on them.

  7. No way Candychu, get out of my country. D: xDD Just kidding~ We can split. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I can get him, and you can get the rest, and we can give him Sunday off. KK? xDD

    By the way, do you notice at 0:19-ish, Key waves? O__o’ Not sure if it’s part of the dance or not…

  8. Another amazing performance by SHINee… ahh I feel like they always go all out on stage.. or maybe I am biased towards cute boys =_=
    *feels like a pedo*


  9. Kara
    (Glad to see you’re commenting more here <333)
    LOL YES! Exactly why I believe it’s the magic school bus :DD. JAIL CELLS LOLL XDD

    Ooh already able to lipsynch to it? That’s awesome! “Big Banging” lol, funny term :PP.
    Hmm maybe. I think Sunye and Yeeun have been performing consistently so that’s good! It’s just sometimes Sunmi gets this blank or frightened expression on her face :/

    It was! I really enjoyed it ^___^. Lol it’s the magic school bus, I swear xD

    Really? You don’t like the intro? I love Big Bang intros hehehe. I thought TOP’s outfit looked like Taemin’s green uniform but in black which is why I was reminded of a bellboy xP

    Hmm, I’m not sure bout the others but I do know that Onew has just recently recovered from a cold :(

    Alex Ryom
    LOL Are you a purple lover too…? I noticed the wave too! I think he was being cute because I don’t remember seeing him do that wave any other time…well he definitely didn’t do it during their Comeback perf (since I have the HQ version ^^).

    The Canadian flag is red and white too!!! Lol sometimes I wonder if I really am biased too … but nah, the SHINee boys really are awesome :DDD

  10. havent had time to watch this yet T-T

    I’m curious about Bigbang comeback Stage, it seems soooo great!!! and SHINee ‘s new outfit!!
    yea I’m not following any of WG’s Nobody perf too, just watched once (the comeback stage), scared that their live will ruined my view of the song itself, though i really like the choreography XDD

  11. ^You need to watch it soon! I really enjoyed it :) They were awesome!!!

  12. It’s funny – I read your reply just as I was listening to the album again and I actually find myself feeling the intro now. I think that performance had a lot to do with it. Oh no, I always look forward to BB’s intros because they’re amazing! I always wish they’d just tun them in full length songs. ^^

    Yes, I heard about Onew’s cold but thankfully he’s getting over it now – and just in time to celebrate his big news.

  13. waahhhh…!!! I love all the perfs!! ^^

    I like this Amigo perf the most!! the outfit, the dance, the vocal, and of course.. Key’s little wave at the beginning XDD
    haha at first I thought Onew will represent Italy though.. XP

    Bigbang comeback stage was totally PWNS!!
    First, The intro, I love all their intros they’re always good and so resemble YG-ish style, the dance was hot too and I realized that my eyes locked at G-Dragon all the time XP (he was so HOT!! yeah, boys in suit are ALWAYS hot though.. haha)
    and then Remember, everytime I see TaeYang doing that dance moves, he keeps reminds me of Chris Brown or Ne-Yo..
    the last one, Sunset Glow!! the choreography was really cute!! ^_^ the ah ah ah part was totally random haha. And idk why, Dae looks like he was performing trot in this perf, sooo hyper and happy!! XDD

    and Nobody, finally I gave up on my curiousity and watched this perf.. still, this perf wasn’t the best but at least Sunye’s and YeEun’s made up for it. and wtf with the wigs? ==” srsly, I prefer them in that gold dresses and being Dreamgirls-alike than this..

  14. yumimaki
    Haha, yes! I knew you would be listening to the song while reading cause I”m psychic that way ;)

    I know! Pretty awesome eh? Boys in suits can never go wrong. Almost never, anyway :P Lol I first thought Italy too but I didn’t want to make a fool of myself so I checked the colours and Italy is red? But Onew is in orange? :/

    Yeah I think Sunye and Yeeun are the most consistent performers. (Yoobin too since she only has a small rap). I like the gold dresses too! They dressed like that for the Love Share Concert :)

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