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I.O – Improve Oneself 1st Mini Album


No this is not another release by Big Bang XDDD …(don’t be put off by the unoriginality of the cover though) it’s actually the cover of a mini album by a new group called “I.O”. For those who mightn’t have seen my comment yet, savageshrink was able to correctly name the song I cut, which was by this new group, called “Bit (天女…)”.

Ever since I heard I.O’s mini album, I have searched high and low for information and now, two and a half weeks after their mini album was released, I still have been unable to find any pictures or profiles of the members. I can’t even find their album up on Yesasia! To me, they’re a very mysterious group because there is absolutely no news of them. And out of nowhere, they release a CD!

{translation credit: Mardi09 @ soompi}

Their music is progressive, popular and and comfortable. These days, 3 synthetic rookie come up with a group “I.O.” with title of “Bit”, hit into the music industry. The rookie group, I.O.
I.O. stands for “Improve Yourself”, self development has meaning.
“If you do not try, you cannot survive in reality, always self”

To create an album is not always easy. At first I liked music a lot and I came up with a song. However, we came through, despite the difficult situation. We didn’t lose each others laugh (didn’t become sad or discouraged). We’re smiling now that the album has been ‘born’. Confidently, we say it’s a big power?

Single title song “Bit”, the guy of hip hop music and other genre of music, composed by Jae’O, has more of a touch of freshness.
I.O. has a dark appeal of the exquisite voice in harmony ballad, says ? The sad melody and R&B rhythms and sophisticated luxury in harmony, it just felt more and more arrangements string you to feel the song.
In addition, the song “With Me”, also touches the hearts of female fans is enough.
“Improve Yourself” , the meaning of I.O.!! Sometimes, like friends or lovers, they come as delicates and music is refined? Rooke I.O. looks forward to trying a this team out.

I…don’t understand lol XD. But I really like the name of this group because it sounds pretty meaningful, yeh?

I decided to upload the 3 tracks off their mini album (the other 2 are instrumentals) because I highly recommend listening to them!
Hold On – This is the intro to their mini album and is what got me extremely curious about this group because this track is sung by females; but the group consists of 3 males so I have no idea what’s going on O.o. The name of this song isn’t even on the cover!!!

The whole track is in English (seriously, who are these girls? they have no accent whatsoever and have really nice r&b voices) and the lyrics (“just hold on to this time you’ll be fine I promise everyday that you stay in my life I’ll take care of you“) are really pretty and I only wish it could be longer.

Bit (天女…) – Buahahahahahaha the song which got everyone going crazy trying to guess what the hell I posted XDDD. On their cover it says that Track 2 (which is this one) was composed and written by someone called “Jei’O”. I tried searching for this person but found nothing.

So then who composed this song?????? Who is DJ Okawari? And why do the credits of Best Place say it was sampled from “hope”???? IM SO CONFUSED!!!!!!

This version is a lot softer than SHINee’s “Best Place”. I can’t decide which one I like better though ^___^ But these guys have really nice voices too!

With Me – Ballad *_____* It’s very light on the ears and you can fall asleep listening to it. There are some parts which sound sort of familiar but then I’m almost 90% sure it’s an original track. OH IDK. Just listen to it; you won’t regret it :)

They were set to debut on Oct 23rd and yet there is still nothing on them.

Basically I really really like this group and it would be awesome if everyone could help look for information on them :) I’ve even been on DAUM and have used google to translate whatever pages I do manage to find but it’s always just the same paragraph (the one ^up there). But I’m not giving up yet >:D

I hope they release a full album soon!!!!


  1. Howdy! I’m the weird kid from the AF forums. =P Wow, this group sure sounds mysterious… Is ‘Hold On’ really the intro to their mini? Because I see absolutely no relation.

    This confuddles me as well, and I doubt my seach skillzz surpass yours so I’m no help. Sorry. =P

  2. I effing hate when groups debut but don’t actually do anything.

    Like Dragon N Tiger. :/ I went crazy looking for info on them.

  3. Oh man, no chance I would have gotten it. :PP

    I really do like the songs you posted. I think Bit is just gorgeous, it is just about the softest thing in the world. It is like cashmere~~ Hold On is pretty good to but ya weird! Where did they get that from!?! I don’t know but doesn’t this album remind you of like walking down the beach when it is a little cloudy and windy? lol I just always get that image in my head.

    I tried to look up some things to but I didn’t really get far. =( Hopefully they well get some promotion soon!

    Thanks for posting the songs! <33

  4. unsane
    OOOH HELLO! I remember you XDDD. And yeah, “Hold On” is part of their mini album but you wouldn’t know otherwise, would you? Except listening to the instrumentals, I could hear female voices again :/ They really need to hurry and perform LIVE so I can see for myself!!

    Yeah but they haven’t even debuted! They just released this mini album :S I’ll have to go search again…

    Hehe dw I really didn’t expect anyone to get it right :PP
    It does remind me of clouds and wind though. Basically, really soft, gentle images, yeah? Very pretty ^___^ And no problem! Glad you enjoyed :)

  5. whoaaaa…. it looked so much like Bigbang’s album covers!!! O_O

    well, maybe I’ll give it a try..

  6. Aw, I feel honoured being remembered. =P Yea, they should! Really curious as to what they look like, especially with the odd female singing. Oo

  7. kandie
    Lol it does but they’re really good so I can overlook that lol

    Haha well I felt honoured when you found me on AF :PP

  8. Actually, I quite like the intro. Even though it does not sound as though it can relate to the mini album it was a nice intro. As for the translation, I used an online translator, so I have no clue either to what they were trying to say.
    The reason information can hardly be found on I.O. is because they are an underrated group with no publicity. As to this day, I am still trying to find things about them. But, it’s a hard process. Not even an MV was released, yet. Hope to hear more from them soon. :D I’m glad to see some listeners of them ^^

  9. ^The last I read, they were supposed to release a full album Oct08 but I guess it still hasn’t happened :(. It’s okay, we’ll remain on the lookout!!!! If you do find anything, please share :DDD!

    I really love the intro. The lyrics are so sweet “hold on to this time” … gah hurry and release more, please ;___;

  10. where can i download the mini album

    • um, sometimes youtube videos have links?

  11. Hey, I was on youtube one day and found this song.

    Someone commented and said that the song was ‘Hold on by I.O.’, so I looked it up and stumbled upon this site.

    Upon listening to the original version on the album, I’m wondering if that was their actual song, or a song they ripped from a female band.

    I’m not sure, but I do enjoy the faster version and would like to know if it is a different song.

    • I just listened to it, um it sounds really different. Actually to this day I still haven’t found out the mystery behind “I.O”. Why they have female voices in their intro but the rest of the songs have male voices only. They haven’t released anything since. Sorry I’m not much help :(!

  12. A youtube user uploaded these songs by the name of Clanitz :D
    Can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it sooner :p

    • And…who are Clanitz!? :o

  13. My friend, Beverly, found it. It’s called Holding On by Adam and Dan Skinner. Note that it is more like the fast version I posted earlier, but is still different. The singer, at least from what I’ve gathered, goes around and does covers of her own song for different groups. Mark Khoen has a techno version of the song, I.O has a soft version, etc. Here is a video with the song.

    Again, this isn’t clear information and there are a lot of questions unanswered, but at least we have this.

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