Posted by: lovediaries | November 9, 2008

081109 Love Share Concert

::NOTE:: I’ve changed the links multiple times because they keep getting removed =.=” If there’s a problem, let me know and I’ll go find another link! ^^

Is this an annual thing? Because there was one last year as well. Anyway many artists attended this and I’m pretty sure it was for a good cause :).

Mirotic – I SEE A WHOLE LOT OF JUNSU’S CHEST. If it wasn’t for lyrics, I seriously would never know that Changmin is singing “chrome heart” XD. The hand on chin move will never stop being sexy. During the rap when Yunho lifted up his arm, I saw that his top was in fact just a piece of fabric attached by one little bit hehehehe. Interesting ;). Also, I will forever love everything that happens after the rap. From Changmin’s high note, the “Come on come on”, the punching move, the leg sliding, to “my devils ride” and Junsu’s “you’re my super special love now” back to Changmin’s “my baby baby baby” and then to Jae’s “Ye~eah”.

The “set up” of Amigo is actually similar to Mirotic. Ever since I first watched Amigo and fell in love with everything from the rap onwards, I was reminded of Mirotic. Do you guys see the similarities??? It’s like, catchy chorus, addictive and hot dance steps, a sexy rap, throw in a high note here and there, awesome ad-libbing and SHINee’s step slide step move is like DBSK’s stomp to side then stomp back to center. Y/Y? DO YOU ALL SEE IT ???

Number 1 & Sunset Glow – LOLOLOL They’re wearing the exact same clothes as the ones they wore for their Sunset Glow Comeback performance on Music Core but with a different colour scheme XDDD. First time for me hearing them perform LIVE in English and they’re just as awesome :D. I thought the move where the female dancer “whispers” in TOP’s ear then pushes his face away was very sexy lol. Taeyang spanked the dancer’s ass but it felt kinda awkward. LOL FUNNY TOO XDDD. The choreography for this song is pretty hot though. And I prefer watching them perform it than the MV with the poledancers :/

Lol they go from a sexy performance to a cute one ^^. AND THE BUS IS STILL THERE LOL. On the screen anyway. I also find I love each member more with each performance I watch lol. Though that’s only normal ^^”. The “Ah Ah Ah” bit still cracks me up but it’s a lot more tolerable this time. They try look badass while doing such cute choreo too. At the end when they’re doing the “Ah Ah Ah” all bunched together, TOP is the only one “Ah-ing” the opposite way to everyone else LMAO. How can one performance have so much crack??? XDDD.

Amigo – I’m so clever :) I was using TVants this afternoon seeing whatever I could tune into but only THIS came up. With one look I knew it was SHINee and I was right :DD. I liked how they came through the side with a cool doorway :) And there is more than enough colour on the stage XD I kept getting distracted by all the moving words in the back … but don’t think I didn’t notice Key’s voice cracking (at 0.19/.20) !!! It’s okay because he looked especially handsome during this peformance. I swear his eyes get bigger every time and he’s just so hot I can’t stop staring at him *_________*. His mouth was also extremely big just as he was about to start his rap lmao. It’s like he was stretching it in preparation XD.

Also, TAEMIN IS BACK TO BEING 15 !!! They either forgot to do his hair or they thought he should just go with it flat XD. Maybe their stylists were becoming aware of how much younger Onew looked so they decided to do the same with Taemin’s. But then he went and tried sexy by letting his jacket fall off his shoulder XDD. He sang really well here too, even though the music was softer than usual and definitely in comparison to their singing. You also have to watch his expressions carefully during Key’s rap; he’s so hilarious.

And I swear Jonghyun grabbed his crotch during the dance interval.

(Please excuse the obvious biased-ness in this post XD).

Rainism – Rain really is a wonderful performer :) I’m not like a die-hard Rain fan so there really isn’t anything else I can comment on hehe ^^””

Promise – I feel so noob talking about Dongwan’s performance with Younha XD. I’ll get beckery to edit this when she’s not studying for exams. She’ll probably find her way here without me telling her anyway xPP. I will say though, that Dongwan looked really handsome and Younha’s voice is so so pretty. I really want to snip off that little bit of hair on the side though XD.

Nobody – Woah, the echoing was really bad O.o They look really pretty in the gold dresses and this is a weird time to say but I’ve always wanted elbow length gloves :(  And I really want to learn the full dance for this. *must study more performances* xPP.

With Love – Everyone is singing here and it’s super cute *brain explodes*. Rain passed his mic to Jae, I think, then Jae is like “no no, you sing” !!! Minwoo is so short lmao AND I SEE BROWN EYED GIRLS!! Must hunt down their performance …

::EDIT:: My Style – Ooh I didn’t expect Brown Eyed Girls to perform My Style lol. But I’m glad they did! The song is not as catchy as “How Come” and actually reminds me of their song “Love”. I liked what was on the back screen during their performance best :D. The choreography is cute as expected lol but in some parts it was really messy. Loved the performance nonetheless ^^.


  1. Nice concert ^^

    Haha, in the ‘With Love’ Clip, at 0:47, Taemin looks like such a little kid, especially with the confetti on his head. :D

  2. I see sea of VIPS there… O_O haha. they back with another Sunset Glow perf and Number One.. I’ve been waiting for this song to be performed, though I’m not expecting it would be in Korean Music Show like this cause you know that this song is in their Japanese Album, more to expect song like “Foolish Love” or “Oh Ah Oh” (that’s my favs so far!! XD)

  3. Alex Ryom
    Lol that ending clip was so full of cute ^___^

    Haha I noticed that too and LOLed XD. Were they all carrying “Let’s go west” signs? XD. Omg if they perform “Foolish Love” I would die and “Oh Ah Oh” would make me happy too :DD

  4. thanks for sharing
    nice concert ^_^ and it’s for a good cause too

    I”m loving Amigo and Sunset Glow and of course all the performances were good .. well except for the whole echoing & mic problems for the Wonder Girls but that’s alright, I haven’t found one of Kim Jong Kook’s performance though :( & yay Jaejin sang hehe

  5. ^No problem ^^

    :O I forgot to include FT Island’s perf … I wished they’d sung Heaven instead of Love Is though :/

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