Posted by: lovediaries | November 9, 2008

Onew & Jonghyun on 1000 Songs Challenge

No need to watch the fancams anymore! Hehehehe~ I don’t really know the “rules” of this show but I guess they just go on and sing? Lol.

Onew singing Trot (Kang Jins 땡벌) – It definitely has a different feel to SJT singing Trot XD. His voice isseriously so glorious *___* I cannot think of a better word to describe it XD. It’s just so smooth and deep and … I keep listening to this over and over again. I love it!!!

Onew singing Trot (Song Dae Kwans 네박자) – Jonghyun was very fidgety at the start (I don’t mean just the dancing lol) but as soon as Onew starts singing he’s like “woooooah” ^^.

Onew singing Lee Seungi’s I’ll Give It All – I HAVE THIS SONG! It’s from the Full House OST ^^. Everytime I hear it, I feel like crying; let alone when it’s Onew singing it to me ;____; (lol I actually didn’t mean to write “to me” but I subconsciously wrote it down ahahha). BUT SERIOUSLY, this was so so beautiful *wipes tears*. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!

Jonghyun singing Solid’s Holding onto the End of Tonight – Jonghyun’s voice is a different sort of beautiful in this. It’s very relaxing~ I listened to it first and thought Jonghyun sang really well then when I rewatched it, I realised Jonghyun in fact looked very nervous and tense trying to recall the lyrics XDD. I think Onew whispered him the words a few times :P.

Jonghyun singing Again even though I don’t like you – The official clip just got removed so I’ve added the fancam here. I know this song because K.R.Y, Siwon & Eunhyuk once performed this (it’s like one of my favourite SJ performances). Jonghyun’s singing in this is really soft so I hope the proper cut gets uploaded again! I think I prefer Kyuhyun singing this ^^”

Jonghyun singing Ha Dong Kyuns Butterfly – Aish, Jonghyun forgot the lyrics and failed :(

I think just watching these clips reveals a little more about their personalities; or rather, it reflects the way they study XDDD. I mean, while Jonghyun was nervous and couldn’t remember everything (just like how he tries his best but doesn’t do very well at school?), Onew was very calm and sang perfectly (like how he does so well even without a tutor!). Lol idk, I’m over-analysing things as usual :PP.

But anyway, you’d better watch these clips quick because they’re from SBS and will probably be removed soon!

I wonder if there will be more though because there was a massive deal with Onew singing “Drunken Truth” but there’s still only a fancam…And also, how can we forget Onew singing “Snail” ^^.


  1. Hi~ I actually woke up at 7.30 to watch it on tvants, which kept buffering. Only caught the later part of the episode. I dont understand much, but they managed to get into the final round vs. a girl. The girl won as Jonghyun failed with “Butterfly”. They’re so young but they knew many songs, esp. Onew. I love love love their live singing. Onew just oozes confidence, his deep voice calms everyone. Jonghyun is amazing too. <3 Apparently there are 5 songs that were edited out, including “Snail” and “Drunken Truth” sang by dubu. :<

  2. ^Funny cause I tried using tvants before to watch Love Share Concert and it didn’t work 7.7 I was frozen on a really blurry SHINee frame for like 10 whole minutes so I gave up XD.

    I read Drunken Truth got cut out but I didn’t know Snail was too! That sucks because from the fancams, those two were awesome performances :( Wow so you really just show up on the show and have to sing whatever song they give you? :/

  3. uu yes why did they have to cut out “Drunken Truth”. they made me fall in love with that song and now FTTS’s version is on repeat. really wanted to rip Onew and JongHyun’s version. :/

  4. ^I know! I was looking forward to getting audio rips :(((

  5. O_o Onew sounds so different when he was singing the trot songs … so much confidence oozing out of him .. I’d buy a trot album if he sang songs like that haha

    Jonghyun’s voice is just heaven … seriously he can’t be that young they have to be lying about his age *lol Noona’s just wishing* I’m amazed that they know those songs *trot I mean* since I don’t think it’s heard that often

  6. ^I would buy a trot album if he sang it too :DD Heck, I would buy a nursery rhyme CD if Onew sung it XDD.

  7. Jonghyun voice was so soothing~..
    idk, but Onew always reminds me of Daesung :) both have unique vocals, ability to pull off trot songs, and.. having a trademark smile lol! They always smiling happily no matter what the condition is XDD

  8. ^Oh really? Now that you say it, I can see the similarities. Mainly the constant smiling and general cuteness ^___^

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