Posted by: lovediaries | November 9, 2008

Onew passed College Entrance Exams!!

Congratulations Onew!!!!! ^_____^

Watch the video here – He’s going to be majoring in something called “Broadcasting Music”. To get into that course, he actually needed to sing a song lol, like an actual audition! I liked when Yooeun was offering up her basket of gifts to Onew, Jonghyun kinda reached out XD. He was probably only trying to help but me thinks he secretly wanted a gift too ;) So of course Key takes something and Jonghyun follows his lead XDD. Then Jonghyun leaves a message for all the other artists who are taking their entrance exams too.

p.s You can watch SHINee’s video message to other people taking exams HERE. I love the awkward pause after Onew’s little wave and just before they say “This was contemporary band shining SHINee” ahaahahaha.


  1. waaahhh!!! congratz for our Leader Onew! XDD
    gah, I’m so happy that he still take time for education in the middle of his career, although I dont know if Jonghyun and Key will follow this way though..

    now we are the same! I got to uni starting this year too! ^^..

  2. Woo, congratulations to dubu! I didn’t know he was planning pursue further studies, though.

    Aahh, I’ll be entering uni next year… Sure hope I can do well. =(

  3. yayy lol I commented on that vid on youtube :D

    I’m happy for him. But its cool that even though hes older than me, I’m ahead of him in terms of school year yayyy<3 lol.

  4. Onew <3 <3 <3
    His hair is sooo flat these days, lol. How adorable <3.

  5. Don’t you just love how since Key is always standing right next to the VJ just pops his head into their intro cut at the beginning? XD

    But congrats to Onew ♥♥♥ Although I don’t understand why he sounds so much like a little kid to me when he says “I want the basket” lol, IT’S SO CUTE.

  6. kandie
    Yah it makes me happy to know that celebs, despite having hectic schedules, still decide to continue their studies ^___^

    Ooh I’ll be starting uni next year too! Awesome, I’ll feel the same as Onew lol

    Do they start uni later in Korea or what? :/

    I saw some pics up on soompi with Onew next to Taemin and Onew seriously looks younger than Taemin O.o It’s so weird!

    Yeah lol I noticed that XD He’s so cute! And lol Onew is the youngest, I swear

  7. wow…!!!

    congratulation for leader ONEW,,

    it’s unbelieveble,,
    although he was so busy with SHINee’s schedule,but he was so smart,,


    luv u so much ONEW…

    SHINee fighting!!!!

  8. ^Not only is their schedule hectic, but Onew was also sick! I’m so happy & proud of him that he still did so well hehe ^^

  9. I think like what most stars are doing like sunye, joo, and YooNa (and maybe Lee Dae Hae too? cause she got accepted to a uni) is go into school from the second semester in 2009 or something like that.

    But for one university in Korea, the semester goes like:

    fall- Sep. 1- Dec. 17
    spring- March 2- June 15.

    So the other universities are probably similar or arranged a little differently.

  10. Congratulations to Jinki~~~ :D Lol Broadcasting Music. I’m amazed by the courses they offer in Korea. I had one Korean classmate who majored in something called Sports Medicine before coming to the Philippines to take English courses. O:

    He’s older than me but I’m three years ahead haha. But then again uni means different in Korea than in the Philippines. XD;;

  11. ^ True true. XD I’m going to uni in a year and a half and I’ll only be 16. lol

    Broadcasting Music! YAY~ Sounds like something I should try. ^^ Ondubu managed to get into college~ wohoO~ I’m half surprised, but only because he seems so young. :)) But he looks smart anyways. :D And he got a lolipop out of the basket!! Awwww~~ Then he said something about hitting the other members with it. O.o

    And Jonghyun and Key are so greedy. XD I swear… those too.. But I like OnKey better. ^^ Appa and umma~~

  12. lr
    Ah so it’s sort of similar to HK where the school year starts in September. It feels weird cause here it starts in Feb/March …

    O.o That’s weird lol to first study Sports Medicine and then go do English. Btw, I never knew you lived in the Philippines ^___^

    LOL 3 yrs ahead – that is really weird xD

    You’ll start uni at 16? Lol I’ll be 17 when I start ^^
    Haha they’re such little kids it’s so adorable :)
    I think I like OnKey better too .. but shhhhhhh hehe. It alternates sometimes :PP

  13. Congrats to leader :D
    I’m glad that he’s thinking of his future & going to study, even though it’ll be hard since he’s an idol and all but at least he’ll have something to fall back on when he’s tired of singing *lol though, that’s gonna be a while since he’s still pretty young*
    haha Key & Jonghyun and the gifts ….

  14. ^*agree*. I like that about Korean artists that despite having such a busy life, they’re still concerned with their education :)

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