Posted by: lovediaries | November 9, 2008

Super Junior 3rd Anniversary Party~!

Fan account here and here. Unfortunately Kibum and Hankyung weren’t there :( Isn’t that so sad? Celebrating your 3rd anniversary but not having everyone present. Kinda defeats the purpose … ah well. At least DBSK were there to join in the fun! Read about all the DBSJ!!! The HyukSu and YunHae totally killed my brain @___@ But not only that, there was EUNHAE. Too bad they were apparently seated far from each other.

Also, Yesung performed “Love Hurts A Lot” and you can listen to that HERE. The link is off Tudou (quality is not so good, especially with screaming fans – I was looking forward to Yesung’s high note but instead all I heard was a screech T___T) so be patient :) I don’t remember if I ever blogged about it but I love this song so soooooo much. I wish Yesung gets to perform this song just as Taeyeon gets to perform her OST tracks …

Anyway, pictures!

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More here, here and here.



  1. Awwe, no Han Geng, Ki Bum, Henry or Zhou Mi! =( That sucks! I would love all of my 15 to be there! ZM and HenMochi could be special guests! I hope when I get to sleep, I get to dream that up!

  2. ^Speaking of dreams, I haven’t had any since my depressing Kyuhyun one :(

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