Posted by: lovediaries | November 10, 2008

Super Junior & Ara featured in Repackaged “Mirotic”


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{credit: eunhyuk @ sjtranslations}

Ahra and Super Junior have come to meet with TVXQ in a the special ‘MIROTIC’ album that will be released on December 4th. On this special edition, Youngwoong Jaejoong’s ‘Don’t Cry Love,’ and Micky Yoochun’s ‘Love Goodbye Love,’ with a total of 4 new songs will be included.

Micky Yoochun’s ‘Love Goodbye Love’ is a medium tempo song that expresses the emotion of pain due to love. Actress Ahra will be doing the narration for this song.

Additionally, a different song called ‘Wish’ will be sung by Xiah Junsu and Choikang Changmin, along with Super Junior members Ryeowook and Kyuhyun for a total of four people singing the song together. The four singers with different colors will come together making a beautiful harmony.

ASLDKASLDKASLDKJASLKD. I’m so looking forward to “Wish”. It’ll be like K.R.Y again !!!! Except minus Yesung … but having Changmin & Junsu thrown in XDDD. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!! *is extremely excited*. I can’t wait to hear Changmin and Kyuhyun singing together :DDD. I’m trying to picture how the four of them will sound together though, cause their range will be from baritone to tenor with no bass? I guess Kyuhyun counts as bass? XD.

And Ara as in Go Ara, the model from SM. She was also in DBSK’s “Hug” MV.


  1. That DBSK picture is SO CUTE!

    It makes me want to buy the next album, especially because of the song WISH and the other 3 songs! So poor though. D:

    Now all we need is a JJ and Kyuhyun duet, and my life would be complete! <3

  2. Oh my gosh, I literally spazzed when I saw this. And I am not all that prone to spazzing (although I swear your blog is turning me into a spazz sometimes, lol). Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Changmin, and Junsu all together? ASDFGHJKL;;;;

    What am I going to do with myself?

  3. akitsune
    Haha yeah they’re all on top of each other XD Kinda awkward though.
    Lol are Jae and Kyu your favourites? ^^

    HAHAHA I HOPE ITS WORKING 8D I’m out to get everyone to become as weird/crazy/spaztastic as me ~ Come to the dark side muahahahahah. (Am I scaring you?)

  4. O_o so is the whole Mirotic album plus the 4 songs in this album I’m kinda confuse .. if it is then I’m glad I haven’t bought the Mirotic album yet & I’ll just wait for this one to come out …

    I want to hear Kyu, Wookie, Junsu & Min singing like now … that should be good :) Lol give anything to see a MV for the “Wish” song! 3 of my faves are singing together :D

  5. ^Yeah they tend to do that :/ I really want this version so I hope if another does come out, it includes something even better XDD I’m so greedy :P

    AND YES PLS! I want an MV ;_____;

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