Posted by: lovediaries | November 11, 2008

Big Bang Edge CF

{credit: Dkpcb5 @ youtube}

Both CFs are in this clip :) Kinda explains all the pointing in their promotional pics.

And is it just me or is TOP looking particularly hot these days? GD’s eyebrow raising was also pretty sexy ;)

warning: life story ahead

I’ve lost my USB for the second time in two days … anyone have a clue where a USB usually hides? I’m really annoyed because when I finally did find it, I said to myself “you’d better be careful where you put it” and I just threw it on my bed. Now I don’t know if I ever took it off my bed or if I slept on it and kicked it aside. Someone help me :(((

::EDIT:: I basically turned my room upside down and then I found that it fell through the crack betwen my beds ^^””


  1. ^ Totally agree with you *TOP looking particularly hot*
    the CF makes me want to have that phone lol though I just got a new one a few months ago

    haha I’m like you I’ll find something that I need and then say I better put it somewhere safe so I can find it again then just forget it on my bed and not be able to find it again … I’ve figured when I’m not looking for it *whatever I’ve lost*, it shows up unexpectedly, so try looking for something else then watch it appear out of no where … if your desperate try looking at places you usually wouldn’t think to look, if that doesn’t work try to remember what was on your bed & look through those things.

  2. ^I think it might be his hair? And yeah the phone looks really slim and slick :P I want it too !!

    Hmm, I think I’ll take your advice and stop looking for it. I’ve searched through my whole bed and my pillows and my sheets and still nothing. If only I had a black one but it’s like orange and red and just about camouflages in anything. I hope it shows up soon … I’m scared my little sister has actually taken it and put it among her play things O.o

  3. haha yeah maybe … I seen the pics for this CF and he’s really good looking in it.
    I hope it’s not in your sister’s stuff also, hope you find it

  4. omg i lost my usb once too, it was actually behind over clutered stack of books, and i recently through 20 dollars onto my bed cause i was angry since i knew i had more then 20 and some was missing, next thing you know, i lost the 20 dollar bill.

  5. They’re all looking hot these days!!!
    I’ve had my bb fix for the day.
    As for your usb, look in your pillow case or the end of your bed. This is why I have 3 cords. Then I never lose them!!

  6. TOP always looks hot – but yes, he looks even mas scrumptious these days. I think it’s the elf hair – and his new mascara-lessness. Ah, I love those CFs, especially Dae Dae’s smile at the end. He just can’t not smile, can he?! XD

    I suggest checking bags – I always forget to remove things from my bags so I think they’re lost and then they end up being in there. Also check under and around the bed. I’m not sure where else to tell you…

  7. Nataly
    Oh that sucks :/ I’ve never lost money before …

    The little hole for attaching chords is broken which is why I can’t tie anything to it :( But it’s okay, I’ve found it!

    Yeah, I think it’s the hair too ^^

    I went through my bed again and when i finally heard a clink, I found it :)) Thanks for your help ~!

  8. gah, GD’s eyebrow raising was just.. *melts*
    and daesung sudden smile, XD haha.
    Seungri’s acting cool this time XP
    15 secs surely not enough.

  9. Ah, you’re welcome! I’m glad you found it!

    I thought mine was lost for a few days awhile ago and I practically had a heart attack – then it turned out my mother had taken it and just didn’t tell me. -_-

  10. kandie
    Sexilicious eh? LOL Seungri is so awesome, I love that boy <333

    LOL that’s cute. The same thing happens when I look for my phone cord to attach to my comp to transfer pics and when I think I’ve lost it it’s actually my mum who used it and didn’t put it back in my room T__T

  11. Why doesn’t my phone float and zip around when I point it in that direction o.O
    The commercial has a really dark feel to it…
    which i think is HOT!

  12. ^LMAO because we’re not as awesome as Big Bang T_______T

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