Posted by: lovediaries | November 11, 2008

Hyunjoong Tony Moly CF

babiegel just linked me to Hyunjoong’s CF and alkdjflajflasdjf I just had to post it. I mean, come on, Hyunjoong in a suit and getting pushed up against a wall … HOW SEXY IS THAT??? Too bad it’s so short XD. But that’s okay because the clip of Hyunjoong filming has been SUBBED by muishiessi :DDD. So you get to see him in a suit for an additional 3 minutes :D. He’s so funny lol, the stuff he says is so weird but brilliant at the same time. Also LOL at him being shorter than the model even when she was in flat joggers XD. Hehe *goes to rewatch CF*.

p.s I keep hearing holy moly instead of Tony moly XDD.


  1. LMAO That kid is so adorkable. I literally died at the height difference. My roommate had to come and tell me to settle down. :PPPP I think it is really cute that he practices the scenes in between also.

    Just oh my gosh, that mans smile could kill a girl. You know how him, top, micky and jae are all close. Imagine seeing them walking down the street together? The hotness that would be existent here could move walls. I swear.

    BTW, have you heard this English version of replay:

    It is amazing, I have been replaying (pun) all night.

  2. That model must be really tall. XD The thing I like most about HJ is that he’s always been 4th dimensional and always will be. That’s his personality and he’s sticking to it no matter how famous he gets. It’s not just an act for the cameras b/c he’s been like that since the predebut days on Mnet. Lol Keep it coming Leader!^^

  3. haha didn’t think you’d put it up … anyways I didn’t know there was a behind the scenes kinda thing that went with this CF .. O_o how tall is that model? I mean Hyun Joong is like what 5’10 *to me that’s not short, well for as far as Asian heights go anyways* and if he’s still shorter than her then damn!

  4. Ringy
    Yeah I imagine it would be difficult to have many dances cause you’d get the choreography mixed up if you start thinking too hard :/
    And yes I have seen that video! That girl is really talented !!!

    I love his sense of humour especially when he’s not even trying to be funny but it all comes out hilarious anyway XDD

    How can I could put it up … everyone should know my weakness for boys in suits laksjflkajflkjdsf. And yeah, that model must’ve been heaps tall O__O They should’ve gotten someone shorter XDD

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