Posted by: lovediaries | November 11, 2008

SHINee – Eco-water Song

Okay, is it just me or are many youtube videos not working lately? They all say the video is no longer available but everyone else seems to see them fine. Hmm.

Lol but it’s 2am here now so I’m off to sleep; I’ll find another clip/listen to it tmr~

{credit: misterkrabspatties @ youtube}

The video is them in the studio, recording this song. I don’t understand what they’re saying but it’s about conserving water as the title suggests :). They’re back to wearing matching shirts lol. The song sounds really lovely :). And Key looked really pretty from 1.51-1.58 and then his smile at 2.24 akjflkdjflksjfsdf. And then Minho sang !!! I loved the adlibs too.


  1. i was having the same problem too. if you try watching in lower quality, the video should work. i hope this helps. :)

  2. ^I tried doing that but it still didn’t work :(

  3. ^ lol I kinda have the same problem .. it’ll play for like half the song then stop and it won’t load anymore O_o .. who’s the girls singing with them lol they look so tall when she stood in the middle of them

  4. ^I put in another video and that worked for me :/ I think it might be Youtube’s problem. Anyway I was just wondering who the girl was lol she’s pretty cute but I’m also extremely jealous of her XD

  5. thanks … lol now it works for me

  6. ^Goodie :D

  7. :D this was cute.

    oh and ShineeSubs got suspended from youtube!!! D:

    *runs to youtube*

  9. nice song! and who’s that girl?? i couldn’t hear her in the song though.
    LOVE jonghyun’s voice! perfect (as usual). haha.

  10. That was mad cute. Period.
    They sound different to me b/c the song has such a low pitch.The chorus especially sounds so…namja.^^ Am I the only one who didn’t know Taemin sang like that? I got confused at first. lol Jonghyun confused me too with the low pitch. Minho has a good voice, he should sing sometimes. Still, even from that short section I could hear that he lacks confidence.-.-

    Let me get this straight, the little girl is older than Taemin (andsignificantly shorterthanJonghyun)?!

  11. hah.. Key’s never fails to make fangirls died with his smile and him staring.. *still in keyheaven* <333

    anyways, love this song, it has a heartwarming feel. onew got lot of lines (and he looked especially adorable here XD), minho sang(?), got to hear taemin’s voice clearly, and JH looked so much taller XP tehehe..

  12. watch. and spazz your heart out like i did <3

    i shall not spazz about Amigo in suits here. (:
    you can do the honours (:

  13. atym90
    I’m not sure who that girl is :/ And she didn’t perform with SHINee at the Protect Water Concert either …

    Really? How did you know the girl is older than Taemin? Did I miss something :/ But yes, she’s like a head shorter than Jonghyun and he’s not exactly massively tall O.o It’s okay, I think Minho was a lot more confident in their performance :)

    I know *____* It does have a heartwarming feel! And I hope they get the message across :)


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