Posted by: lovediaries | November 11, 2008

shineesubs got suspended !!!!!!!!!

littleaimee just notified me of shineesubs getting suspended from Youtube. This is so sad because they already didn’t upload videos from KBS or SBS in hope of keeping their account; and look what happened. That account was my favourite for extremely obvious reasons ;____;.

So now, SHINee forums have decided they will no longer upload videos onto youtube. They’ve decided to have their own streaming site which should be up and running by Wed/Thurs. I’ll let you guys know if anything else happens! ^^

p.s This means that all my SHINee posts will practically be linking to nothing O_O Thank goodness I wrote essays so that you can always go back and re-read and reminisce LOL.

::EDIT:: More info in THIS post :)


  1. At least they’ll still upload them onto their own streaming site >.<
    *sigh of relief*

  2. ^Haha yeah that’s better than uploading onto youtube. Btw, thanks for letting me know!

  3. Yeah with all the videos getting deleted.

    Haha you’re welcome! I noticed that none of their vids showed up in my subscriptions and so I decided to go watch Amigo MV and it was gone and the account suspended. I just had to let you guys know since I read this everyday and generally find my new and fun stuff here. xD

  4. oh my god, this sucks!!! I can’t wait for their streaming site to be up soon…I’ll need to visit it everyday haha.

    But this sucks…I mean like if korea is so afraid of copyright infringement or whatever, their stations should make their own streaming sites with schedules with subscriptions. THEN people will visit and pay maybe?

  5. I was just reading this at soompi and I came to rush here to see how your heart is doing. XD!

    This sucks! They provide me with all the SHINee pedo drugs I need!! LOl. But I do think it’s better if they have their own streaming site like what FOFansubs did. So good for them for doing that.

    Imma go read some of your essays… ah good times. ^^

  6. *first reaction* NOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~~~~~~~~~ goaonewsdn fs;akeydlf njonghyunsfuhs usminhoafl msltaeminiuh aslkf jshineesalfj*keyboard smash*
    then I read the rest and I was like.. oh.. ok.. XD At least they’ll have their own site! I can live without SHINee for two days.. I HOPE.
    go try to find what you’ll find eventually because I feel like speaking in riddles. ^^

  7. Oh, and sorry for double posting.. and on a kinda sorta not that related post, but U-Kiss subbing team (ukissmusic) is starting to sub vids, YAY. and some other youtube users. ^^
    I hope it doesn’t get closed too..
    Oh look.. it is kinda related..
    well, anyways…

    If you wanna see. ^^
    You can delete comments, right? so you can just delete this one. XD
    SHINee, U-Kiss, HWAITING~ Rookies of 2008. ^^

  8. NOOOO!!! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?! *c.ursingnonstopatyoutube* hehe.. srry for that one ^^”
    nah, how else could i get my daily dose of shinee nao? I usually dled the videos first then watch them later, now I have to stream it? Ugh, it will take so long.. T-T
    well it’s better than nothing then.. =)

  9. Hello i’m achel from

    as you guys know that we will have our own server for the subbed videos.. if any of you havent registered in yet, please do. Coz the streaming videos only available for members only :)

    youtube %*#(&%*&#(*&*@$!!! >_>

    YouTube shouldn’t have all the copyright stuff … ><
    I think one of my videos was removed because I used some song in it. -.-” I was like ‘WTF.’ and just deleted my other videos too.

    Good thing they’re making their own streaming site. That’s the way to go. -nod-

    … there goes the majority of my favorites…

  11. GRAAAH. Stupid youtube TT-TT A recap of what happened in the past minute: “ooh let’s go see LAEC today. O.O— D=<— ╥_╥—————– YAY STREAMING SITE ╥_╥”

    Oh well, at least shineesubs will have their own streaming site while YOUTUBE can rot and die without the shineesubs viewers there *glares at youtube menacingly*

  12. my heart breaks, i got to go see if any other of my subscriptions got deleted

  13. Ah, this is not good news – and I found it out first thing this morning. I’m glad Shineesubs is still going to share their videos though – I don’t know what I ‘d do without them. Ah but I’m excited for the streaming site too – good thing I’ve already got a account.

    By the by, I wonder what this means for all of the other subbing teams out there…

  14. I WAS SO SAD TO HEAR THIS :( :( :( :( :(

    They had like hundreds of videos in there too ;___;.

  15. littleaimee
    I was wondering why they weren’ts howing up in my subscriptions too and thank you again for letting us know <3333

    IT DOES. Hope you have an account on SHINee forums ;). And it turns out that it had nothing to do with their Korean videos. It was because they uploaded their cut from I think the SMTown Concert which was from a Taiwanese Channel :( That really sucked.

    My heart wasn’t doing good but now it’s better since their streaming site is up. The layout just sort of confuses me a bit and I’m not sure which is the most recently updated video :/

    Lol woah that riddle totally confused me XD
    Ah, I’ve already subscribed to ukissmusic :)

    It’s okay, now that SHINee forums have their own streaming sites, videos shouldn’t get deleted anymore. I just feel so sorry for them cause they’ve all worked so hard. Ah well~

    Hi!! Thanks for letting us know ^___^

    Alex Ryom
    Oh no that sucks :( But yeah, I’m sad that all my posts will be linking to nothing now *cries*

    Lol you’re adorable <333

    It sucks big time for us international fans when stuff like this happens T___T

    I know! SHINee subs are like the most efficient with subs. They keep my love for SHINee strong~

    I know ;______; But their streaming site is now up and running at least :)

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