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We Got Married Ep32

I think recapping the full show is funner than only doing half ^^”.

Part 1 – This week, they start off with Crown J & SIY and Hwayobi & Hwanhee first. Hyungdon gets his stuff brought in and they argue because they find his sofa unnecessary. I love Crown J correcting his pronounciation but he continues to say “shofa” XDD. They argue again about who’s cooking and of course Crown J gets up and does it. He’s so sweet; I love Crown J :). Then Hyungdon takes SIY’s phone when she walks to the kitchen 7.7 and reads one of her messages from a guy friend out loud. Hyungdon is basically there to create conflict. Poor Crown J fell into his trap :(.

Part 2 – While Crown J continues to question SIY, Hyungdon goes to unpack his shoes and puts them on SIY’s shoe self. ARGHH.

Then to Hwayobi & Hwanhee who are in the gymnasiam ^^. They get on the big trampoline (which are SO bouncy) and Hwanhee demonstrates all these somersaults. HES SO COOL!!! Hehe. Yobi does a little forward roll and Hwanhee quickly starts jumping AHAHAHAHA so she’s bouncing around like crazy XDD. Hwanhee then suggests she practice on the ground and PWOAR he shows off his kicking skills.

Part 3 – Yobi finally rolls forward and she makes Hwanhee laugh ^^.

Back to Crown J and SIY. I thought it was really cute how Crown J said he cooked whatever for Hyungdon then SIY is like “but you said you cooked it for me” and then he just kinda cuddles up to her. THEYRE SUCH A MARRIED COUPLE!!! SIY sits on the bar table and Hyungdon drags her down and when he tries it again, Crown J gives him a warning :P. Hyungdon then sneaks upstairs and lies on their bed but SIY senses something is wrong and quickly runs up and starts bashing him AHAHAHA. Crown J comes up and he’s protective of his own room too.

Hwanhee and Yobi are at home ready to have dinner. They sit so far away from each other on the couch :/. Hwanhee didn’t want take away because he wanted to eat Yobi’s rice and stew ^^.

Part 4 – Yobi starts talking to herself and Hwanhee imitates her LMAO HES SO FUNNY XDDD. “Poopie is easy to imitate” LOLOL.  HIS FACE OMG XDD. I seriously watched it like 5-6 times. Hwanhee decides to play Yobi’s song while she cooks and aw he looked totally mesmerised. But she really does sing well! I love her voice. I should go find some of her songs :).

Finally dinner is ready and woah when did she cook all that?? Yobi wants to feed Hwanhee and he just offers his rice bowl XDD. Then she covers her face and hands it over to him so he takes it with his chopsticks. AND THEN HE FEEDS HER!!!! But she hates beans T_____T. So she tells him to feed her again and he’s like “don’t eat it” XDD. They’re so funny lmao they laugh at their own jokes. Then the sofa arrives!!

Part 5 – Hyungdon and SIY decide who does the dishes by playing a game. SIY loses but she isn’t a good sport about it. They then have dinner and Hyungdon eats like a pig and complains about the meat XD. Then he gets up after he finished eating and FARTED. The Ant Couple is in total ~*SHOCK*~. So then Hyungdon goes to lie on his couch *rolls eyes*.

With their new couch, Yobi brings some sweet potatoes & kimchi & wine ^^. Then Yobi pretends to be the wine bottle opener LOL LOSER XDD. Then Yobi starts talking in French and Hwanhee says “You’re very beautiful” in Russian ^___^.

Part 6 – Yobi wants to go on a honeymoon, on a “Freedom Tour”. Lol she really needs to stop laughing at his jokes at her own expense and messing up what she tries to say XD. Then Hwanhee teases her some more by first being seductive and then he just shouts at her lmao XDD.

Because Hyungdon ruined the Ant Couple’s dinner, he feels slightly guilty and decides to set up their game console for them. So then they bond slightly by playing the game and soon Hyungdon is lying on his couch again xD. But damn their game is totally freaky and violent O.o

Just before they show the other couples, you see Hwanhee removing his picture frame which he had previously used to cover their couple photo. Awww <333

Part 7 – Lettuce couple discuss who they should call up to set up dates with the SS501 members. Then they talk about Hwangbo acting cute and how Hyunjoong never saw her as cute (but he was only lying) xD. They then go to play the games in the arcade and whoever loses has to act cute for the other. WHY ARE THEY SO COMPETITIVE??? They go to shoot toys (I bet they are glued to the plate) and they say that Hwangbo looked like Angelina Jolie holding the fun XD. They both climb up onto the counter in an attempt to get closer to the toys lmao and you can see everyone watching behind them.

Then it’s Dambi and Marco who have come back from the bookstore. The atmosphere is tense and Dambi isn’t talking to Marco. Marco asks why Dambi is angry and so she asks him to answer that question. Dambi tries to explain why she’s angry but Marco just shuts her up with their declarations. Thank goodness Marco is aware of how much trouble he brings upon himself by talking.

Part 8 – Then Dambi starts crying :'((((((. Marco should stop accusing her of nagging. She tries so hard to get her message through and he just … has no idea.

The atmosphere is a lot lighter with the Lettuce Couple :). They’re still shooting toys and because Hyunjoong managed to hit one of them, it was considered a win. But then Hwangbo hit one too! Hyunjoong misses second go but then Hwangbo hit it again!!! I love all the people cheering for her. Then Hyunjoong points his gun at her lmao. Hwangbo is so silly, she sticks the toy to her head XDD. Hyunjoong offers Hwangbo another piggy back ride AWWWW I’m so jealous!! They’re so cute together ^^. They finally get to “Safari World” and they both fall to the ground.

Dambi has stopped crying now and Marco gets out his korean workbook. He writes while eating his banana LOL. He sure loves bananas XD. Then Marco gets a call from a Hyung but Dambi hears the entire conversation.

Part 9 – And YAY!! It’s Alex & Shinae ^^. They go up to this observatory to look at stars AWWWWWWWWW. While in the lift, they turn off the light to observe the scenery and there is like chaos in the studio lmao XD. I wonder if they did anything while in the lift hehehe. I love the way Alex just smiled to himself :PP. THE OBSERVATORY IS SO COOL!!! The ceiling opens up and wow the sky is so pretty. Does anyone know the song which was playing while Alex and Shinae were up there? They go to look at the moon and Alex asks “How come there’s no rabbit?” HE IS SO CUTE.

The Lettuce Couple are back at home and they finally get their Kiss picture! They prepare dinner together and out of the blue Hyunjoong asks “Why are you wearing such a short skirt”. AWWWW He’s such a nice boy ^^. But he says it’s okay when it’s just the two of them lmao. Hwangbo calls up the Wondergirls and 2pm’s song starts playing so she asks “What do I score outof 10” and Hyungjoong says “11 out of 10” LSAKJLASKJDLAKSDLKAD. But Hwangbo doesn’t tell Hyunjoong who she called up. Hyunjoong suggests Hwangbo does her cute whining now before anyone else gets there and tells her to get the cucumber and say “cucumber is delicious” WTH??!?!??! LOLLLL.

Part 10 – Hwangbo decides she wants to save up her cute act for later and Hyunjoong asks “Do you want a leek instead?” LMAOO.

Back to Dambi & Marco and it’s so cold~~~ Marco relieves the tension a bit by coming out with his rabbit head LOLLL. Marco offers Dambi another banana (LMAOOO) while he eats a carrot cause he’s a rabbit XDD. Then the doorbell rings and Marco’s friend come in … but Dambi is totally surprised.

Hwangbo doesn’t want to change out of her dress because she says the others are family and then Hyunjoong says “okay, when they come, I’ll just wear my boxers” LOLOLOL. So Hwangbo goes and changes into just a t-shirt and pants. Kyujong and Hyungjoon arrive looking very smiley and Hyunjoong just sort of glances at them, looking very charismatic. Hyunjoong gives his members a tour of their little home. When they find out other people are coming, Kyujong and Hyungjoon totally brighten up.

THEN a 4th friend turns up at Dambi’s place. But they do have a serious conversation about what Marco does wrong and his friends are on Dambi’s side.

Part 11 – Back to Hwangbo & Hyunjoong, they’re ready to start dinner. Hwangbo goes to call the Wondergirls again but instead called a man? And Hyunjoong gets jealous. They then trick Kyujong and Hyungjoon into believing that their guests have arrived but Hyunjoong only opened and shut the door to fool them LMAOOO SO FUNNY!!! Then, Yoobin and Yeeun finally arrive!!!

Part 12 – Back to the couple at the observatory *___* This is so romantic omg I’m getting goosebumps. Alex looks at the moon and he says he’s reminded of the quadruplet’s faces, awwww. THEN ALEX TAKES SHINAE’S HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Omg *weeps*. Does anyone know what happened to Shinae, btw? Because last ep, Alex said she had a tough week and now he talks about how he’s really worried about her :/ Then Alex sings her a song <333333



  1. About Shinae, I think this was just after her friend had committed suicide…

  2. Choi Jin Shil (the actress who commited suicide) and Shinae are really close, so close that they are almost like sisters. I guess Alex is referring to how Shinae have to deal with the loss of a close friend.

  3. Katty and Clare
    I wasn’t sure if it was that or not since I thought it happened even before Ep31 :/ But thanks for letting me know!

  4. aww thanks for the summary I like Shin Ae & Alex, they should just start dating one another already … I kinda feel bad for Shin Ae losing a close friend like that, and still have to film at the same time.

    I love Crown J & SIY though sometimes I think SIY is spoiled by Crown J as for Hyun Don I don’t think he should be in there, Crown J seems to be torn being put in the middle of his wife & friend but that’s just my opinion.

    Lol Hwang Bo & Hyun Joong just cracks me up … they’re much more comfortable with each other now & it shows .. Lol at HB calling a guy & HJ getting a lil jealous … Hwang Bo really has a lot of friends, she just called WG like she does it all the time.

    HwanHee & Yobi’s a cute couple but need to watch a lil more before I can really like them like the others. As for Marco & Son Dambi ummm no opinion there yet

    ps. have you seen this CF of HJ *if you have then don’t worry about it* … it’s only 15s but he looks good

  5. ^Yeah :( At least Alex was there to cheer her up. He’s so caring and considerate.

    I think SIY is spoiled but at the same time she’s not totally unreasonable. Crown J is just super sweet ^^.

    Hwanhee’s actions are annoying me less because I can see that he’s mean to make people laugh XDD. I mean, after he insults her they both crack up so I’m sure it’s for entertainment purposes (and cause of his personality I guess).

    I don’t want the lettuce couple to ever leave :(( Thanks for the CF! I’ll go watch it now :)

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