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081112 Shinee – AMIGO … IN SUITS

ALSKJDLASKJDALSK suhyun I LOVE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW. And I thought the day could not get any better with “Mirotic” C/Special Edition coming out and then the release of “Wrong Number” MV…but now this too!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

{credit: randy1997 @ youtube}

Okay, it was NOT a good idea to be brushing my teeth while watching this performance. I think I swallowed some colgate :S Anyway, whoo~ that was hot :DD. This was their performance from the “Protect Water” Concert. I’ll look for other performances (if there are any) tomorrow when I’m more awake and energetic than I am now.

I can’t decide if I like Minho or Onew’s outfit best. Minho, with his height, is able to pull off almost anything let alone when he’s wearing something as incredibly hot as a SUIT lol. Onew looks positively adorable in his bowtie ribbon thingy. What do you call those things? It’s like a ribbon tied up in a bow but it’s probably not ribbon since it wouldn’t hold as strongly .. but you get what I mean. Key looks like he’s off to a wedding XD. I wished they’d all worn black suits. Omg lmao imagine if they had different coloured ties (since Jonghyun has a silver one :PP). And I’m loving the handkerchief in pocket XDD. Reminds me of Mr Bean lmao do you know the episode where he goes to meet the Queen? HILARIOUS STUFF. Er, okay, why I’m talking about Mr Bean during a SHINee post, I have no idea.

I don’t like this cameraman though. I feel as if I saw Onew for two seconds and then that was it :( Btw, watch the video quick – it’s SBS ;)

Also, I have information on SHINee Forums’ streaming site for their videos. You will need to register an account to have access to this site. Register HERE. It’s quick and easy so do it now :))


  1. O_o I should be sleeping instead I’m here watching lol

    I’m loving Minho & Key in their suits … agree with you Minho can pull of anything especially wearing a suit :) I kinda wish they were all in black suits since 3 of them already had them on plus Jonghyun had a silver tie and Minho had checkered or dots on his I can’t tell … different color ties or shirts underneath would look good also. :( why wasn’t Onew shown as much, but he looked adorable in his ribbon tie thingy. Is it me or is Taemin’s jacket not fitting him properly?

  2. *nosebleeds*

    OMG. This plus wrong number MV = number 1 fangirl murderer. LOL. Onew has that Kevin bow-thingum on x) He looks like a little boy :3 The cameraman is an idiot, hahahaha, I want my dubu! And HAHA Mr Bean?!

  3. ^^ I knew you would post about this. How could you not? I mean they’re performing Amigo IN SUITS! Wait, let me talk about the suits first – JH’s is my favourite – I love that it’s all black with just that hint of colour in the silver tie. Hotness~ Then, I love Onew’s bowtie thing as well, suits him perfectly (I think it’s called a bowtie, not sure) Minho in a suit with the hat just looks like he’s a giant – OMG! He looks so tall! I mean, taller than he usually does – although I feel like he didn’t really get a lot of close-ups in this performance though, I barely saw him. Taemin’s hair – I love it, he looks so sweet and older but not too old. I like that they were wearing different coloured suits but I’m not sure I would have split up the colour scheme like that.

    Anyway, on to the actual performance – it was amazing although the dancing was a little awkward at times given the suits and all. Still! I think it could be the best Amigo performance yet (or at least one of the best). It was so good – I’m glad I saved it for last. And no back-up dancers – yay!

    And since you said you felt like you didn’t see Onew much, fancam:

  4. ahh the suits. Everyone pulls it off amazingly.
    There’s something about Asian men..boys…in suits lmao.

    I think Minho looks the best in his suit cause he sure has long legs.
    Wondubuful onew looks cute with the tie, Taemin looks pretty good cause his hair perfectly matches his suit, and Jong Hyun looks masculine with his suit on<3 Ahh SHINee.

    ughhh I HATE it when they do closeups other than Onew! I adore wondubuful Onew and it makes me sad he doesn’t get as much screen time T_T But thank you poster above me to post the fancam! Onew glaoreeee<3

  5. babiegel
    Yeah I’m online up til when my dad actually disconnects the net XDD. But I think I can see why they didn’t put them all in black. It would’ve looked very depressing and the performance wouldn’t feel as vibrant? I think Taemin just has a too small frame XD

    I know, I feel faint these days (maybe cause I’m in front of the comp all day) but I’m sure this sort of sexyness overload has something to do with it :P

    Haha of course! Any boy in suit is worth posting about let alone SHINee ;DD. Yeah after deciding I didn’t see much of Onew, I couldn’t really name who got the most camera time :/ And thank you so much for the Onew fancam ♥♥♥♥ asdlaskdjalkjdls

    I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS XDD Wondubuful is my favourite word. Seriously. And yes, there is something about Asian men (boys) in suits :) They’re extra delicious XD (I’m so hungry atm – literally lol).

  6. OHEMGEE. I love my boys in suits. It’s so smexy.

    Taemin reminds me of like, a little boy trying to look all formal. SO CUTE X3
    Minho… looks like he can’t see with that hat on. O_o’ Iunno.
    I just want to take them all out of the screen and carry them in my pocket like that. xDD SHINEE IN SUITS FTW~

    Must get screencaps and make something out of this perf when I have time. -currently procrastinating- ^^;

  7. ^He does look like a little boy but I like his hair this way :) It’s not full fat and it’s not like YES THATS RIGHT IM HOT so I find its better for my health this way :)

  8. yaaaahh.. they need more ondubu close ups. T.T
    But they totally pulled off the suits! Even if they were a bit stiff. XD
    I don’t get it though, there are fountains, fire, and smoke everywhere…
    and this is a PROTECT water concert? eehhh? O.o

  9. ^I think the stiffness was cause it’s hard to dance in suits XDD. And LOL there was a bit too much water for a Protect Water Concert XDD

  10. Haha, while watching this perf I realized that the mv in the bg not in sync with the live one XP
    and the cameraman seemed to loves jonghyun this time XD everytime there is Onew’s sing part, he would always filmed it from JH side either from Onew’s backview haha..

    nah, I suggest you to see this, 02:06-02:09, Minho’s pose *dying* XP

  11. Ahhh they’re soo cool!
    At first I wasn’t a big fan of SHINee but recently I unno, after watching a few performances I noticed that they have an amazing stage presence!

    I watch them.. and then I drool… but then I remember their age… and feel like a pedo =_=//

  12. kandie
    Lol yeah it’s because the MV playing in the background has the intro at the start where it’s just Minho and the girl. LOL yeah I definitely saw Jonghyun a lot more than I did see Onew XD.

    AND YES that was very hot. Minho looks really good in that hat and when he put his hand up to fix it/press it down (idk) it was like *SWOOOOON*. Reminded me of those detective people and they’re very hot XDD.

    YAY! I’m glad you’re watching their performances even though you weren’t a big fan. They’re amazing performers and I don’t remember watching a performance where I was ever let down. And it’s okay, PEDO-ing is no longer a crime. Not since Taemin got rid of his bowlcut XDDD

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