Posted by: lovediaries | November 12, 2008

DBSK – Wrong Number MV

{credit: Sumberlosy @ youtube}

Picture their “Beautiful You” MV combined with their Anycall CFs and you get the MV for “Wrong Number”. That’s just what I felt while watching, because the MV was pretty dark throughout and there was just this constant blue haze. The scene of Yunho checking himself out in the mirror is especially reminiscent of the same scene from “Beautiful You”. Having said that though, I enjoyed this MV a lot more.

I like the idea of stuff happening and then rewatching it through a screen. It’s kinda creepy, like they’re being stalked (though I think that’s the point), but interesting. Reminds me of that 5ive MV…do you guys remember them? Or F5ve…LOL how did they spell their name? XDD My memory has been failing miserably as of lately.

Anyway, the choreography is hot (except it looked like they did the sign of the Cross at the start :S )but I can’t say the same for their jeans. Seriously, it looks like Yunho is trying out GD’s style with socks wrapped around his pants. EWW. Unless, GD’s socks were actually the bottom of his pants? XD.

Junsu looked very charismatic driving the car and I really liked Jae’s scenes where he’s lying down on the carpet with his stuff scattered around him and singing “something something hajiman” (the only word I could pick out XD). It sounded very sexy ;)

Oh and some things I LOL at:

  • Changmin sitting in an almost empty room with a piano. Does anyone else find him sort of out of place?
  • I’m sorry you got the wrong number. So don’t call me no more” – that line in general is crack
  • Yunho lying in a tub. It’s like seeing Onew trying to be cool … idky it had the same effect on me because Yunho can pull off hot and sexy but I still cracked up real bad
  • Also, my friend pointed this out to me: Jae sings “bumhair” at 1.45 …. I didn’t even notice XDD

p.s I wish Yoochun showed some more emotion while lipsynching. No need to go OTT but I’m sure he puts in more effort & has more facial expressions when he’s actually singing his lines :/



  2. me too i like this mv it’s wonderfull … jaejoong looks verry hot and sexy lying down and his rapping part was so sexy… he is good at rapping..
    they all lokked very sexy wearing suits wowww

  3. First..LOL. Yunho..Bathtub..LOL.
    The HOT.
    I really like it, and there shoes..i like them too.
    I don’t get in the beginning..when Junsu and Yunho..kind of stop and look at eachother while on the just bothers me..i see no real point of that..excpet..maybe from that angle..Yunho looks really good.
    Yunho…looks good in a suit.
    They all do, but the other clothes..are pretty bad..T_T

    I have a theory, Yoochun’s hair looked so it looked really good, if he moved around to much, it would mess up.
    Yes. OR Hes mad that they let Junsu be in the nice car this time, and its showing it by not letting us see his pretty face expressions.

    IDK..its early. Too sleepy to actually think.

    Its really good, looks like it was made a bit quickly.
    Still really hot.

  4. My comment is too long!!..
    But i have to add..
    Jae…looks really good…laying on the floor…with a glass of wine..

    (Putting the phone in the glass..XD)

  5. Is it bad to say I’m loving this MV more than the Mirotic one? Lol I know someone who has silver shoes like the ones they have but she’s a girl …

    Junsu looked really good in here … I want to be in his car while he drives ;P the boys look good in their suits as usual especially Yunho, but then again when hasn’t he looked good in a suit. I really wish Yoochun had a different hair style, you can hardly see his face :( Jae lying on the carpet makes you want to lie next to him or on top haha *sorry deprived of sleep cause of work mind’s imagining a lot of things* Jae’s rap was good, he should do it more often :) & for baby, well I have no words it’s Changmin DAMN!

    p.s. totally off topic I’m watching cartoon KAT-TUN on another window & Junno from KAT-TUN *jpop* looks almost like Changmin.

  6. Guh, they look so good.
    Suits! <3
    Why did Jae put his phone in the glass?
    If he didn’t want it, I’d take it for him!
    I really like this MV.
    And you’re right, the english in this song is pretty cracktastic.

    And I think GD was wearing short pants with the socks.
    ^I love KAT-TUN. Yeah, Junno sorta looks like him at times.

  7. Here’s the remedy: Vitamin B3(Niacin) for retaining good memory. Heheheh. I sure as heck need it too. WOW…Jae doing some bit of rapping…that’s a first, right? Well done. It’s interesting spin when one of the main vocalists does parts that he usually doesn’t do. Yunho looks great in front of mirror..but looks like he was looking for stubble on his chin..hahah. Thanks for the post.

  8. hahah!! omg XD~  your entry made me laugh *lol*
    I also thought it looked kinda like Beautiful You ^^” because of the suit’s i think XD (as for the cross thingy~ i didn’t even notice that!! you’re so observant! XD~ it really looks like it ^^”)
    but the best comment would be ‘Also, my friend pointed this out to me: Jae sings “bumhair” at 1.45 …. I didn’t even notice XDD’
    OMG XD~ I think the people living near me are now afraid of me XD~

    But I really like the MV though <3 Though I didn’t pay attention to the car (maybe it’s just me because i’m not interested in such things XD ) at the beginning ^^”
    Jaejoongs rap was <3333 LOVE! *_*

  9. This MV is quite …. unusual. I think I have to watch it a few more times for it to sink in.. Lol.

    Jay’s rapping was refreshing!!

    and Yunho’s body is yummy-licious as usual..

    Lol. Micky looked really pissed off with the phone calls in the MV.
    Micky’s hair actually doesn’t look so bad now, its actually quite nice!

    Was Micky’s blazer the same one he wore for Mirotic? Cause of the badge on his left…. hmmm….. -ponders-

  10. this mv is very fanservicey? lol yea def.

    lol I still question why the hell did leader yunho go into a bath tub when he…didn’t even take a shower?
    And Jae…is he trying to be a depressed drunkXD?
    Man if he decided to put that really nice phone into wine, he should have just taken out the battery or put it on ebay lol.
    He’ll sure make thousandsxD

    I remember I tried making the misheard lyrics for this and so the beginning sounds to me like “Haru you’re too bushy cho gone a wagging a gone” something like thatxD

  11. I’m not going to bother saying how awesome this MV is…but Jae lying on the floor in angst is just so freakin sexy. I thought it was hilarious when whoever it was put the phone in the wine ^_^. But I liked the song so much more after watching the MV. And I wouldn’t mind having a car with a “TVXQ” license plate :D.

  12. lol I’m sure this is just my internet’s fault, but you know, blind fangirlness. -lifestory- When I opened this video/page, all of a sudden my internet went all haywire and then died. EVEN MY INTERNET KNOWS DBSK IS TOO HOT TO HANDLE LOL

    About the mv….
    well first of all I totally DIED when I saw Jae lying there on the carpet. I was like O_O plus a weird expression of pleasure. And we totally needed more scenes of that PLEASE.
    imo, I love how in DBSK’s MVs they love to destroy expensive things. Remember way back when in My Destiny when Changmin threw the ipod onto the ground? And Yunho threw that shiny watch onto the concrete in the rain? And now cellphones in wine?
    And I was :DDDD OMG IT’S JUNSU’S TURN TO DRIVE THE CAR when I saw him driving XD And I want that TVXQ license plate when I get a car. IDC IF I GET PULLED OVER.
    I will say nothing about their clothes I will say nothing about their clothes.

    Bottom line is, AWESOME considering this wasn’t my favorite song off the album (good, but not my favorite)

  13. So, I’m pretty sure there was major adlibbing at the end. I really don’t remember those notes in the original. XDDD

    Now, major fangirling.



    The hair, the concept, the CHOREOGRAPHY…everything is just..OMGLOVE. The car is pimpin’ (I swear to god, I will get a license plate with something relating to them), the clothes are all right if you focus from the waist up, their moves are so sharp and flatout awesome…I can go on and on with this.

    But did Jae rally have to destroy that phone? There are fangirls all over the world who would want that. I don’t even care if it was touched by Jae, I JUST WANT A NEW PHONE. ;-; But it being held by Jae would be a bonus?

    …Considering Yunho’s extreme lack of clothes is the majority of the video, does this mean he’ll perform the song shirtless? 8D Oh how much I will love their manager if they do that. Don’t give me those looks, a girl can dream.

    But I really am looking forward to their performances of this. Should be great. And Jae SHOULD be better at rapping live by now compared to his “SAY FOUR! FOUR FOUR FOUR! FOUR FOUR FOUR! YO!” days.

  14. Th MV is hot, I didn’t know it was Jae who rapped with Yunho. I was shocked at first -.- He has hidden rapping skills :D I love th dance, I hope there’s a dance version coming up soon (:

  15. ME: OMG, Yunho in a tub. -strokes screen- OMG, Jaejoong on the floor.
    SISTER: You naughty girl, why are you watching porn? Ugh… I’m going to get gray hairs over you…
    ^ROFL. :]

    Teehee, I kept meaning to download this song, now I can remember it better since there’s an MV…. Iunno, my logic is weird. :]

  16. sabrina

    Jae’s solo scenes were definitely my favourite in this MV <3333

    Dw about long comments! I feel as if I haven’t seen you around much lately :/ And I really like their shoes too!!! Lol I have no idea either. And yes your Yoochun theory makes sense!!! ‘

    Um, no? I can’t decide which one I like more but this one probably isn’t as whack as Mirotic XD I’m glad Junsu got the car this time haha. LOL LIE ON TOP OF HIM XD You’d like that XDD
    I remember when they used to compare Changmin to Jerry from F4 too lol but I haven’t yet seen a picture of Junno which reminds me of Changmin (though I don’t exactly follow KAT-TUN) XD.

    Lol cause he doesn’t want to be called anymore ;) LOL really? GD’s pants aren’t like full length? XD

    Where do I get Vitmin B3 from?
    Yeah unless you count “Free Your Mind” as rapping? xD And I agree! Just like how Junsu raps in “Love Bye Love” he sounds incredibly hot lafjlkdsfjs

    LOL I take that as a good thing ^___^ Haha yeah I thought that move looked awfully familiar XDD I keep hearing “bumhair” when I listen to the song now T____T

    Jae’s rapping was quite refreshing :) Hahaha I’d be pissed off to if someone kept calling me and they had the wrong number XD Omgosh the lyrics crack me up so bad

    Yunho was definitely fanservice-y here. Lmao depressed drunk .. at least he’s a very sexy one ^___^ Ooh you make misheard lyrics videos? :DDD

    He was incredibly sexy I keep having that image of him on the carpet in my head :)

    Your internet is all fixed now right? They do like to destroy expensive things O_o Instead of wrecking them, they should give those things to me ^___^ Ah, to use a phone that Jaejoong touched, to listen to an ipod that Changmin used *happy sigh*. If anyone drove around with a “TVXQ!” car plate, I would like steal it XDD.

    Apparently the adlibbing at the end is the difference XD I seriously have no idea. The choreography is indeed very hot!!! Lol I want a new phone too! And I wanted his!! Though I also like BB’s Edge phones :DD. Yunho looked so confident strolling around half naked, I wouldn’t be surprised if he performed like that XDD.
    AND LMAO When did Jae rap like that? XDD And why Four and not Five?

    Oh really? You didn’t? See, aren’t we thankful for MVs ^^ Yeah the dance is hot, hope

    Alex Ryom
    Whoops, almost missed your comment. LOL Their MVs are becoming more and more like p0rn eh? XDD. And aw your sister is so caring hahahah funny funny ^__^

  17. XDD of course it’s fixed. I just started freaking out because I thought the internet knew of DBSK’s hotness.

    I actually think fangirls would pay good money for those destroyed expensive electronics even though they were already useless ^^ I know I would. I’d be all OMG YES *runs off to buy an expensive trophy case to display a single insertthingheldby_____here*
    I want to steal the car toooooo D: But I’m too young to drive. You take the driver’s seat, I’ll take the passenger’s and we can drive and show off in KOREA and places >=D

  18. ^Er, what makes you think I can drive … but okay, if we somehow manage to get that car (the boys had better come along with the car >:D) then I’ll go learn how to drive :)

  19. ^ IDEA. WHEN we get the car with the boys, we make one of them drive it. But not Junsu or Changmin, because we can sit in the back with them and….. stuff. So TECHNICALLY neither of us need to learn how to drive! :D

  20. An example of Jaejoong’s early…rap…prowess. XD

  21. Aah..the video is out BUT it disappoint me.
    I don’t know, when I saw the pictures of the car and the location for the MV, I was really excited for it and kept listening to the song over and over again and anticipating for the MV to come out.

    Hmmm..I agree with Changmin being thrown in a room with just a piano. Wait, it doesn’t even look like a room.It’s merely four walls and a floor slab, no windows no nothing…I bet there’s no ceiling.LOL.But reaaaalllyy…he should have more screentime. And so’s the part of Jae’s rapping. But good job on him being an emo drunkard on the floor. And give me the phone instead!! I need a new one pronto!

    Other than that, the English cracks me up too. Yoochun’s hair looks OKAY in this MV…I approve it ^^ And as for Yunho..hmm…nice bod. And it does remind me of Beautiful You as well…except he’s shirtless.

    OH. And the beginning reminds me of Big Bang as well..what with the whole gangster/hip-hop theme going on…and the shoes too.

    Okay, end of review

    But I’m still disappointed though. They could have done better XD

  22. epicism
    YOU’RE RIGHT! Why learn to drive when we can get drivers ;)

    OMG LOL I totally remember watching that XDD

    I’m pretty annoyed at the lack of screentime Changmin got but I did like practically everything else. LMAO at Jae “being an emo drunkard”. But he did look very good :PPP

    Yeah, I thought the beginning did remind me of Big Bang too. Was it their “With U” MV? XD.

  23. hmmm I can pair each of them with one word

    Yunho – nosebleed
    Changmin – where?
    Jaejoong – rap =P
    Micky – hair(i love it)
    Xiah – anyone notice a connection with purple line driving… <= yes more than one hair

    did anyone else notice how the screen kept tilting… i thought it was nice but sometimes it’s like o.O
    Otherwise I loved it =)

  24. ^LOL @ “Changmin – where?”. I hope they film an MV for “Wish” lol. Just so I can see Kyuhyun and Changmin together :DDD

  25. Love this mv, though I’m not feeling the song yet ^^”. It’s okay, as long as the boys presence is viewable, I would totally dig it even with no music and sound at all ;)
    the dance is so sleek, reminds md of their “beautiful you” dance.

    Now goes on with review to each member :)
    Yunho, his hot glance at 00:24 was *melts*. And being topless throughout the entire mv is totally made my day lol XDD
    Yoochun, yes he’s the best in acting, especially in the emo and depressed ways, JJ must’ve learned from him lol!
    Jaejung, rapping+solo dance=HOTNESS!! And the part where the phone throwed to a glass of wine making such dramatic effect!
    Junsu, FULL OF EXPLODING CHARISMA!! XDDD And he’s driving? Haha, I’ve seen in their mv-making before where junsu got the driving part too, and the car was actually pulled out! LMAO! was it summerdream? Haha, idk.
    And changmin, anyone could make up what he said at 02:19? I heard “reset”? Idk, XD. But I love his praying-like pose haha.
    and the phone-answering pose at the end was totally.. fits the song best.

    Gosh, another long comment again I made.. ^^”

  26. ^This song is totally ruined ever since my friend pointed out Jaejoong’s “bumhair”. Seriously, that is the only word I ever hear when I listen to this song. I dread it coming up because I know it’ll crack me up XDDD. And yes, another similarity to “Beautiful You” ;)

    Mmmhmm, Jae’s scenes were my favourite. Lol but don’t forget Junsu also drove in “Miss You” !!!!! But he looks hotter in this MV where he’s not like pining after someone xD

    I think he said reset too. Either that or it’s restart. And it’s okay, I love long comments :))

  27. I’m addicted to this song so badly, that I’m singing it without noticing it. I also agree, all of them looks hot in a suit.

    Yunho is so sexy without a shirt on, then again that’s what you should expect of a start, lol.

    I really want the phone they have on the mv, what kind of phone was it?

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