Posted by: pinkandsparkly | November 12, 2008

PAS’ New Love – Top Combine Part 1

Okay, so I kinda promised Beckery that I wouldn’t blog till after my last exam (IN A WEEK. OMG) but GAHHH. PRETTY BOYS. MUST SHARE.

To those who don’t know me, HIIIIIII, I’m pinkandsparkly, the administrator of this blog who hasn’t posted in a few months now XDD;;; Idk, blogging just lost its *spark*, BUT NOW I’VE FOUND NEW SHINIES TO TALK ABOUT :DDDDDDD. New shinies in the form of Top Combine, a new Chinese boyband.

I’ll be splitting this pimp post into many, many parts, cos I find that people normally don’t read essays that I write :( So I’ll start you off with one of their first performances:

Video: coolxuemin @ Youtube

The first song they performed is their title track “Arrive” choreographed by Shinhwa’s choreographer. The MV was directed by the director who directed “O” and “Purple Line”. More on that later.

The second song was composed by one of the members (the first one to sing in the second song) and it’s suuuuuuuch a cute and sweet song <333 GO WATCH IT. NOW. NAAAAAOOOOOOOO.

I shall end this post here, cos I need to go study XD;;; But yes, look forward to more Top Combine brainwashing when I’m DONE WITH EXAMS :DDD WEEEEEEEE :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

*swings around in chair*

*falls off*



  1. I love you and I miss you… but I still love KOne (remember them?!) more than air when it comes to Taiwanese/Chinese boybands. My mind may change when China finally releases their drama based on Prince of Tennis (helllloooo Tezuka Kunimitsu. I don’t care that he’s an anime character, I’m going to marry him), but for now. Dancing, singing, charisma, fun.

  2. ahh thanks for sharing this! lol seriously, I needed new Chinese boy bands to explorexDDD

    They don’t sound bad and I like their dancing…plus they look pretty cute ohoho<3

  3. New boyband I have to check outttttttttt. I saw their album on ZD … I should try them out, haha.

    And I will totally send you those Namie Amuro songs when I stop being so lazy ^^;;. Good luck with your exams! And come back soon; I miss you *clings*

  4. hmmm, their songs are not bad. but they have a little of the korean boyband kind of feel?

    oh! i just googled them and their profile mentioned that the grp consists of chinese and korean members?

    anyway, they look pretty cool. shall go find out more about them.
    Thanx for sharing! =]

  5. Lol didn’t think you’d listen to them … I’ve heard they were being compared to SJ-M … they’re songs pretty good. I like them better than Lollipop & HIT-5 but that’s just me … PAS you should try listening to Seventeen they’re pretty good too (my opinion only, don’t need to take my word for it) it’s only audio Seventeen’s first song Chen Chuan Ai?

  6. It’s about time you do a post on them :D. I don’t know much about them, but I have been stalking cfensi’s blog hehe. I think they are pretty talented. They can sing all right (from what I’ve heard), and they can dance. They’re gaining popularity fast in China, I’ve read.

  7. Yes you did promise me and u broke the promise, so I think some presents are required =P

    Anyways, I’ve changed my mind and decided I want Mars as my lover boy and Kenny as my boy toy. Kthxbai.

  8. ^Oi bec back off. Go find your very own rl Kenny ;P Leave the canto boys to the canto girls ;)

  9. Nanshi:
    Omg, he’s my favourite anime character too!! Sooooo attractive, and yes, I don’t care that he’s an anime character either :P

    I haven’t seen KOne on tv in ages :( Well, excluding JR’s MC-ing activities, anyway. I hope their agency gets them more tv appearances (and maybe a new album?) cos they’re so talented and I’d love to see them and DBSK have a dance-off; lol, wishful thinking XD

    They are pretty cute, aren’t they ;)

    There’s a LOT of great Chinese music out there; have you checked out the C-pop pimp post I wrote with Spazzes awhile ago??


    Except now I’ve got three months of ABSOLUTE BOREDOM to look forward to :P

    Have you downloaded their album yet??? It’s really good (for a C-pop boyband, lol) I like their ballads ^^

    Yup, one of the boys is Korean :D

    And they trained in Korea for six months…


    I personally have no interest in Lollipop (shhhh) but yea, other people like them XD

    The link you gave me won’t work :((

    Oooo, you know them??? DO YOU WANT TO HELP ME BRAINWASH PEOPLE?!?!?!?

    Presents? How ’bout the gift of air? No? Space? :P


    Pffffft, he speaks mandarin better than me xPPP

  10. omgsh xueyang <333333
    he’s the one that composed cotton candy
    and in the mv he plays his violin
    he is too cute

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