Posted by: lovediaries | November 13, 2008

081112 SHINee Eco Water Song

{credit: misterkrabspatties @ youtube}

Sorry for spamming (since I should’ve put this with SHINee’s “Amigo” performance). In process of dling HQ so bbl~

The little girl is SO CUTE OMG!!! (I wonder why the girl they sang with didn’t perform instead). She is so happy and just smiles non stop :))) And I didn’t mention this yesterday but I really like the stage. It’s all set out like ‘Under the Sea’ and makes me think of pretty Mermaids (like Ariel and not the ones in the movie version of “Peter Pan”) :DDD. The moment SHINee started popping up I was like OOOOH. It’s nothing as exciting as DBSK jumping up but I think it looked nice all the same.

Was this actually live? Or did they (especially Onew in his opening lines) just seem awkward singing? Or is it just me who thinks that? It sounds live in some points and then some it just sounded exactly like the recording O___O Minho sounded awesome and the look in his eyes just before he smiled was …*goes to look for a thesaurus* …stunning, incredible, astonishing, and em look for more words here. Key’s ending pose with his hands was so cute~


  1. OMGOMGOMG. I wanna be that little girl. Jonghyun .. in such close proximity. @_@ If only I could sing…

    And at 0:37, I think Jonghyun tripped down a step. xD
    [You can tell where my eyes were focused on during these performances with suits. ;D]

  2. ^LOL SERIOUSLY WHERE WERE YOU LOOKING? XDDDD And I know! First he had his hand around her shoulder but then it looked like he was resting on her lmao XD

  3. Yay for suits! Minho is looking nice w/ the hat too. Lol at Taemin tripping on the stairs. At least he didn’t crash into Onew or something.=P At first I thought Shinee was lipsyncing and the little girl was live which didn’t make much sense, but at the very beginning her voice starts a bit too early, so they were all lipsyncing. No complaints, but I would like to hear it live once.

    These events usually get awkward due to the audience’s age like during the instrumental break. I’d like to see some ajumma screaming “Ondubu sarangheyo!” I know I would. Not that I’m an ajumma. *shifty eyes*

  4. lol @ laflor501- i would also like to hear an ahjumma screaming ‘ONDUBU’ as well..

    ahh but i love their voices and that girl is such a cutie.. i feel like i’ve seen her somewhere…a drama perhaps?

    but the boys looked like they wanted to break out in dance during that instrumental break… and that would have kind of been AMAZING!!

  5. laflor501
    lmao I saw Taemin slip too XDD. Lucky he regained balance last minute ^^”. And yeah, after rewatching it, I think they really were all lipsynching. Ah well, wonder when they’d next perform this song.

    Yeah I thought it was sort of awkward too because the audience was kinda like “hmmm”.

    That girl really is so adorable :) I wonder if anyone knows her name ^^~

  6. awww.. that little girl is uber cute! :D
    oh, and I found out that her name is Kim Hyang Gi.. ^^

    gah, they all looked extremely handsome in suits *___* and i really love Onew’s smiling throughout the song, he’s so adorable as always XD
    did you notice that Taemin almost tripped at 00:36?

  7. ^Thanks for letting me know! I knew she looked familiar – she’s the little girl in Magolpy’s MV with Yoochun and Shindong and Heechul :DDD

    And yes I did notice him. His feet kinda slid down a step, yes? XD

  8. who have the lyric of “water song – Shinee”?
    i was deeply fall in love with it
    share me please
    i’ve search it
    but i got nothing

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