Posted by: lovediaries | November 14, 2008

081106 SHINee Uniform Shoot

Just thought I’d do up another post since LAEC has been real quiet today ^___^.

It’s a shame I can’t embed SHINee videos from shineesubs anymore :(. Ah well. Watch the video HERE.

But still *bbl-ing*

I’ll make this quick cause it’s late now and I’ve had a long day xDD.

They do their shoots on a trampoline which looks very fun! But if I were to bounce on a trampoline, my cheek fat would be having a workout of its own too XDD. They refer to Key as “SHINee’s camera ghost” lmao. I never got the chance to post about his PR video but I’m sure most of you have all seen it already, yes? :P. And omg when it was Taemin’s turn I thought it was Minho O.o Probably because he was standing on the tramp while the stylist person was on the ground fixing his tie so I thought he was extra tall and mistook him as Minho XD. Very glad to see Minho now answers questions asked and looks directly at Yooeun. I mean, we all remember the days where he ignored the microphone, right? ^^.

There is also ONTAE and ONKEY in this :DDD. Also, “looking at them making a heart, it feels like my insides are burning” LOLOLOL. And was that Victoria Song filming with Taemin !?!?!?!??!?! AND KEY IS SUCH A PLAYER </3333



  1. There’s actually an embed feature for the videos, if you look on the side. ^^

  2. Alex Ryom’s got it right, chica. I’m not sure if it works though – I haven’t tried it myself.

    I watched that a little while ago myself. It was quite funny. Ah, I agree about MinHo – I couldn’t help noticing how natural he looked talking into the mic and staring at the camera while answering. I felt so proud. ^^ Minmin’s growing up~

    Oh, I loved Onew’s and Key’s expressions on the trampoline – and Key nearly fell off! I was a little scared for him, to be honest. Oh, but Taemin has gotten taller though! You see it when he stands with the others. >.< I almost forgot he’s still growing.

    Anyway, I really popped by to share this Onew fancam with you – I thought you’d like it:

  3. Alex Ryom
    I tried that but it doesn’t work. It embeds this yellow window with a flash player icon but when I went to post it all came up blank.

    Lol of course I’ve tried it and no it didn’t work. I’ll try again some time later but I guess linking it is no biggie. It just makes the post look sorta boring XDD. YEAH LMAO when Key almost fell off my heart skipped a few beats too but of course he’d recover. And yeah! Taemin seemed so happy when they told him he’s grown ^____^

    And thank you for that fancam <333333 It’s really sad they have to rehearse in their uniforms but those rehearsals are often my favourite cause good looking guys in uniforms = HOT HOT HOT. And hehe when their hair is just flat Minho and Taemin really look alike ^___^. Onew is so smiley, he makes me very happy seeing him :)) Thanks again <3333

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