Posted by: lovediaries | November 14, 2008

081114 Big Bang Comeback on Music Bank

THEY PERFORMED FOOLISH LOVE and of course Sunset Glow!!

Foolish Love – Seungri leaning against a lamp, Taeyang sitting on a park bench, Daesung, um, standing there – need I say more? It’s always interesting that they always start off with the three of them dancing ^^. Oh and I so recognise Taeyang’s dancer as the same one from his “Look Only at Me”; actually, she’s everywhere XD. Then TOP and GD enter. YAY for GD in normal clothes :DDD. Except a =] on his beanie while singing a sad song like this??? XDDD. Actually they all had nice clothes in this. Definitely better outfits than their Sunset Glow ones. Very Autumn feel, don’t you think? GAH loved this performance and I love the song <33333

Sunset Glow – LMAO how many different colours do you think they have that set of clothes in ??? TOP is still looking really sexy. I’m starting to think it’s the outfit ;)) But the hair is still looking great, of course. And omg GD has those eyeballs on his fingers too XDDD. I think Daesung looks best in this colour because there are no bright red pants and he doesn’t look like a snowman XDDD.

Lol I find myself always making fun of their performances of “Sunset Glow” but believe me, I am liking the song more and more :).

I’m, er, needing to sort out some issues at home first so um, bbl ^^””


  1. *gasp* They performed Foolish Love?! That’s my favourite song off the album! (I still love Strong Baby but Foolish Love’s overtaken it – so soothing…) Thank you for posting about it!

    Performance was really good, vocals-wise, although I think SR’s ‘right, right’s were a little flat. No big though. TOP looked so good – I love his pink shades and how he rocks them so effortlessly. Sorry to say it but I think GD looks like a hobo – I’m glad his clothes are getting more normal now tho. ^^ Tbh, I’m not feeling the dancing so much just because I don’t think dancing is necessary for this song BUT it was good, not over the top, although I don’t really see how those girls’ outfits fit in with the song and everything but why nitpick? Oh, and that was the same girl from the video – props for recognizing her! Since I don’t think it’s obvious, I really liked the performance! And I’m so happy they performed it! Not too interested in the Sunset Glow perfs. actually but I’ll be waiting for your take on it. Hope it’s nothing serious you got to deal with. Laters.

  2. I’m happy they performed ‘Foolish Love’
    That’s my favorite off the new album =D
    So I love the performance.
    And yes, yay for normal clothes!
    The dancer’s name is JiHye, and I love her more than air. =D

  3. yumimaki
    LOLLL A hobo!?!?!? Really? I thought he looked nice in that coat ^___^. I’m sorta use to unnecessary choreography lol (I mean, DBSK have choreo for ALL their songs XDDD) so I don’t mind it that much. I rather like them each having their own dance partner. Makes the song all the more sensual, I think.

    I like “Haru Haru” more than “Sunset Glow” but I only ever saw one live performance because I absolutely hated the choreography for that so I don’t know why I’m watching practically all their “Sunset Glow” ones XDD. I guess it’s cute haha. Something a tad different :P

    Me too :)) Now it’s only a matter of time before they perform “Strong Baby” hehehe. Ooh wow thanks for letting me know. It’s always awesome when the dancers have a “name” as opposed to just being there, if you get what I mean.

  4. wahh.. I’ve been wondering whether this song will get the chance to be performed or not and suddenly, BAM! God has answer to my praying XD
    the dance was really match with the song, and I love the part when they put their hand under the dancers’ chin and lift it up smoothly haha. But somehow the dancers outfit is.. not really appropriatd? idk.
    Seungri’s “everything’s gonna be alright right” was cracking me up X) his cheeks were like blown up from saying those words lmao and him staring at 01:54 was.. *melts*. And GD, he’s going back to his old “This Love” days, with the beanie and coat :)
    then Sunset Glow!! this song has been my fav ever-since the first time I saw the choreo, soo cute and cheerful!! very tempting to be learned :D. Oh and I noticed that the dance part in Daesung’s bridge was similar like in their Last Farewell’s one, where all 4 of them went circling around him and going down like that ^^

  5. ^Lol yeah because groups hardly perform songs that I want XD I mean, SHINee still haven’t performed “Last Gift” (though they did perform “Romantic”…).

    And yes, I really liked the choreography, especially when they’re paired up :)

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