Posted by: lovediaries | November 15, 2008

081114 SHINee on Music Bank

Rehearsal – Thanks to yumimaki for linking me :). It’s an Onew fancam but you can also see Jonghyun, Minho and Taemin (no Key ;____;). That just made me realise that Onew never really stands next to Key at any point in time in this dance. Anyway, I feel really unfit watching this video because seeing Onew breathe heavily and pulling up his sleeves actually made me tired XDD LOLLLL.

Backstage – Nine seconds full of SHINee, FT Island and 2pm. BUT ITS NOT ENOUGH!!! I don’t know if Key was trying to do the Mexican Wave or what but they’re all so dorky ^___^

Amigo – New clothes!! Taemin looks like he has some VIP pass hanging off his neck XD. And I like Minho’s shoes :D. Jonghyun sounded a bit out of breath at the start though and there was just something kinda off during the first minute or so but then he regained his usual perfect self :). I think they’re all just really tired :( Taemin doesn’t forget to put on his fierce face for the camera though >:D. I found it hilarious how Jonghyun was lipsynching Onew’s “baby baby” just because the camera was on him and if you didn’t know better you’d think he was singing it xD. Watch Taemin at 2.37; he looks like he’s on some mission with the tugging of jacket and victory sign ;). And just when I thought I didn’t seem to get much of Key in this performance, he smirked at the camera at 2.48. Well it was more of a sexy smile *dies*. That’s it, must go look for HQ version of this performance ;P



  1. When I was watching th Amigo performance; me&my brother out of th sudden said th same thing – which is, “Taemin looks like Minho.” Just that Taemin’s hair is more of th bowl cut type.

  2. ^They looked really alike in the rehearsal clip! Cause they both had flat hair and were in their uniforms and they’re both the lanky type lol

  3. Ah, poor 2Min, having to go there right after school
    Nonetheless, great performance ^^ It seemed like Taemin was on a mission though, because when the camera wasn’t focused on him I think I kept seeing him do a kiddie smile O__o’

  4. ^Lol haha see, he did look like he was on a mission!

  5. yea, sure they seemed a bit tired here :/.
    And yes it’s our Almighty Key of course, making sure that in every single time he caught on the camera, he always puts that or a dying.smirk of him lol while Onew is the opposite, always making an adorable smiley face :D
    it’s funny how at the end of the rap, the camera angle started to rolling around and I got “eh? what happened?” then goes “ooh..” haha.

  6. ^Key really is so good in front of the camera, always making the right sort of faces. And Onew really can never stop smiling ^___^ So cute <3333

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