Posted by: lovediaries | November 15, 2008

081115 Music Core

DBSK: Wrong Number – Ooooh 1st live performance !!! THEY ALL CAME IN LIKE MARY POPPINS!!!! Okay, I made it sound a lot lamer than it looked but … that’s what it looked like!! Just no umbrellas or big dresses XDD. AND THEY’RE IN SUITS. ALSO, YOOCHUN (and Junsu and Jae too? :/) HAS NEW HAIR *____* Omg, they’re trying to kill me, aren’t they? Look at Changmin and Junsu at 0.36-0.38. Don’t they look like they’ve just …. idk, had some massive make out session? AHAHHAA NOT WITH EACH OTHER. But they’re fixing up their ties and that leads to my imagination running wild XD. Lol IM NOT BEING VERY COHERENT, AM I? During the chorus, the camera is down low and all I see are legs, legs, MORE legs. Then Changmin at3.07-ish *___* I can’t handle too many sexy smiles in a day. Except he wasn’t trying to be sexy – I just see everything he does as sexy xP.

Wow, awesome performance! The black suits go really well with the choreography and the music which is slightly eerie. I really do prefer a more classic look than a flashy/revealing one ^^” LOVED IT <3333

Big Bang: Sunset Glow – WOOT~!! They’re in my favourite colour this time :)) I knew this would happen soon xDDD. And either I never paid attention, or the cameraman is really good this time, but is this the first where they all show off their guns? DAESUNG WAS SO CUTE MY GOODNESS. TAEYANG TOO! He like pointed to his arm and then kinda went ^____^. The way he smiles reminds me of my cousin lmao. CUTE!!! But lmao at TOP; while Taeyang is singing the bridge, just watch him AHAHAHAHA. Almost as funny as Taemin’s faces during their Amigo performances XD. He kinda winked and then had a “oh, did l just…” sort of face. And during the “Ah ah ah” part, the cameraman was right up close which made it funner (not funnier) to watch :).

There was just something different about this performance. Though they’re always full of energy, this one was just WOAH. Maybe it’s the purple? Or maybe they’re full pumped for MKMF ;)

SHINee: Amigo – I’m so annoyed. I went to dl the HQ version of their performance from yesterday (in the same outfits) but after joining with HJ split, it refused to work 7.7 And even though this performance is like every other, I couldn’t help but feel a little rushed. Maybe knowing that they have to go to MKMF? IDK, I’m getting really excited. What are the chances of them getting the Newcomer award? laksjflaksdf Oh, I hope they have new outfits or even better, SUITS. Only for my sake of course and not to make their dancing any more convenient.

I remember reading an iple entry where Minho said they were once again preparing something … I wonder if it’s a stage for tonight? Maybe they’ll do like some Amigo remix or another Medley? Omg I would so love that. And please like sing a ballad tonight. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE.

WEEE~ I’m excited for MKMF (hopefully I won’t be disappointed with performances haha) but our post may be like a day late because tonight is also TVB’s Award giving night (I don’t know what it’s actually called lmao but it’s only like the most important night of the year for TVB actors/actresses so I have to watch it live meaning I’ll be watching til like 2/3am and will therefore not be able to blog ^^”), beckery is busy partying and pinkandsparkly should be studying. So yes, a lot sure is happening tonight XDD. But then again, I’ll probably be up early tmr to do a post before Church. No promises though xDDD. We’ll see~


  1. YESSSSS Wrong Number was awesomely hot!!!! I did not see the making out with someone though LMAO! I thought they all looked sexy though. Junsu’s hair was perfect styled. Yoochun’s hair is awkward as always, it is just to be expected now.

    OMG Top was pure gold through the entire performance. SO FUNNY! He was just making the funniest expressions, and his hair!!! :DDDD

    I really hope Shinee win tonight, I think they will. I would love to see a ballad to. “One For Me” PLEASE! That would make me sooooo happy. I don’t know why I get into these phrases but I just repeat one of their songs for a week and then go to the next one. Obv. that is the one for the week! LOL

    I am for sure staying up for MKMF (actually it started, them on the red carpet!!). But I’ll look forward to your post tomorrow. ;))

  2. LOL.
    Mary P.

    For the first perf. It was good, they seem really tired..heh…i watched it..and now i’m staying up 6 hours for MKMF..
    CHANGMIN+Bowtie=*me exploding*
    sorry..i drank a bit too much excited, it hasn’t even started and they won an award..XD

    I can’t wait to see their future WN, perfomances..
    (They watched a clip of them performing TRI-ANGLE..they all laughed..i’m glad they was a bad style)
    Oh yeah..and Yunho got bit by the fur bug..
    Like..GD..and all that.

    I’m done!

  3. ringy
    Oh. Well. Okay well I guess our brains operate differently XDDD. Hahaha you were going through a “Love’s Way” phase before, right? That was you I think? Hahaha. I actually watched a bit before and saw Lee Hyori on the red carpet but I had no idea what was happening and it was lagging so I figured I’ll just be patient and wait for people to upload. But then again, I have a tendency to forget what I say and just go blog anyway hahahah XDD.

    LOL *hi5*

    OMG WHAT? YOU SAY DBSK ON THE RED CARPET ALREADY? AND CHANGMIN IS IN A BOWTIE? Damnit, I’m so freaking tempted now too. But 6 hours !?!?!?! I … omg I don’t know what to watch tonight now :/// ARGHH WHAT TO DO!?!?!?!

  4. *cough* Watch MKMF with us *Cough*

    Look at this:


  5. ^OMG YOU ARE SO EVIL BUT I KINDA LOVE YOU RIGHT NOW. I silent squealed for a long time before I started choking XDDD. Omg FINE. I’ll watch til my TVB thing is on ^^”

    But Changmin looked the best!!!!!
    Then they left..and i got sad…T_T

    They look so good…sooo good..
    Yunho does need to lose the fur.
    Here i stole these, and uploaded them.



  8. Aww..beat me to it..

    They look good right???

  9. SHINEE! they are so..shiny!!!
    No more spamming?
    Did they all cut their hair???
    I’m sorry.. ^^

  10. ^^ LOL YOU GUYS HAVE SUCCEEDED. I’ve got another post up now so spam there~


    Changmin at 2:10ish!! killed me =(
    2:54 when Jae/jun/chang in the back hit that high note!!!
    Hot rap part/hot dance/hot suits…

    Ahhh DBSK why do you tease me soo!
    And all the changminness in the performance made up for the MV.

    Another nice performance.. btw their move at 0:27 is soo cute
    Yeah I know I don’t sound as excited but I am dead from the wrong number performance *cleans up drool and nosebleed*

  12. ^YES! How amazing was Changmin in this performance ^____^

  13. Wrong number.
    wah, the entrance was giving such dramatic effect! though I almost thinking of tarzan atm lmao! Xp
    gahh, I keep staring at Changmin this time, he gave a feeling like a boy who actually handsome but pretend to be doesnt know about it and keep making girls swoon over him ^^”
    yucheon, he really gives this song a sexy vibe with that sexy.voice of him *___*
    And lastly, the highlite of the perf, at 02:44 to 49, three different vocals blend in one perfect harmonization ever! LOVE IT SOO MUCH!! <333

    Sunset Glow.
    Hahaha, at the start YB was like “move move, it’s my time to show off my guns!” to TOP, who then made the exact pose as YB but, in the weak.mode way lol! And YB’s break-dance at GD’s rap was just whoa! O_o while the others only put funny dance haha..
    TOP’s way of rapping always made me laugh at how unique he can be, working that magic-fingers of him (Lies, anyone?) lmao XD
    gosh, lookin at Daesung’s never-ending smiling face is like, hah.. brings out the happiest time in life! :D

    ahh,, I dont like how the camera moves too much and shakes a lot, I barely saw the boys face in focus for more than 2secs *bleh*. was the cameraman nervous or the dance was just too fast? Lol, idek.
    Anyways, they sounded better here:)
    Key’s smile at his “hajiman sexy” part was surely to die for ;) and his “Let’s GO!” before Taemin’s dance was a little high-pitched I think? ahaha XP

  14. ^Yay, long comment <333

    LOL Tarzan XD. I really enjoyed that Wrong Number performance :))

    And yes magic fingers lol I know what you’re talking about XD. Daesung’s smile always makes me happy too :D

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