Posted by: lovediaries | November 15, 2008

Epik High singing So Hot

{credit: SunshinePark @ youtube}

Did you guys ever see the video of Epik High singing Kara’s “Rock You” ? Well now, they’re singing “So Hot” and it is like 1000x funnier XDDD. I was in tears by the time I finished watching/listening. Oh, Tablo (and the video says it’s DJ Tukutz with him but I also hear another female there?!?!?) ; he cracks me up so bad <33


  1. candice! are you watching mkmf ._.

  2. ^Uh-oh, why do you seem sad …

  3. LOL.
    Ummm no…


    “IM SO HOT!!!”
    I don’t even want to know..whos singing what..because i can’t really tell..
    “Eh eh eh.”
    LOL the man voice saying i’m so hot scares me…
    Nevermind..the whole thing scares me..

    Sorry..spazzing..not my fault.
    I blame DBSK..and coffee.

  4. ^LMAOOO But it was funny, Y/Y? XDDD. I think the really scary voice was DJ Tukutz cause it didn’t sound like Tablo .. LOL IDEK anymore XDDD.

  5. because my computer won’t let me watch it! Hahahaha x(

  6. ^Aww there there. I’m updating as I watch :) My net will suffer though .___.

  7. Hahahahahahha… PURE CRACK I TELL YOU. XD
    It was funny… Especially the weird “I’m so hot”s and the clip with soohee singing with that voice. :))
    And tablo seems to have gotten lazy about the rapping during yoobin’s part and was just mumbling. XD

  8. It sounds like they’re drunk in a karaoke room. O__o

  9. I agree with Alex- but that’s why it’s so funny. Loved their version of “lies” too ^_^

  10. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH! THAT WAS SO FUNNY! I think the Rock You one as funnier though!


  12. Kara
    LOL Yoobin’s rap was so funny XDD

    Alex Ryom
    ROFL they probably were xP

    No way! They sung “Lies” too? Omg gotta go listen…’s.left
    Haha really? Well this one did get spooky near the end XD

    um….O.o okay…

  13. hahaha XDDD!!! First, Lies. Then, Rock U. Now, So Hot. What’s next? Lol.
    The parts where they made up and mumbling to the lyrics in this song were soo funny and they even add their own stressing in every.single.end.of.the.line lmao!
    Ohmy I cant stop laughing at how crazy they can be, despite all of the great and cool music that they made ^^

  14. ^Haha yeah it’s fun seeing “another side” of artists like Epik High who produce music with such serious issues. We all know they’re all really dorks ;)

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