Posted by: pinkandsparkly | November 15, 2008

Theme song for Hangeng’s new drama [Preview]

Video: eleamor862002 @ Youtube

It’s a duet that he did with HuangYi (from the third Princess Pearl; really cute girl ^^)

It’s a nice song; really sweet~~ AND HE’S IMPROVED :DDDDD

I fail so much, I completely forgot he was working on a drama XDDD I think it’s called Young Stage? And it has dancing in it, I’m pretty sure.

I’m going to assume that it’s one of those inspirational stories where a young man has big dreams of becoming a star and then gets discovered by a nice agent, but then runs into 2938592 difficulties before finally making it big as a superstar. And of course, he has to met a few girls along the way.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the drama (I think they’ve just finished filming? I know they had a press conference for it…)


  1. Aw…he sounds so adorable..
    People can sound adorable!!
    He sounds more comfortable. ^^
    & He looks goood!
    I want to see it..
    I always like when guys put their hand in their pockets.

    (Heh..i was candychu is fast at posting..and then i saw pas..XD
    ) Not that..thats bad..You’ve been posting more and more..thats good!!!

  2. Rofl, I’ll take it as a compliment :P

    Na, I haven’t properly posted anything in awhile now…and I probably shouldn’t be posting cos I have an exam on wednesday XDDD Oh wells~

  3. Well study then!
    Or sleep..or whatever you bloggersthatdothingstheyaren’tsupposedtobedoing do. ^^

  4. LMAO I think it’s called Stage of Youth XDDDD. Unless they changed the name? :/

  5. Sssshhhh, it’s what the youtube uploader uploaded it as, okay xPPPPPP

  6. woa, so cute

    his voice…. aaaaaaaaa, great ^^

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