Posted by: beckery | November 16, 2008

Junho dancing cut fom Star’s Friend

Hey peoples! For those who dont know (I spy a lot of new readers, welcome! XD), I’m Beckery, an author here. Haven’t posted for a few weeks cuz of exams, but I’m back!!! Weeee….(Lol. This sounds stupid, but since Pinkandsparkly did a little intro thing, I thought I should too ^_^)

Credit to redberry94 @ youtube

Try clicking on “watch in high quality” to make it clearer. Redberry94 has also uploaded the whole show, but it doesnt have subs, so I’ll just wait patiently for the subs to come out XD haha.

Anyways, this is a clip of Junho (who is Junsu’s twin brother, for those who have been living in caves =P) dancing to “Tell Me” (haha, I think thats THE guy dance these day) and “U Go Girl”. GAH DYING OF CUTENESS OVERLOAD HERE!!! OMG I LOVE THIS GUY!! He’s absolutely hilarious! ROFL. Its so funny to see him, all tall, built and full of masculinity, do all those body waves, butt wriggles and sexy moves. And of course the “omona” part *_* OMG WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE!!! ♥♥♥

I love Junsu’s reaction in the background haha XDDD He cracks up like crazy and at 0.53 his reaction is priceless! Its kind off a shudder/head shake/”omg i cant believe this is happening” lol. Best part is the end where Junho shows off his S line. *dies*

Here are more photos to drool over, if you havent already =P. Click to enlarge. Credits to junsu baidu bar; jing_16@LJ; rainysakura@LJ








    I knew I was obsessed with him for a reason. And I love how Junsu looks like he’s the one embarrased.

    Omg, Junho <333

    p.s I spy an S-line

  4. Oh no, I don’t know who Beckery is, nice to meet you! :o … ;)

    0:53… PURE LOVE! I must have replayed it like 50 times. LMAO I love how Junsu is dying. The whole time his face is a cross between shock and laughter so he ends up with just a really big mouth! <3333 OMG and at 0:46 when Junho did “Omona” did you see Yoochun’s face!!! CRACK! AHHHHH & 1:39 Junsu’s little head jerk! Every little thing he does is just CUTE! He seemed a little worried this clip at times, maybe I need to see the whole show though?

    Ah, I am starting to love Junho. He makes Junsu look like a little baby!!! It is way to adorable! I cannot even believe the height/body difference between the two of them! Junho is so tall~~ I am not going to fight with them two above me though! I have always loved Yoochun’s brother to, because he was so quirky, but dang kid is way too younge and shinny!

    BTW, Wasn’t Yunho’s guest hot!?!? I think he was smoking.

  5. Ringy:
    Smart girl ;)

    *bares fangs at Candychu*

  6. hahah!! omg XD this is just too cuuuuteeeee <333

    Junsu’s expressions! nyahaha xD (jups~ especially during 0:53 *lol* the first time I watched it I was like.. Junsu? what’s with this face? ^^” One can see the resemblance while he was dancing ^^)
    I wonder what the two brothers where talking about after the show xD
    And Yoochun during the OMONA part! He was soo waiting for it XD~

    I can’t wait for the whole show XD It looks like MUUUUCCCHHH FUN <333

  7. Haha yay!

    It looks like ginaya is in the process of uploading her subs right now on youtube, she has three parts of it subbed already :D

  8. Ohh Junsu XD He looks so embarrassed he’s like “this is not my brother”
    And Yoochun puts on the most awesome face ever during the “omona” part, it’s like 8DDDDDD x2348972

    And you can totally see the family resemblance ♥ From what I can see, his butt looks similar to the Kim Junsu butt XD And besides the physical build, I can’t see how he could POSSIBLY be manlier than Junsu, just look at how he does those dances! (U-Go-Girl especially ^^)

    I don’t usually watch a lot of full variety shows, but THIS will be an exception. MUST. WATCH. WHILE (not before or after). DOING. HOMEWORK.

  9. awww. Junho’s soo cute. The weird thing is that while all of DBSK tends to talk a lot of about their friends (or other SMers), they rarely talk about their family or siblings. But it’s cute how they’re so close. I just watched the clip of Junsu on “Come to Play” where he texts his brother (I think it was a competition to text someone? and Junsu’s first person never texted him back, so the announcers let him text someone else) and he’s all like… *whew* “If I call, he’ll come running,” so the announcers get him to text, “Hyung, I love you,” to his brother and Junsu doesn’t put his phone away and he’s all, “Well, I’m going to get a text right back, so I’m not going to bother,” and true enough, after a bit of babble, Junsu gets a text right back and Junho’s all like, “Why are you texting this to me now?” And they’re all like “Text him back text him back!” And all of a sudden, Junho calls, and they’re all like O_O “PICK UP THE PHONE!!!” and Junsu does, and they’re all like, “Ask him to describe how he feels about you!” And Junsu tells his brother, and then he’s all like, “[He wants to know] Truthfully or jokingly?” And they’re all, “Truthfully.” and Junho says, “My other self…”

    Awww. (the jokingly answer was, “crazy bastard” which sends everyone into fits).

    Junho’s typically very under the radar and I’ve always been suspicious of him being jealous of Junsu for being so famous and popular and successful, but looking at him… I don’t think he really has that problem (dude, the boy is GOOD LOOKING!) or a problem with jealousy. If he really wanted to get into the showbiz, he probably would’ve easily gotten in as well (he definitely looks a little bit like the lovechild of Junsu and Changmin)… just look at him. He totally has the charisma (the Kim family charm) and he’s definitely goodlooking enough for it (he reminds me of some Chinese idol that I can’t really remember right now). He probably knows how hard Junsu works better than any of us and is probably glad that he stayed out of the limelight. It’s heartening to see that they don’t really have an intensely adversarial relationship and that they get along and are great friends. Brotherly bonds really can’t be defeated; even after all this time and TVXQ hype.

    AND YES: Yunho’s friend does look extremely hot. Looks a bit like a cross between Brian (FTTS) and Sungmin.

  10. XD I love the Kim family. Junsu has a nice brother who seems really nice and actually very playfulxDDD ahhh Junsu and Junho do look a like, but they both do look like their fatherxD

    I’m waiting for the whole show subbed to be uploadedxD
    I want to see Yunho’s friend anyway<3

  11. i want to see the whole show without being lost so i’m really looking forward to some subs. (i wish i knew the language x_x) but that clip..of junho….i knew junsu had a twin….but (forgive me) i just found junsu waaaayyyy cuter >.< curse me for comparing the two ugh. now i take that back. lmao that clip drew me closer to him and those pics of him are goodlooking ^_- lmao okay so anyone? *gives out knife* want to kill me now?? hhahha lol *sigh*

  12. Candies
    NO!! YOU CANT CUZ I WANT HIM!!!! Muahahahahahha.

    P.S you’re obsessed with everyone, honey =_=

    FREAK HE’S ALL MINEEEE *clutches on to him*

    Hahahah you’re so cute.Umm…nice meeting you too *shakes hands* XD

    Yea I replayed 0.53 like a dozen times as well. His expression was sooo funny. Total shock horror HAHA. Everyone’s expressions were actually really funny. Mix between “omg this is hysterically funny” and “omg i cant believe he’s doing this” XDDD Gosh, Junho rocks my socks. Cant wait to watch the whole thing subbed weeeeeee.

    Junsu should take Junho onto more shows. They’re so squishy together. I wouldnt mind hiding both of them in my bag and taking them home lol <333 I was waiting for the Omona part too! And he did not fail to impress hilarious HAHAH *dies*

    Ooh thanks for the heads up. I’ll wait for her to finish subbing the whole thing <3

    Lol Junsu look like he was mortified but enjoying it at the same time. Though, I dont know why he looked so embarrassed. I’m sure he’s done much worst things in his lifetime hahaha. ROFL at your resemblance. I was reading and expecting you to say the face or something and you go the butt HAHAHAHAHA. But you’re so so right. When he did that body wave to show off his S-line O_O OMG. COME HERE JUNHO!!! XD But yea, he’s kinda like a more masculine version of Junsu.

    Go do your hw =_= Seriously, you get distracted so easily tsk tsk.

    Ohh I really liked the Come to Play episode with DBSK. It was sooooo funny. I think Candchu also did a huge post on it a while back XD The phone call part was so very sweet. I love it when they told Junsu to message his brother and his eyes sort off lit up really brightly. I can really feel how much he loves Junho.

    I dont really think Junho is jealous of Junsu. He obviously adores Junsu and Junsu him. I mean, yea, Junsu is really famous and all. But they follow different pathways and Junho is obviously not some failure lol. Plus, he looks really good. So built and full of masculine. *_* Lol PAS and I were talking about him debuting last night. We dont really care whether he debuts as a singer, dancer or actor. As long as he shows more of that face on shows <333

    LOL everyone wants to see Yunho’s friends. Yea, I wouldnt mind marrying into the Kim family right. Being surrounded by goodlooking, nice people XD hahaha

    Hi there!!!! Im aware you introduced yourself in the Guess Who #2 post, but cuz I was off on hiatus after that post so I couldnt reply to your comment. So I shall do so here, even though its heaps late haha. I’m really happy that you decided to stop stalking and commented. Its much more fun when you can spazz with other people yes yes? XD And your comment was really sweet. so *chucks chocolates at you*. hahaha

    Lol. Honey, no one here will kill you. We’re all lovely people. Haha and I too, did compare the twins. I found both attractive in their own way. Junho leaning more towards the manly side, whilst Junsu is more towards the cute side. In conclusion, I wouldnt mind marrying either of them HAHAHA

  13. Sub is up! I don’t even understand the speed of some people, but I think they are superheros. >:D < my face at superhero

    Here is the link:

    Seriously..hes like..ahhh…
    His voice is so cute..and hes so shy..and hes so cute T_T
    I want him.
    I feel like..i’m betraying Junsu though..because i’ve said many times that hes my favorite..(except..i’ve also said that about everyone else..many times..T_T *cough*)


    He danced so well! I mean..i still can’t do the Tell Me dance..
    and he made me go and listen to UGOGIRL..and i really like it now. ^^

    Also i have all the baby pictures that i could find of J&J.
    Oh i love him.
    I hope to see them again together soon!!!

    The whole episode was really funny..

  15. Lol I watched the whole episode and it was just plain crack .. Haha Junho can’t dance any male dances but can dance women dances … the Kim brothers are really HOT! I love the baby pictures that they showed, so adorable.

    I hope all of you watched it cause I kinda felt bad for Yunho & Boom’s guest … they didn’t get as much air time I think. Boom’s friend was funny in a serious sort of way, which I think is attracting in some level :) Yunho’s friend is pretty cute ;) can I have him? since everyone else seems to be fighting over Junho … lol I still get to see DBSK if I’m with him haha.

    The end totally killed me though, me & my sister were like it would be funny if the two girls chose the ones who didn’t go to their room and we were right.

  16. Ringy
    Thank youuuuu…I agree, fans are so fast these days XD

    HAHA honey, I’m sure I’ve been betraying everyone then. I’m in love with Dongwan, Hyukjae, oh and all the DBSK guys. Lets chuck in the other Suju boys while I’m at it and cant forget my Shinhwa boys. Yup, thats about it hahahaha =PPP

    But, yes Junho was adorrrabblleee. SM must let him debut haha. I think Yunho’s friend was really really hot aswell *_*

    I watched it a few days ago and yes, it was really funny. I laughed sooo hard when Yoochun broke the guitar string HAHAHAHA. His expression was absolutely priceless, ohh yoochun ♥.

    I think I’ll have both Junho and Yunho’s friend thank you very much. I was spazzing to PAS and Candychu about how hot Yunho’s friend was. But Junho was infinitely adorable too. Gahh cant choose!

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